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"Here is a of the company , Top Secret !" According to an unknown . 📸

Tumi's AGC postpones the Anglophone General Conference indefinitely to an unknown future date. does not want any gathering in his occupied territory, and so refused to offer an authorisation letter Mark Bareta

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📷 by : unknown. - I wouldn’t expect a tree think like a dog, a dog to think like a human, a human to think like a planet . . . so, I do not expect the Divine to think like any of the above. - oxiegoeimi 11.1 🦁🏳🔐💙 remember to alwa…

My driveway became flooded with a blinding from an unknown above. It was as though the sun was shining in the middle of the night. That is when I first met .

According to Moses Melaye brother to Sen. Dino Melaye says that an unknown gun men on a Siena car attacked and kidnapped Sen. Dino Melaye on their way to Court today. Sen. Ben Murray Bruce

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Cloud, looking at the group he’s traveling with: when mothers give birth to morons are they doing it just to upset me?