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I visited the oldest bar in Antigua Casa de Guardia >> >>

When your done touring the Spainsh Alps..Resting at the Baths Panitcosa in therapeutic waters may help!

Girona is a great place to play hide and go seek... or to get lost (I may have forgotten my way two or three times already) 🤷‍♀️ • • • 🇪🇸

NEW NERDY SHOW! Indulge in tastes and tales from around the world – in explicit detail. We hear about 's and explore / XXX edutainment cartoon . LISTEN:

Tired of the snow? Our SOS Raffle tickets are just $20- less than 2 weeks remain to purchase.

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1st day in #Barcelona - beautiful modern city and great food! Primer día en hermosa y moderna Barcelona con comida muy rica. #spanishvacation #españa (at Port of Barcelona)

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