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End of August to End of December Review 

It’s been quiet here on the blog. I got out of practice of updating it regularly with what I’ve been up to. Like I said in my last blog post, big changes have taken place. 

I got a job as a software developer. 

This is such a big thing to happen to me as I didn’t think I would be in this position until a few more years down the line. I get to work at Sauce Consulting Ltd. They are a great team of people who I am learning a lot from. I’m working on a great mobile app for Mood beam, which is a great first app to be working on. Despite the challenges, I’m loving what I have managed to do. I have surprised myself. 

The building we work in has so much going for it. 

Working at the C4Di. 

Sauce is based in the Centre for Digital Innovation. It houses other digital startups and hosts lots of events which I have been attending since being here.

Codepen Hull is a meetup for developers with talks by members of Hull’s digital community. I am doing a talk on SVGs in React in January 2019. 

Design meetup is similar to codepen but for designers. The last one had a different format with a talk first followed by a workshop. Would like more of these in the new year. 

Hardware meetup is an informal meetup where people bring in their hardware projects that they have been working on. It’s inspired me to start working with Arduinos and build robots for fun. 

I moved to Hull. 

So Sauce is based in Hull. I didn’t have any strong views about Hull before moving. To everyone who thinks little of it, you might want to visit. THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON HERE. Since becoming the city of culture in 2017, it’s really embraced putting on a show.

Freedom Festival 

On the second weekend of being in Hull, Freedom Festival happened. Free arts festival with over acts performing all over the city.

See highlights here:

British Science festival 

Hull hosted the British Science Festival which meant there was plenty of cool events I was able to attend, including a free ticket to see The Deep.

Art shows 

There have been various art shows happening around the city at Humber Street Gallery, Form Shop, Paragon Arcade. I have yet to visit the Ferens Art Gallery.

Humber Mouth 

As part of Hull’s annual literature festival, the library had Hull’s premiere of Lily Cole’s short film ‘Balls’ and even had a Q and A with the director and producer.

In October, I worked on a daily animated gif project, #Hallowtween2018, which featured Day of the Dead inspired skulls. The animations were then projected onto the windows of a shop called Form on Humber Street.

Hull Print Fair 

In November, Humber Street Gallery hosted Hull Print Fair which was a great chance to meet local artists selling their wares. I’m hoping to be able to sell my work as part of the event next year.

I Did a Tech Talk 

Something that has been encouraged at Sauce is for developers to share their knowledge on something already know or have been learning about. I volunteered to do a talk on SVGs and Animation in React Native as it would be useful for the app we are working on. My codepen talk will be a revised shorter version of this talk.

Make Noise 

Through investigating creatives in Hull, I discovered an organisation of young women who are trying to make music safer and more inclusive for women. I’ve attended a few of their workshops: Gig Poster making, Digital DJing and Guitar pedals. I’m looking to continue doing more of these in the new year as well as learn how to play electric guitar.

Hull at Christmas Time

Urban Legends 

Another cultural event to happen in Hull was the Urban Legends light shows that happened around the city.

See highlights here:

The Hull School of Art and Design had an open studio evening where you could meet with the artists currently studying there with their work on display. It was a good opportunity to meet new artists as well as conveniently bump into existing friends.

One of the last creative things I worked on this year was produce some wrapping paper for Sauce’s Secret Santa. It was the first time I had been able to successfully print a lino cutting as an adult away from the education system. I’m planning on doing more linocuts in the New Year after the success of the wrapping paper.

That’s it for now. I’ve got one more final blog post, listing all that I have achieved this year and what I expect from 2019.