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Parfois je me dis que ca pourrait être pas mal comme alternative à un ré0px; " tag="itrant qui veut pas rester dans sa PUTAIN DE POKÉBALL !

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Don’t know how y’all are watching these games else where.... BUT IN NOLA & LSU men are playing slight problem but is an OPS soo.. ..🤷🏾‍♀️

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Update on periscope they fixed my backup account and acknowledged no violations so thank you & they also said my tattoos etc are welcome. The periscope team is nice & I’m happy my tattoos representing my ethnicity , gender & values aren’t an issue.

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ThxXox to all for making our next move lighter! 

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Nouvelles mesures anti-violence

Samedi avait lieu la 33ème grande marche pour le climat, pour la justice sociale, pour le vivre ensemble, pour la vraie démocratie, pour l'humilité, pour le respect, contre la servitude, pour l'ouverture d'esprit, pour le droit de choisir sa vie, pour le service public. Cette marche, entre Nation et République, était l'occasion pour le gouvernement de tester de nouvelles mesures anti-violence. Alors, succès ?

Autant le dire tout de suite, aucune casse, aucun pillage et pas de blessé du côté des forces de l'ordre. Pour le gouvernement c'est une réussite. Alors quelle est cette nouvelle méthode ? Un cocktail drogue et couleur tout simplement.
Fini les gaz lacrymogènes, bonjour la MDMA, aussi connue sous le nom de drogue du bonheur. Diffusée en poudre sur pas moins de 4 hectares par des véhicules blindées, la drogue, décrétée légale pour l'occasion, a rapidement agi sur les manifestants les plus violents. La colère laissant place aux câlins, les revendications aux rires. Un samedi placé sous la bonne humeur. Pour égayer le tout, la police a ensuite utilisé les LBD. Les balles en caoutchouc ayant été remplacées par des colorants alimentaires et donnant à ce samedi des airs de Techno Parade. Ne manquait plus que la musique.

Après un Samedi de teuf comme celui-ci,  les marches et autres revendications ne sont pas prêtes de s'arrêter.

(credit photo Julian Gentilezza)


When Akala Speaks You Gotta Listen - Facts Over Opinions But theirs more to the video but I can only Upload 1 minute of it -But Akala points it’s to prove that the media manipulates the agenda to create propaganda towards a Race or religion - We are smarter than that - These people are the type to see if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog but want to protect the it the will call it a zebra.. as a whole human race We know better -
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Remembering Allah, Zikr e Ilahi, Reciting of Quran & Darood Shareef, constantly keeping the tongue with Zikr e Ilahi and within heart; closes the doors for Shetaan (to mislead people). But if you see & listen to vulgarity then it will lead to opening doors for Shetaan.

By: Qasim e Fiyuzaat Hazrat Mohammed Akram Awan Rehmatulah Ta'ala Aleh

Food for Thought

So, something else that I deal with on the daily, because you can never just have ONE issue…that would be boring, is that I have an eating disorder. I’m not anorexic or bulimic. There is another one, can you guess it?

I’m a Binger. For some reason Binging flies under the radar as a disorder most of the time. It’s a real thing, it’s not just an excuse to be fat or to lack self control. Although, both of those can be consequences of a Binging disorder, but they are not the cause. My relationship with food is a complicated one and it walks hand in hand with my anxiety. It’s one the “worries” I spoke of in my last post. 

What am I going to eat? What have I eaten? have I eaten enough? Have I eaten too much? I shouldn’t have eaten that? I really want to eat this? What am I making for dinner/lunch/breakfast/snack?

One of my favourite pass times/hobbies is hunting, mostly on instagram, for new recipes and meal ideas. I find that the best way to deal with the issue is to control and plan my food intake the best I can. I meal prep, I plan dinners ahead of time and I only grocery shop one week at a time, two weeks max. That way the risk of binging is significantly lower because there is less food in the house. But because I am so restrictive with what I allow myself to eat I’m at a place where I feel like every meal must taste FANTASTIC. If I can’t eat everything and anything that I want to the food I do eat must be worth it.

SOOOOOOO that brings me to today, and if there is anyone out that can relate please let me know because I do feel alienated when it comes to this topic. I woke up late today and had to rush out of the house to get to work, so I didn’t have time to make a lunch. I had to buy one, it took me forever to settle on something and then when I finally did and I sat down to enjoy it it was just…..blah. 

Do you ever get like that? Where you’ve worked yourself up so much for something that when you finally get it you actually have to force your way though it? Like the only reason you are continuing with the the task of eating is because it’s habit/routine or you’re strictly just doing it for survival purpose (not that I would have died if I hadn’t finished it) but that’s part of it too. It doesn’t matter if it’s gross, cold or just disappointing I have to eat it. I will eat it all and then I’ll spend the next few hours or sometimes the rest of the day regretting it. I feel disgusting and fat and pathetic, again.. like I have zero control and the self hate kicks in.

There was point where I would eat and eat and eat, fully aware that the next morning I would be ill from over eating… I would constantly have a stock of Pepto in my house to deal with the stomach aches and diarrhea (gross-sorry) that would come after. I’m not nearly that bad now, but the urge is always there. Slowly, I’m getting better at it. The control. And something that really helps is exercise. It helps me feels better about myself, my health and my appearance, as well as whatever it was that I ate that has caused me such distress and anxiety. You don’t have to do much and you don’t even have to see physical results, although results makes all the work worth it, but the act of going is medicinal.

If you’re like me and struggle with food, anxiety, depression or literally anything that makes you feel down and stressed try exercising. Go for a walk or a run or a swim, go to the gym or jump on your bed. Literally anything that gets your heart pumping and take note on how it affects you.

I don’t know if there is anyone out there at this moment reading this, but if you’re there and you can relate to me let me know about what helps you through the dark times. Because I can’t always just drop what I’m doing to go to the gym.