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say confirmed Attempt to bring back will receive with consequences from am unknown member that just gave the information

You are before your thoughts. There are thoughts - and there is you! Feel your being.. it can be felt by its own, without thoughts distracting. Just try it and see, it‘s quite simple. One just has to be a bit open, curious maybe.. 🌿

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  • Haruhi: Why does Tamaki-senpai look so depressed?
  • Kyouya: Oh, he’s just heartbroken because his other half left him.
  • Haruhi: Really? How?
  • Kyouya: The mirror in his room broke.

Goku: Bulma, what’s a dilf?

Bulma: A dad I’d like to




Bulma: …be friends with?

Goku: Well that makes sense.