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Gaul Park in with my parents. We had such an amazing time.

Having a day🐟🐠 Caught these lovely carp having a splash about in the Jardines of Alcázar, Cordoba

A divided electorate, lack of consensus on how to address the Spanish Constitution's shortcomings, and competing mean that general elections will not put any closer to solving its centuries-old territorial disputes. From .

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22 February 1819 (200 years ago): By the Adams–Onís Treaty, Spain sells Florida to the United States for five million U.S. dollars.

【商品情報】京都店 / 075-746-3430 本日2月22日に因みまして 【2010】スペイン代表 / ¥7,499 ヘスス・ナバス選手 悲願のW杯優勝に貢献☆ こちらは価値あるワールドカップ用のパッチと『無敵艦隊』のエンブレム上に初めて星をもたらしました☆

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They were stolen in Barcelona.I pay € 1,000 to person who find them.Please help to spread it

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Peter Tork (bass player for The Monkees) died today at age 77.  I know I’m not alone in saying this, but The Monkees are an underrated band.  They got a little bit psychedelic at the end of their run (”For Pete’s Sake”…co-written by Peter Tork).  And of course, there is a lot of pop perfection in their canon.

One of Hours “When You Hear The Music, It’s Yours” is one of the newest reissues on Guerrsen Records (Catalonia, Spain).  They mix psychedlic and pop in a way that at least reminds me of The Monkees.  A better direct comparison would be The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

One of Hours were a Lexington, Kentucky band.

Doctors do fucking work

I am so, so, so tired. I study Medicine in Spain and I am tired- not because I wake up at half past six because I have to be at the hospital by quarter to eight so I can have lectures until 3 pm or go on a hospital practice until 2 pm; or because I can’t go to bed until at least 12 am because otherwise I don’t have time to do some exercise (so I have some health of my own before I try to help others) and study and help out at home; or because when all of my friends are having fun I am still fucking studying because yes, exams are endless and essays are endless and research projects are endless- I’m not saying anything anybody who goes to Uni doesn’t know. I am not tired because of that.

I am tired because despite everything, despite all the exams- 53 topics for medical pathology, 65 for surgery, 32 for diagnose by medical image, 70 for pediatrics, 45 for legal medicine, 50 for general pathology and I can go on- 200 hours of medical practice a semester, 100 hours of surgery practice, more than 800 images seen and studied and memorised, an 80 pages long essay about surgery and anaesthesia and 40 hours of training- on Fridays, when all of my friends were out and about. Despite that, despite all that, I still have to listen to people say that doctors don’t care about their patients, that they want the recognizition, that they don’t even listen to people, that they think they are gods, that they are just here for the money and that they are the ones who work less in the entire hospital.

Listen, I don’t know which country you are from, I don’t know how your health system works or how good or bad your doctors are but I know what the health system in my country is and it is fucking incredible. I have been at the hospital, following doctors around like a lost puppy, and I have seen them cry when they lose a patient, I have seen them calling old patients of theirs just to ask how their doing, I have seen them leaving late because they were finishing a surgery, I have seen doctors leaving their own problems at the door to treat a patient with a smile on their faces because they know that person needs a smile more than anything in the world. And yes, I have seen doctors that are assholes too, I’m not going to lie, but God they are so infrequent. Some people are just idiots and doctors are just people, so yeah some doctors are jerks.

But you know what? It takes ten years of studying to be a doctor in Spain. TEN YEARS- six of them for free and the other four earning a ridiculously low amount of money because you’re still studying and hence you’re not a proper doctor yet. And we do that for free. A doctor in Spain earns the same amount a worker who has studied for 4 years does so we’re saying here that we study another 6 years (7 if you want to be a surgeon) FOR FREE. I wake up at 6:30 am every fucking day to go to the hospital for free and the only reason I do that- I’ve been doing that for 4 years and will continue for another 2- is because I want to help.

I want to help people, I want nobody to be sick, I want ill people to be accepted and respected and loved, I want to reduce every single inconvenience a disease can cause a person and I want that because I care- the least thing I care about is the money but call me crazy if I want my job to get paid. Nofuckingbody works for free so just tell me why the fuck a doctor should? Yes we heal but call us killers if we want holidays too. We’re just like the rest. We aren’t gods and we aren’t superheroes either and for that we want a salary.

I just want to be good and to do good- and I’m sure that’s what all of my colleagues want- but it makes me so tired, it makes me so tired to know that people don’t recognise this. I don’t want the recognition- I am not better that anybody- but I do want some respect.

Vox is calling men to the trans women

Vox is calling men to the trans women

Vox is calling men to the trans women

Vox is calling men to the trans women

Vox is calling men to the trans women

Vox is calling men to the trans women

Vox is calling men to the trans women

Vox is calling men to the trans women


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Precipitation maps Europe #weather (Precipitatii Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile)

Precipitation maps Europe #weather (Precipitatii Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile)

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Precipitation maps Europe #weather (Precipitatii Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile).

Possible rainfall and snowfall in Europe next 3 days. Precipitation maps Europe.

Please visit our Europe Rain Radar here [maxbutton id=”14″ ] 

Va prezint precipitatiile posibile in Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile.

3 days precipitation maps forecast for #Europe available this afternoon – 21 – February – 2019.
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3 days…

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Greek historical records say that Tartessos was located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River.  It was an important trading partner of the Phoenicians, who established the nearby city of Gades (modern-day Cadiz) in about 1100 BCE.

Tartessos’ wealth came from its mineral resources, including gold, silver and copper from mines in Andalusia’s Rio Tinto area, some of which date back to 3000 BCE.  The anonymous Greek ‘Pseudo-Scymnus’, who wrote a geography of the ancient world in c. 90 BCE, described Tartessos as a 'famous town’, whose riches came from the tin carried by the river from Celtica (the region in central Iberia settled by early Celtic peoples), as well as great quantities of gold and bronze.  Copper and tin were especially valuable commodities during this period.  They were the raw materials for the manufacture of bronze, which was used to make tools, pots and pans, belt buckles and other necessities.  Trading ships from Tartessos may also have discovered the route to the lucrative tin mines in Cornwall in the south-west of Britain.

According to the Greek historian Herodotus, the most important king of Tartessos was Arganthonios, who ruled from 640 to 550 BCE.  His name means 'king of silver’ in ancient Celtic.  Another Greek historian, Strabo (c. 63 BCE – c. 24 CE), tells the story of a lost Greek sailor who was regally entertained by Arganthonois and sent home laden with silver.
—  The Atlas of Lost Cities: Legendary
Cities Rediscovered