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La conciliación, ¿Solo para las personas con hijos o para todos? Aquí os dejamos nuestra particular visión

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Application Performance Monitoring Software that provides automatic data collection, real-time visualization, smart query interface and intelligent alerts across your application and servers.

Otomatik fatura çevirici ile tüm faturalarınız elektronik ortamda işlenmiş hazır karşınızda. Detaylı bilgi için 444 1 335 hemen arayabilirsiniz.

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You should keep all those fears aside & take up a smart, user-friendly CRM. Here are a few signs that tell you it’s time

Google Chrome vai começar a bloquear anúncios intrusivos em todo o mundo

A partir de 9 de julho, “o Chrome expandirá suas proteções de utilizadores e deixará de exibir todos os anúncios em sites de qualquer país que exibir repetidamente… anúncios disruptivos”, escreveu o diretor sênior de produto do Chrome, Ben Galbraith.

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No one keeps track of the hours we work,” said Ken Holberger. He grinned. “That’s not altruism on Data General’s part. If anybody kept track, they’d have to pay us a hell of a lot more than they do.” Yet it is a fact, not entirely lost on management consultants, that some people would rather work twelve hours a day of their own choosing than eight that are prescribed. Provided, of course, that the work is interesting. That was the main thing.
—  Tracy Kidder
The Soul of a New Machine