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A team has developed a more efficient, safer, and cost-effective way to produce cadmium telluride material for cells or other applications, a discovery that could advance the solar industry & make it more competitive. ☀️

A sample crystal of cadmium telluride material that can be used to make solar cells.

RV Upgrades: Solar Power Difficulty: Medium Cost: $500+ Not only will solar panels charge your RV battery while boondocking, they derive clean energy from the sun which reduces our dependency on fossil fuel. (432) 530-1388

The current tax program for installing a solar energy system offers a 26% federal tax credit. At the end of 2020, that will drop to 22%. Don’t wait!

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And this 2019 study looked at ’s renewables revolution and the related risk for coal power investments in the region. It shows why it already is cheaper to invest in new PV than new .

We have a role in for a Corporate Finance Manager for covering credit, loans and lenders. Salary of £55,000-£65,000. To apply please email Rory Chandler;

We can reduce your Electricity bill to PKR= Zero (0) Or 50% depends on Package. We Provide solar panels, PV plates, installation, inverter, batteries, and net Metering. Whats app:+923164126762

Our CEO, will attend the first week of February the Solar Finance & Investment Europe event in London, where he will provide useful insights about balancing a portfolio of assets to maximise revenue

Für eine romantische Stimmung sorgt diese - mit Blumenornamenten. ✨ Hier könnt ihr sie bequem online : >>

Solarleuchte im MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN-Shop

We are less then 80k away from hitting 18 mln. views for our lovely Wind Flower Moomoos! Please keep grinding on off. YT channel MVs! Link:

Come visit us in San Diego at Intersolar North America. Stop by booth #516 to learn about our newest products and talk to your favorite sales reps. Register here for free tickets:

In the past 12 years, DuPont™ Solamet® metallization pastes have helped enable cell improvements that have yielded 30% higher cell efficiencies. Which means today you can generate the same power with fewer panels and less panel space.

Solar is twice as efficient today thanks to DuPont™ Solamet®,

Whether you're looking to add solar panels to your home or office building, we're here to help! Get started with today:

“The lifting of political and cost-based brakes on European is set to awaken a sleeping giant, with solar projects potentially the norm all across Europe in just a few years." Download our white paper to find out more.

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[VIDEO] 200116 Solar - Fever (Beyonce cover) @ MBC Sandeul’s Starry Night Radio


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Furniture with swing transformation from shelf to table 😮


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In Crucial Pennsylvania, Democrats Worry a Fracking Ban Could Sink Them
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By Lisa Friedman and Shane Goldmacher

The fracking ban pushed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders  epitomizes a Democratic quandary: Appeal to swing voters or energize a liberal movement?

Published: January 27, 2020 at 05:00PM

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she’s the girl who is shy and sweet but grounded at the same time, who has a beautiful connection to the world around her, who will do anything for her friends. but do not take her for granted; hurt her once and she’ll never trust you again.

mamamoo elemental project, wheein x earth.

[3:45] Yongsun let her head fall back with a sigh, her hands on your hips, guiding you to grind down on her strap. Your moans were muffled against her skin as you left sloppy kisses on her neck before latching on to a spot that made her particularly weak. A beautiful moan passed her lips as you sucked a hickie into her skin and she let one hand move to tease your clit.

You gasped and ground down harder, chasing your high and moving to a different spot, leaving another mark along her skin.

“That’s it baby, just like that,” she hummed. “That feels so good. You’re so good to me, baby.”

Her sweet words, breathy from how you made her feel, would have your thighs trembling and you moaning out her name as you came, clenching hard around her strap.

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So, there's this YT channel Emolog, that is about the daily life of a korean lesbian couple and I just watched a video of them doing the 25 types of kisses tag. Could you write an youtubers moonsun oneshot about this, pleeeeeeaaasse 😁.

I’ve heard of Emolog before, but this was the first time I’ve watched them and oh my was that video the cutest 🥺 I’m all for a world where it’s moonsun in their place though, hope I’ve done it justice! It’s also a little suggestive so, whoops 😅

Byul didn’t think Yongsun would actually agree when she suggested they do one of those kissing tag videos for the channel. They’d kissed on camera before, but Yong was always very cautious of the videos she put out and how much PDA she allowed in them. She knew it wasn’t because her partner was ashamed to be seen with another girl, no it was because the older woman believed very much in keeping some things for themselves. She said affection lost its meaning if it was only being done for the entertainment of the viewer.

So, going into their weekly Discord call with their editor Wheein, she had been sure her idea for 25 Types of Kisses would be the first scrapped. But here they were. Sitting in front of the camera. Halfway through the intro. Byul was excited that she got to pick out which kisses she wanted to initiate, though.

When Yong asked her if she was ready to start, she tried to act nonchalant, their subscribers considered her the laidback one of the couple and she didn’t want to ruin that image by showing how giddy she felt inside. Who wouldn’t feel that way? Kissing Yongsun? She hoped this was the start of the other woman letting her be more touching in their future videos.

The first kiss wasn’t anything too special, something simple they’ve done on a daily basis anyway, but it still left Byul trailing after Yongsun’s lips, asking for more. Yong laughed at her eagerness, patted her cheek a few times as she gave commentary to the future audience. They got through eleven more without too many problems.

When it came to number twelve, something changed.

Yong added a little more force to what used to be playful nips and her end of the banter took on a much different tone. The hand she rested on Byul’s knee whenever she spoke to the camera inched a little higher.

It was almost as if Yong wanted to rile her up. Wouldn’t this get her video demonetized? They’d probably have to edit it themselves if this continued. The next kiss that Yong left along the shell of her ear broke down her ability to think of her concerns.

She wasn’t paying too much attention to whatever descriptions were given anymore. Just nodding along, throwing in a few ‘ok’s and ‘yes’s, waiting for her cue to start the next one. As soon as she got permission, she weaved her fingers through the hair on the back of Yong’s head. She pulled the older woman closer, giving her no room to turn away, kissing her hard enough to draw a gasp and later a moan when Byul reached her other hand over to caress her hip.

When she finally let their lips part, she took in how flushed Yong looked and smirked. Figuring this was as good a time as any to add a smug comment, she faced their set up, but paused at what she saw. Or, what she didn’t see.

“Yong,” she called out. She didn’t receive an answer but she could hear her girlfriend still trying to get her breath back. “You forgot to turn the camera on.”

A hand pulled her chin until she was staring directly into the other woman’s eyes. “I know,” was all she supplied as she leaned in for another kiss.



An early morning photoshoot to greet the sun’s warming energy with some creative movement on the beautiful island of St. Kitts.  

Photography: CJ of KIROS images
Dancer: Ryanne Liburd
Talent Manager: @PoiseSKN
Direction Assistance: Desi B
Fashion: Elle Couture
Make-up: Yenifer Torres (MUSLIMUA)
Location: Carambola Beach Club, Basseterre, St. Kitts

[9:39] You should have been past it at this point, but as Yongsun spread you out on her desk, taking a moment to admire how wet you were, the way your core glistened, your eyes shot towards the small window on the classroom door. You felt her give your thighs a squeeze and your gaze snapped back to her.

“Are you worried someone will see?” she teased.

“I-I-” the way your eye flickered towards the door again gave you away.

“Are you sure you’re worried, sweetheart?” Her finger dug unto your thighs roughly. “Or are you waiting for someone to come in? Waiting for someone to see just how desperate I make you?”

You couldn’t help the whimper and the way your core clenched at her words and she smirked. “That’s what I thought.”

You bit down on your lip as you watched her climb onto the desk. She let one of your legs rest against the wood of her desk while she rested your thigh against her body, hanging over your shoulder. She caught you in her gaze as she lowered herself against you slowly, still teasing.

A whimper left your lips as her heat met yours. Yongsun let out a low moan, letting her head fall to the side and looking at you through heavily lidded eyes as she started to grind down against you, drawing moans from your lips.

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