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Facebook testing new Ads Manager interface

SocialChains will be sharing 33% of the platform's profits with the verified users based on the daily and monthly user activity. As the platform stabilizes, the share of profits will grow from 33 to 50 percent.


5. BIODISC Meningkatkan tingkat oksigen dalam darah.

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This is absolute TRUTH! People who don’t do anything in life are always telling those of us doing that we are doing it wrong. Enough of the sideline critiques. Continue to do the work no matter what others think!

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Who is the best restaurant marketing agency?

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What are the top restaurant loyalty program ideas?

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How to build a cost-effective loyalty rewards program?

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Social Media Presence Report on Canadian Red Cross

Social Media Presence Which is Well Established


- States purpose clearly in Twitter and FB

- Well known to the general public, so it’s not a big deal that they don’t state it up front in their website… instead they have information on the most recent problems and crisis which people can help with

- Website also states their mission, how they help the public, jobs they provide, how to contact them about it; very thorough

- “The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.”


- Website is targeted for those who want to help with humanitarian work, volunteer, job opportunities, and donations and is easily found when searching “red cross”

- However, typing in “Canadian humanitarian organisations” or “Canadian relief organisations” does not bring up any information about red cross in the first three results (the Golden Triangle) of Google

- Searching “humanitarian aid Canada” brings Red Cross Canada up on a list of humanitarian organisations (coming in second in the list)

- Has several social media accounts for users of different social media; Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

- Some of their stories and what they do for their work is highlighted in short posts with tons of photos (great visuals)

- They always have recent posts on all of their social media platforms (within 24h) and updates their website to show it


- Desktop site has information available to the audience, and is easy to find because everything is accessible at the top 

- Neat, not cluttered, everything is colour coded, and great usage of common symbols for navigators to get through easily (great design for scanning)

- You know EXACTLY that this is the Canadian Red Cross website because of their usage of logos, colour coordination, and photos

- Accessible by mobile phone and is just as easy to navigate compared to their desktop site

- Users can easily scroll down and click on the menu to find out more about them

- Different social media platforms are easily found on the website at the top, or at the bottom for the mobile site

- It’s good that they have multiple platforms so people who prefer certain social media can read about them in their preferred design

What to Improve in the Future


- Well stated, and easy to find

- Since they are a well-known organization, people tend to know what the Red Cross is about

- Looking at the website at first people can also easily formulate what they are generally, but will have to click around into “About Us” to find out what their actual mission is… perhaps state it in one short sentence or tag line that is memorable and one of the first things people see?


- Could use better SEO so that they turn up in the first few results or first page of Google

- Use more keywords containing ‘humanitarian, ‘ ’relief,’ and provide more backlinks to other news sources such as CBC, the Globe and Mail, etc

- Could potentially reach more people if they posted more with celebrities and well known social media influencers (Humans of New York and other individuals)

- Good social media platforms, but there aren’t a lot of followers (10k on Instagram, 150k on Twitter, and 130k on FB)

- Their posts have very little likes, comments, and shares (300 likes, 1 or 2 comments, and hardly any shares)

- They don’t use hashtags or many @s at all, making it even harder for people to find them if there was no prior knowledge on the organization

- By mentioning other organisations and people who help them out (or collaborate), they can have a better social media presence


- Great design, and there’s not much for me to say on how to improve it

Feel free to add suggestions! If anyone has suggestions as to how their messages can be altered, that would be great!

In conclusion, I don’t think Canadian Red Cross really benefits from their social media presence, and hardly anyone seems to care what they post online. They don’t reach a lot of people through an online medium, and seems to rely on in person campaigns, and government support/funding to reach their audience rather than having an online presence. However, by increasing their online presence, they can increase the amount of individuals who help them out. 


I am about to jump on #Instagram Live right now to share how you can find out more about the #travel deals I get! Also some other #business news to keep an eye out for!

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Social Media

To promote our brand, i effectively made use of social media to advertise our products to the general public. Our main media platform used is Instagram as it is used to post and promote photos. From this i took the initiative of creating a business account which allows you to more conveniently promote a brand in the bio as it includes contact details, location, website url, and a short description reflecting our brands visions, values, and morals as an upcoming high end company. 

Below showcases screen grabs from our brands interactive Instagram. Follow a strict and fluid colour pallet to create visually satisfying outcomes

Considering the luxurious and bespoke aspects of our brands content, i followed the same colour palette and formality through the same editorial imagery so as to maintain our brands desirable design. Infused in this were my own primary photos which i edited to create texture and gradient, enhancing the visual appeal and following the brands earthly tones. I incorporated use of typography in the photos to saturate both image and message, creating both promotional and artistic sides to the brand. I did this to effectively promote our brand in a creative and innovative way.

Below showcases the promotional posters I created for our brands interactive social media account. Infusing first hand and secondary imagery together with promotional and informative text and brand messages

As well as this, i documented the process of the garments creation by altering filter use. I did this by using black and white filters during the development process, and then switching to earthly tones upon completion. I also incorporated close up samples of materials and garment silhouettes, this would then create excitement for followers of the brand. In addition to this, i included our photo shoot imagery which showcased and modeled our new collection. The purpose of this was to promote our abstract puffer forms and unique exaggerated silhouettes in an extremely professional way. On top of this i included behind the scenes photos to emphasize the exclusivity of our businesses image.

Overall, i am extremely happy with the outcome of our company’s Instagram page as i feel i have mirrored all promotional components necessary for a successful business. I feel like i have stuck to the professional high end appeal which is maintained throughout all the fundamental ingredients in creating a brand.

Below showcases our social media’s exclusive behind the scenes expirence, including catchy bios through the entire instagram content. Creating excitement surrounding our brands visions.


On ne fait pas le #buzz en clashant les autres