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You’re so gorgeous

Shoutout to @graysonsangrybritishaccent for helping me out with the music and ideas💜💜

i had a dream last night where grayson dolan coughed into my mouth and i was like “oh no ur gonna make me sick now” bc he had a cold

then i woke up with a stuffed nose and a sore throat ????:)

thanks gray

Happy Tuesday! 2 selfies I took before the video and one I took of how I felt after!

Grayson’s dick was the star in this week’s videos

i literally can’t convey have fucking EXCITED i am for the twins video today. like aggjdlahafkGWUDJFBSKAOWJHSH

have y’all seen how beautiful my man is ? a fat thank you to gray for feeding me 🥰

an actual king


The Dolan Twins

Grayson Dolan x plus size! female reader

Warning: bad writing???, curse words, bullying sorta?, depression 

Specifics: plus size reader, angst, comedy, one-shot, race neutral reader

People: grayson dolan, ethan dolan, emma chamberlain, james charles 

Words: 1,187

Requested: By anon Hi I was wondering if I could have a plus size reader imagine with Grayson Dolan where the reader and him have been dating and she over hears his friends Emma and James saying stuff about her to Grayson and Ethan and Grayson says something too but they work it out?

Authors Note: agggh srry this took so long and its crap! hopefully its what u wanted, i kinda had writers block srry. 

Originally posted by graysondolanslaugh

When you and Grayson met you thought nothing of it because you were self conscious and a little bit bigger than other girls. Especially the girls that Grayson has been with. You thought that you and Grayson were just friends and you accepted his friendship. The last thing you would think of is that he actually liked you, you thought it was absurd. 

When he confessed it made you feel special. You felt beautiful and Grayson explained that he didn’t see you as all those mean things you thought about yourself. No in fact he just saw you like how you wanted to be seen, an ordinary girl that liked him, and he really liked you back. 

You guys have kept your relationship on the down low, only close friends and family knowing about you two. You wanted the relationship to be a little private for a while, get to know Grayson for who he truly is. 

You’ve met his brother and friends already. Some from youtube and some not. When you met Ethan, Grayson was so terrified, wanting you two to get along and like each other. You and Ethan have actually a lot in common. This made Grayson so happy and excited for the future. You also met the famous squad. You were more on the shy and self conscious area that hanging out with others that were more out spoken and jumpy it was new territory for you. But you conquered it. You made friends will all of them. Sometimes even being a little more bold and wearing shorts or crop tops making Grayson smile at your comfort. 

The squad had just finished a video and you were waiting for them to end it. You patiently sat on the side and watched them goof around, make jokes, laugh at something James does thats cringy, or Emma cursing about one of the boys, then theres Ethan and Grayson that have their little arguments in the middle. It felt like home to you, you felt happy and did not mind what your weight was. 

“What did you think of that babe?” Grayson wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your neck. You chuckled and combed your fingers through his hair, “I thought it was really funny. You know you always make me laugh.”

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I’m seeing all these photos of Shawn Mendes modeling for Calvin Klein and I think it’s Ethan and Grayson’s turn to model for an underwear company 😍🤤

I love being in Graysons lane.

grayson is the type of guy to make you cute crafts with your child

ethan is the type of guy to make a giant mess, and manages to get it on the floor

babyboy looks so good 🥺

i know it was just tuesday but i did my makeup for valentine’s day n i’m really proud of it 🥰


Baby boy


Part three of One Kiss is coming soon I got really sick and ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection so I’m trying to catch up on college homework and that comes first sorry to disappoint anyone that’s been waiting for it but I promise to get to it as soon as I can! I hope you guys can understand! It’s hard to run a blog and maintain college but I try my best and will post part three as soon as I can! Again I’m very sorry I don’t want to disappoint anyone!

Hey, y'all! This here is just a simple reminder that, despite an on-going series and college, requests are still open! It gives me a good distraction from the series and can spark creativity for it as well, but it also gives y'all something to read in between parts of Rainbow Series. So, yeah, just send me a message or an ask with your request!

I take requests for the following:






Gilmore Girls

Grey’s Anatomy

Stranger Things

Harry Potter

Dan and Phil

The Dolan Twins

boyfriend material