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yourbrothershotfriend: foxy-mulder: this is the most powerful image on the internet.. reblog to join the...

📷 weabooweedwitch: ayellowbirds: Just seeing photos of this, I feel lucky. blessed image, rb for good...

📷 CLICK HERE (or the image) TO READ! You inhale and then regret it, coughing out the dust filling the...

📷 Sunmi as released another teaser image for her comeback “Warning” which is scheduled to be released...

📷 memeppoi: ebihurya332: “水着modeポーラ ”

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📷 weabooweedwitch: ayellowbirds: Just seeing photos of this, I feel lucky. blessed image, rb for good...

📷 billandersongoatfucker: What a blessed image filled with angel faces Young Cast. ❤️😍

📷 arterialtrees: Roni Horn, image from “Some Thames” series, 2000

📷 peggyplatypus: bunney: This image brings an incredible sense of calmness A vague sense of animal...

📷 highlandvalley: ある意味忘れられない誕生日祝いになった

hiphoplines: “I’m in it for the perks ‘Cause it’s not about the image, it’s the thirst And how they kill...

- ゴグマジオス // Gogmazios - By NATSUKI巧房 ** Permission was granted by the artist to share this image.

📷 uchihasasukerules: Official image of Uchiha Sasuke by “Tetsuya Nishio”

📷 memeppoi: oroooro: “エアリス派だったのでティファのどえらい格好におとなになってから気付きました ”

📷 memeppoi: hagane_redoak: “サバフェスクリア記念BBちゃん 楽しつかれた… ”

📷 kwwwsk: k-ui: VerdammtさんはTwitterを使っています ネギに驚いてるのかな 新垣結衣

📷 hkdmz: (via 日本ビキニアーマー協会さんのツイート: “つまりはこういう事 ”)

📷 chandra-pyromaster: This is an extremely powerful image

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Chan: Donghun, what is a metaphor?

Donghun: my life is a train wreck

Chan: I know, but what is a metaphor?

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Ethan: What’s this?

Grayson: Oh, it’s my to-do list.

Ethan: Im so glad you’re finally starting to be organiz-

Ethan: This just says “(Y/n)”

Barry: But Dr.Wells, it hurts in my Barry’s apple

Eowells, clearly frustrated: For the last time Barry, it’s not named after each individual man!

You: *holding back tears*

Ethan: Hey, are you-

You: *holds up hand* Pleas- please, don’t question it. If anyone acknowledges it, it’ll just get worse.


Ethan: *holds out arms* Come here.

You: *breaks down and falls into his arms*

Ethan: *stroking your hair*

You: Sorry. I’m not a pretty crier.


Ethan: *Taking your face in his hands*

Ethan: You’re a pretty everything.

Safi: I can’t believe you live nearby, and you won’t let anyone crash at your place.

Aeduan: You people already know too much about me.

Merik: I know exactly three facts about you, and one of them is that you won’t let any of us crash at your place.

Rose: I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now.

Cisco: Are you ok?

Eowells: Ugh, I have a headache that comes and goes.

Barry, runs into the room: DR. WELLS!

Eowells: There it is.

  • Percy: I did that adult thing where you buy a whole cake and eat it.
  • Percy: Update: There is more cake than I imagined.
  • Percy: I see why my mom didn't let me do this now
with the Blackthorn family
  • Aline: Alright, listen up, you little shits.
  • Aline: Not you, Helen. You're an angel and we're thrilled that you're here.

Jun: hey Donghun, I need you

Donghun: for what?

Jun: forever


Byeongkwan: hey Wow, I need you

Wow: get in line

Simon: Do you prefer women or men?

Raphael: Death

Fudou and Natsumi meeting for the first time

Fudou: Hey, you’re pretty cool!

Natsumi: prepare to get disappointed

  • Helen: Aline and I are dating.
  • Aline, Alec, and Magnus: *all gasp*
  • Helen: Aline, why are YOU surprised?!

Harry: *Attentively doing research, listening to instrumental music, very focused*

Barry: *Upside down in desk chair* Do you think stars have feelings?


Noodle: I ate something off the floor and now I’m sick.

Murdoc: That’s my girl!

Kensei: Dont you ever want to talk about your feelings Shugoki?

Shugoki: No.

Orochi: I do!

Kensei: I know Orochi.

Orochi: Im sad.

Kensei: I know.

  • *Aline staring at Helen*
  • Helen: Do you need something?
  • Aline: No, I`m just surprised you`re here
  • Helen: Excuse me?
  • Aline: Well, aren`t masterpieces meant to be in museums?

You: I’ve got a riddle for you, Ethan.

Ethan: Ha! Easy.

You: There are four people at a table: me, you, Mary and Will. What order do they sit in?

Ethan: Hmm… Me, you, Will and Mary?

You: Nope.

Ethan: Okay…uh, Will, Mary, you, me?

You: Getting closer…

Ethan: Will, you, Mary, me?

You: Correct!

Ethan: Told you it was easy! I am the smartest after all.

Ethan: …wait a sec-

You: Also, I accept your proposal.

Grayson: GET A ROOM!

Fudou: Kidou! Quick grab my hand!

Kidou: *grabs his hand* now what?!

Fudou:Nothing I just wanted to hold hands.

  • Magnus: love is dead and never existed. all you did is betray me as I lay sick and festering. you are the definition of dread.
  • Alec: are you ok?
  • Magnus: Chairman Meow stole my fucking garlic bread