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Sophos: Mega-crackers back with nearly 100 million new stolen data records -

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Sophos: Apple fighting pirate app developers, will insist on 2FA for coders -

Sophos: Should we profit from the sale of our personal data? -

Sophos: Photography site 500px resets 14.8 million passwords after data breach -

Sophos: Old Phantom Crypter upends malicious document tools -

Sophos: Chinese facial recognition database exposes 2.5m people -

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Sophos’ father: you can’t be around him anymore, he’s a bad influence

Sophos: But sir that’s my emotional support magus

can’t tell if the fact that I identify with pretty much every main Queen’s Thief character means that MWT is good at writing multifaceted characters who contain a lot of traits, some of which are very different yet still go together OR if they’re just all bastards like myself

Sophos thoughts:

• His narration is the most emotionally honest? Like, Eugenides is telling the truth, but he’s also using your assumptions against you. Costis cannot lie to save his life, but he’s consistently surprised by feelings. Kamet admits that his emotional intelligence is pretty low. He knows how slaves and masters work, but friends?

Sophos just lays it all out there. No hedging his bets. His narration is to Eddis, too. He could make himself look good, or omit certain things, but nooo.

• the whole Lion of Sounis thing flies right over Sophos’ head like. He keeps trying to bite people and thinks Basrus is mocking his weakness when the slaver calls him a lion.

• the implied lesson of your emotions are not what you are is Nice, and is a theme that runs through the whole book.

• nor are emotions weak. Sophos goes through a period of “real men don’t cry therefore I’m not a real man and that’s okay” to “I’m a whole me, and I have ways I want to think and behave that matter to me.”

• but he also learns about Responsibilities. If he’s going to be a leader (of servants, of countries) he has to work to gain the skills needed to take care of his people, be SEEN to be skilled, and then try to do the thing

Sophos and the Magus make it without incident to Attolia, where they run afoul of some bandits who turfed them out of their campsite in the middle of the night. The beginning of the chapter says they camped in the forest, just off the road, so I don’t think the forest would be too thickly wooded. The road is just visible, with its stone walls/borders, and trees on the other side. Note the two saddlebags and blanket rolls. 

#inktober #inktober2018

The Magus’ tent, and the wall through which they make a hasty exit. I would expect someone of the Magus’ stature to have a fancier tent, but he strikes me as the type of person to, drawing on his military background, would be ok with simple furnishings - a cot, his trunk, saddlebags. The only concessions to his status as advisor and scholar is the small writing desk. Based on its description, I think the tent should be a little more spacious, but I would also expect the Magus to object to anything so grandiose. 

Behind them some distance is a copse of trees. I always imagined they escaped the tent and were able to find almost immediate shelter