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6 significant Aspects that impact the cost of Custom Mobile Application development
Cost of Mobile App Development
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Can a software company or user company recruit its own crowd?

As per the definition #Crowdsourcing means exposing a piece of work to a group of different people having a specific set of skills. #Crowd-sourced testing comes into play when either a lot of testing needs to be performed in short span of time or application under test have a large user database.

A #softwarecompany or user company can recruit its own crowd to test the products. To have a crowd of own definitely gives a company an edge as they can get a piece of work done in no time without having to go through so much trouble. The crowd can either be recruited through crowd sourcing portals or in case company is really into crowd sourcing business they can hire their own crowd.

But there will be some consequences in recruiting own crowd by software company or user company, basically it will be an overburden for the employees , because for testing the software they have to work extra hours , for which they won’t get paid, so there will be the lack of enthusiasm. Secondly the  code where it is developed, to be tested by same group of people, they  may not be able to find #bugs in their own creation. But if we will recruit people from other company or #crowd to test a  product they have never seen before and also for which they will be paid, they will do it with more enthusiasm, rather than an employee from the same office where the product has been developed.

Why do you make me wait until Monday? Because you do not know the answers yet? Or you have a very tight schedule and you do not have any time to talk to me this week? Ok then why do you insist on not to tell anything about that update? You could write a sentence or you could even tell if it was a good or bad news. You know, I was waiting for that damned update for about three months!