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The present also counts your journey !!

Why not treat yourself this Christmas? We've got some great opportunities in our and team so come and join us, have a lot of fun and love coming to work

Your time is valuable. That’s why APPiT offers software development services to find ways to maximize your time and improve your productivity, operations and more. Contact us for more information.

The community wants licensing that doesn't get in the way. Here's how to give developers what they want.

We are the experts. In & other countries we offer , , , (), business consulting & many other skills. Our experts have been providing services & for years. Member - .

Interesting article by lub on technical debt, it's the first article in years that has explains it so clearly.

How do you quit Vim? This is probably one of the topics with the most memes on the Internet. With the quit command, we're also learning about a few more enhancements. Did you already know these?

Duck-umentation is very important... and so is . Code isn't working in the way you thought it would? Explain it aloud to your duck, line by line, and we bet you'll find the problem before you're done!

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Our team is perfectly mixed with experts of both sides.