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cheryl: there are many paths to the same place. trust me.

sweet pea: just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie.

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Rossi: Aaron, you’re selling raffle tickets.

Hotch: I’m your man.

Rossi: And don’t yell at the customers.

Hotch: I’m kinda your man.

Rossi: And smile.

Hotch: You need another man.

  • Julien: Next time, show a little leg.
  • Skipper: The only time you're gonna see "a little leg" from me is when I'm about to kick your ass.

emily: you okay?

jj, crying: yea it’s just these onions

emily, pointing a gun at onions: what the FUCK did you say to my girlfriend

Amita: There are many paths to the same place. Trust me.

Constance: Just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie.

Cat: In ten years, I’ll be the second Mrs. Dr. Spencer Reid!

JJ:… What happened to his first wife?

Cat: Nothing you can prove.

  • Bambam: Maybe just think of it as, like, a new experience. I mean, at your age how often does that happen?
  • Mark: At my what?

Matteo: You think they’ll really expel us if we can’t run fast enough?

Jonas: Probably something worse. They’ll probably make us take another fit test.

Matteo: I’d rather be expelled.

Amira: It tooks us almost two hours to get out to here

Sam: That’s with you driving too!

Jonas (while training for a gym test) : Maybe we should ask Abdi for help.

Matteo: No.

Jonas: But he has really good abs…

Matteo: Yes, he does. But it’s bad enough some school bureaucrat is making us take this stupid test. The last thing we need is Mr. Universe talking smack the whole time.

  • Fjord [on the phone with Jester]: You're on speaker, so behave.
  • Jester: Or what, you'll spank me?
  • Caleb:
  • Beau:
  • Nott:
  • Fjord: *sighs*
  • Peter: *on the phone with Tony* Don't worry about me! I'm gonna be fine, Dad.
  • Tony:
  • Peter: You there?
  • Tony: I'm sorry. Whenever I hear someone say "dad," I start looking around to see who they're talking to.
  • Peter: Well, get used to it.
  • Peter: Dad.

Reid: fun fact; The average person walks by a murderer about 36 times in their life.

Morgan: i love how this is a ‘fun’ fact.

Reid: its fun because they didn’t decide to murder you

  • Hani: There are many paths to the same place. Trust me.
  • Hyerin: Just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie.
  • Lauren [on the phone with Camila]: You're on speaker, so behave.
  • Camila: Or what, you'll spank me?
  • Ally:
  • Dinah:
  • Normani:

Logan: *calls Virgil* Hey bumblebee you’re on speaker, behave.

Virgil: *chuckles* Or what? You’ll spank me?

Logan: *blushing furiously*




Virgil: *instant regret* Fuck.

Spencer: *to Gideon* You are my dad. You’re my dad! Boogie woogie woogie!

derek: i’m a flirting machine with no off button

spencer: hubris will be your downfall

derek: kind of sexy of you to say that

Garcia: I gotta go.

Morgan: Aren’t you forgetting something?

Garcia: [kisses his forehead, then leaves]

Morgan: Uh, no, pay your bill! Damn, who raised you?