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Software engineers straight out of college often make six-figure salaries, not counting equity compensation. Here's how big tech companies like Google and Facebook set salaries for

Monolithic application suites have dominated enterprise IT landscapes for the last 20 years. So why have they gone out of fashion?

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Here's how big tech companies like and set salaries for . It differs from company to company, but a bunch of companies have converged on almost the same system where there will be about six levels." 

Ramping up its fight against harmful activity, Facebook is planning to add 500 London-based software engineers by year's end.

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Here are some mind blowing facts from a variety of sources to demonstrate the state of technical recruiting today. It's time to .

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CRM Development Company in Noida

#CRM has been developed to maintain customer records at a central location, which can be accessed by every employee. The main purpose of this computer application is to maintain the customer’s record in a centralized location, which will benefit the organization. This is mostly used for servicing departments like customer sales and servicing.

#ITtechnologies #CRMdevelopmentcompany can help big business for business, industry development, research of your company and information about customers. They can study customer behavior, the stability of the products sold. The CRM development helps businesses to change, grow, change needs according to trends.

Computer at work, bugged. But this we all know anyway.

Little did we know though: software engineers study your keystroke patterns and see how you gauge with the software in order to sell this data to other companies that buy it: aka Apple. They’re geniuses. And thus, this is a type of trade people in high class society know about. There are also other people in high class society that want to pretend that they’re in the loop and buy urls like real estate, but they’re just dumb. And they like to stalk women 1/3 their age.