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A simple gesture creates a better posture. No matter who we give new or to, recipients always walk away taller and proud. Visit today to 🙏with

A simple gesture creates a better posture. No matter who we give new or to, the recipients always walk away taller and proud. VISIT TODAY.

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Newborn socks handmade / Baby hand knit socks, wool blend/ Baby booties / gift for newborn /vintage knit/soft, warm up to 6 months

Strut your stuff on the beach, wait, it’s socially acceptable to wear on the beach...right??!?!!

What are you waiting for? Treating yourself with extremely soft and comfortable socks is just a few clicks away!

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Time to stop wearing ++y fer the cryin out loud! Just sayin.

Lance from Minnesota says his Hy-Test socks are comfy & the best ever for putting his feet up He loves them so much he actually offered to be a sock model in our next catalog!

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As I wasted another day of this semester doing absolutely nothing and watching James Charles I decided to put together something and atleast take photos if doing nothing .I recalled that I had bought earrings a day before and I had this cute dress which was laying in the bottom shelf that I hadn’t worn in 2 years so I came up with this 👆🏽

Now when I think about what I’ve been doing since past few days I can think of nothing ,I am least bothered about my projects and tests .I am not doing anything these days ,it’s just me and my phone and my bed ,thinking about what an unhealthy and unmotivated life I am living scares me as I had not imagined 2019 like this .I know I should stop and start working but I don’t wanna do anything about it ,it’s sad but I am being honest here I haven’t been the same since college started .

I’ve read about academic burn out but maybe my brain likes to work under pressure, I have an assignment due 26th and I wanted to do something different this time but I do not really see myself doing it anytime soon .
Cockatiel Plush Toy, Bird Stuffed Animal, Bluebird Plushie, Sock Animal, Sock Monkey
This cute cockatiel bird plush toy is made out of yellow, pink, light gray and dark socks. The nostile is made of pink felt and embroidery floss and cheeks orange felt. The crest is made out yellow cotton yearn. He has button eyes. Everything at Sock Sock World is made with much care, love and

Once when my dad picked me up from school he noticed I was wearing mismatched socks and he started making a fuss about it. When I asked him why it mattered he said it’s because it makes me “look disabled”. I didn’t say anything else but I started purposefully wearing mismatched socks every day since and it really annoys him. This was over four years ago and I still wear mismatched socks. It still annoys him.

White Nike socks are the most beautiful thing in the world. I can look at someone’s Nike socks forever, and I never get bored! As soon as I see them on someone’s feet, I simply can’t stop staring: the time stops, and my eyes just refuse to move to anything else. So white, so clean, so hypnotic. So plushy and soft, Nike socks just look like magical cotton candy. My mouth gets watery as I anticipate their sweet taste and fluffy texture. The urge to put them in my mouth is really too strong! I want to lick them, suck them, chew them – my mind would just melt in a sweet bliss as I do that. But even being able to look at them is so amazing. I’m grateful for every single day when I see a pair of white Nike socks on someone. Those days really make my life worth living, all thanks to Nike.

Helllooo👋🏼 who wants to buy custom foot videos or foot pictures? Message me for prices 🖤