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Falling asleep on a Monday is great bcuz when you wake up…it’s Tuesday!!!😁

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3, and Gray???


A/N: I mixed 3, 33 and 36 (out of two other requests), hope u dont mind. I’m so genuinely sorry all of these took so long, I’m trying to get back on my feet and lately I have zero inspo with Gray.


“Please don’t do this” you said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tight while talking to his ear.

You were out at a nice restaurant with your family, your long-term boyfriend Grayson and you ex Jason. Your family and you have alway had a close relationship with the boy since you two were little, and when you broke up with him before he could propose, it felt like nothing changed. He still came along to meals and some reunions and you were fine with that because you were in good terms, the problem was that you two weren’t actually in love with each other.

Grayson was never the jealous type, he knew you were with him and both of you had eyws for only the other one. But when he started noticing how Jason looked at you after he broke up with his girlfriend not too long ago, he felt all tensed up.

“Don’t do what, baby?” he was playing dumb and you knew this, you absolutely hated when people got jealous. It showed a lack of trust, and you knew Gray trusted you the most.

“You’re letting him get to you, behave please”

“What do you want me to do when he’s sitting next to your dad looking at you like a piece of meat, Y/N?”

Thank God these tables are long and they could hear your little argument.

“He’s not doing that Gray, he’s just… happy to see me, I don’t know” he inhaled air in an almost sarcastic way, and rolled his eyes. “And if he was, you know I love you and only you” he exhaled, not looking at you and you decided you had it. Letting go of his hand, you stood up and walked towards the restaurant’s little backyard, but gracefully to keep the drama between you two.

It was freezing outside, and your thin sweater wasn’t doing enough for you. You hugged yourself until you felt a heavy thing over your shoulders and turned around, being embraced by your boyfriend’s warm arms.

“Thanks” you said coldly at him, his jacket keeping you warm as well as his arms did. But you were pissed at him right now, so this wasn’t right. You grabbed his arms and detached them from your waist, making your way towards the door.

“Please don’t leave” you turned around and saw his puppy dog eyes staring back at you with nothing but guilt behind them. “I’m sorry baby, I really am. I have no reason to feel jealous and still i act like a complete jerk. Please don’t be mad, I’ll stop it” he said, reaching out for your hand and your hesitation made his heart rate pick up.

You exhaled, your breath visible before you becauae of the cold night. Your shoulders fell, and you rolled your eyes with a small smile, extending your arm towards him.

“I wish I could hate you,” he smiled and you shook your head “But you’re too perfect and I love you too much, I can’t” he hugged you, kissing you temple and you smiled more.

“You’re gonna be the best wife in the world”

“Wait, what?”

the end.

I had a dream that I dmed Grayson that I missed him and he replied,

“No you don’t, you’ve never met me.”

And damn…I mean, true.

Day 8 since no shave November. I am still mad that Grayson shaved.

Ummm excuse me

the face I make when I get caught out doing something I shouldn’t and know full well I did it but have to act shocked and confused to cover my tracks


wow yo I have over a 1000 followers which is rad as shit. I want to let all of you know that after I am finished with school I will be continuing to write on this blog!! I miss writing tbh and I am also adding Teen Wolf because I fell in love with that show!!!

The dolan twins are possibly on tumblr but they follow me on my main instead of here and now I gotta cope with the possibility of them seeing me in my true form™

Ok so I had the cutest dream about Grayson last night. We were dating (goals) and we went on this trip to some island. So while we were there I met this girl who was super nice then we stumbled across some native islanders and they tried to attack us so the girl and I hid while Grayson kicked their asses, obviously then we went back to our like cabana and had a bonfire where I laid in between his legs up against his chest as we held hands and laughed about stupid shit. I was so mad when I woke up. I tried so hard to get back to my dream.

I can reblog countless pics of Grayson all day. Literally every time I see him it’s like I’m looking at him for the first time all over again. I’m such a soft hoe for this man.

I’m just throwing this out there after today’s video but the only ones allowed to insult the twins are their fans because we love how fucking stupid they are ❤️

Possibly an unpopular opinion but….the twins most recent videos (like last 3-4 ig) have been so cringey that it takes me DAYS to watch them, i aint even fully watch the barista video it was so damn cringey

Ok honestly the twins outro when they get really loud gives me anxiety so when I saw that they changed their outro I was a little relieved.

Just look at them 😩

Fuck me look at them omg!!!! Look at Grayson whaaaaat

hey bbs


‘was i made from a broken mold?’


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no shave november ‘18

(Getting into the Christmas spirit already and I’m not mad about it. Tis the season. 😉)

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