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Your 2019 : 4 You Can’t Ignore

Twitter will soon enable users to hide tweet replies as a part of its ongoing efforts to improve on platform discussion and keep users safe. . . .

WhatsApp is adding a biometric authentication feature on the Android version of the app so that users require a fingerprint scan to read messages.

Today, Instagram is one of a few platforms that dominate people’s interactions with celebrities. But some influencers are looking for something more, and moving to the Escapex platform.

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People are going gaga over live streaming. It’s opening up an entirely new world of interactivity, and that’s something you should be taking advantage of. Read this -

It's every citizens to make work for betterment !! Be vigilant while , , walking to identify any social issues and ensure to get addressed by concern agencies!

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The best service is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’

In a survey from Forrester, web self-service is the most commonly used channel to access customer service surpassing voice channel. This is evidence that not everyone is inclined to emotionally connect with your company. Customers just want to get the solution fixed ASAP without the fuss. However, this doesn’t imply that you should invest in the latest automation assistant software to get the job done. This will help build a better customer service strategy that customers can easily opt out should they find to reach a human. 

Social Media Trends in the Future

There are many things that I think will happen with the future if social media. The first thing that I think will happen is the saturation of the Internet. More and More people each day are joining new platforms and posting more and more content. Content is king, and always will be but sifting through the content that is out there to find the content that is useful and view-worthy is getting harder and harder to do. The next prediction I have for the future of social media is that the platforms that are popular now will no longer be popular. I think that Facebook will not be used for the same reasons it is now. Facebook right now is used for posting on your wall and sharing content and connecting with friends. I think that in the future Facebook will always be a part of social media in that it is no longer the cool thing to do but a staple that everyone must have. I think that it is a means of searching for people and finding out information about people that you couldn’t otherwise find out.  At least for myself I have already started to shift from the current use of Facebook to posting less and only using it for “stalking” others. The other trend that I think will continue and that will probably get worse is the aspect that people feel the need to make their lives look ten times better on Facebook than in reality. They post their best pictures and their most fun times like they are in some fake contest to see who has the coolest life. 

            As more and more parents invade the current social media trends more and more teens and young adults will leave that platform in search of something better and cooler than the platform that their parents are participating in. Teens will always be looking for the next thing that they can do to get out of their parents reach. I’ve been out of high school for only 5 years and I hear and see things that current students are doing that is very disturbing. There are social media platforms that are being used that are specifically created to so that parents cannot invade the privacy of their teens. I think that this is going to continue to happen and that teen social media behavior is going to decrease as well because the teens of today are surrounded by social media. They have grown up in an age that there was nothing but social media all around them. For example, I have a cousin who is 12 and this past thanksgiving we all got together and he saw me snap chatting a friend and informed me that he has a snap chat and an instagram but he can’t have a Facebook because he’s not 13 yet. We exchanges usernames and now I receive snap chats from him on a daily basis. He is so immersed in social media and has never really experienced a life without it.  

            People are always looking for the next best thing. I think that social media will be in a very different place in 5 years. I think that the platforms that are being used will be very different. I don’t know what they will be but I believe that they will be more provocative and more multifaceted than the current social media platforms being used today. I’m not sure how you can get more provocative than Tinder and Snapchat but I’m sure that there will be something that will be invented.

            No matter what social media platform is popular at the time, businesses will need to keep up with the trends or they will fail. I think that in the future businesses will have to hire full time social media managers that will be in charge of no only keeping up with current social media accounts but predicting which platforms will become the next big thing so that companies can stay on top of the ever changing trends in the world of social media.

            Social media is not going anywhere. The trends will change and people will always change with it. That is the beauty of it and also the problem with it.