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What are your thoughts on this one y'all?? Bill Gates Says He Was Once 'Naive' About Government. Here's How He Thinks Lawmakers Should Handle Big Tech

Not everything... or everyone deserves your attention, especially on !! Especially some people who are committed to misunderstanding you!! 😎

RT RebekahRadice These Are The 3 Types of Video to Create to Build Your 1. Live Video 2. Educational and How-To Training Videos 3. Promotional Videos How to get started:

We are also delighted to welcome students and staff to the seminar, who'll be filming the main event, the workshops and conducting interviews with speakers and anyone who's keen to get involved. Using for

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RKSDMC offers the best digital marketing services to- 1. Build Your Brand 2. Improve Your Search Visibility 3. Promote Products and Services 4. Connect with Customers 5. Convert Visitors to Customers

A kind reminder for my 10000th tweet: We are all mortals and sinners in this world.... So enjoy. 🎉🎈

Smutne życie na Instagramie lub o tym, że lubię przeglądać smutne obrazki w internecie (czyli o tym, jak apka dba o użytkowników, których podejrzewa np. o depresję):

"Users have a lot of apps to choose from, meaning you have to offer value based on their interests so as to increase your mobile app usage and retention."

There's the hard way - or the Social Jukebox way. Thousands of people have already taken the Social Jukebox way. Sign up TODAY!

Planning to work with a social media management? 💻 Here are the most important things to look out for: 1) Identify What You Want and Need 2) Beware of Purchased Likes and Followers 3) Find a Social Media Manager That Matches Your Brand’s Style

¿Está Amazon posicionando de forma destacada en sus resultados de búsquedas los productos que le son más rentables?  Anónimo

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Understanding how the game is being played on Facebook and Instagram

We all try to grab the attention of the audience on Facebook or Instagram. Great content isn’t enough, but understanding the algorithm and how the game is being played is! A Special post by Michael Vuong.


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