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voxelbox is the Leader of the CA leaderboard for Java with Big codebase size. Technical debt density for public code from GitHub is 0.25830971. More on .

Another dashboard in Digital Splash! This one simply shows how many campaigns you are running along with the number of pieces of content.

Los seres humanos necesitamos sentirnos parte de algo; por eso, el factor más poderoso en la creación de equipos es el desarrollo de una identidad común.

Obtén nuestro servicio AMS (Asset Managed Service) para que puedas manejar tus activos de software de manera controlada, minimizando los riesgos de seguridad y aumentando su inversión. ¡Contáctanos! 👇

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So inspired by what I experienced last night at Volvox Labs that I am working on my next interactive piece!  They only have one party per year because of restrictions at their non-profit, artists’ building which is a jewel, right on the waterfront in Greenpoint.   You would never know this technological paradise resides behind the nondescript steel door.   It is a small company that does huge things, including the interactivity for the Drake show that I saw at Madison Square Garden last fall with Declan-a feast for the eyes.  I spoke with one of the owners about the piece in this video.  All eyes are drawn to the fluctuating water in the frame but the real story for me was about the robot that is moving the piece around.  It came from an assembly line at an automotive factory in the Mid-West.  Probably $100,000 at one time, picked up on eBay for 7k because it didn’t work.  These smarties at Volvox brought it back to life with the help of other tech people who are committed to resurrecting these giants.  Every installation had a story which required equal parts ingenuity and patience to make happen.  Very impressive on every level.  

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