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My driveway became flooded with a blinding from an unknown above. It was as though the sun was shining in the middle of the night. That is when I first met .

According to Moses Melaye brother to Sen. Dino Melaye says that an unknown gun men on a Siena car attacked and kidnapped Sen. Dino Melaye on their way to Court today. Sen. Ben Murray Bruce

say confirmed Attempt to bring back will receive with consequences from am unknown member that just gave the information

You are before your thoughts. There are thoughts - and there is you! Feel your being.. it can be felt by its own, without thoughts distracting. Just try it and see, it‘s quite simple. One just has to be a bit open, curious maybe.. 🌿

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Tori: I have cat-like reflexes.

Michael: Prove it.

Tori: [sees a cat]

Tori: I like that cat.