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Ever thought about starting a digital marketing career? Digital Marketing Career: From Start to Finish

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— RAMIGS (@ramigsblog)

November 16, 2018

🙋‍♀️Lots and lots of snow to play in.
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Social Media Consults

In today’s world, it is very crucial for companies to have a social media consultant. A social media consultant is the face and representative of a company's social media pages. I believe that a social media consultant first and foremost needs to have extensive knowledge of the company and its target market. Without this knowledge, the advertisements and posts online, may not attract the right audience. Social media consultants also need to be creative and know how to have a voice. If an audience is low on the social media pages, they have to find ways to get it back up. A social media consultant also needs to know the ins and outs of every social media outlet. Whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. A final requirement in being a social media consultant is having a voice. They need to be able to speak with people and know how to control an audience when a problem arises. 

If I were preparing to be a social media consultant, I would clean up all of my personal social media networks. Personally, I do not post anything bad on social media, but I think I could work on being more professional. Having my Headshot as my main profile picture I believe is a great start. It gives people a more professional first impression. Another would be to post more about my professional strides on LinkedIn and Facebook. I could clean up my twitter, Instagram, and Facebook of the clutter posts I share. I already have my professional headshot on three of my social media profiles, but need to change the other two. I could also potentially re-vamp my linked in to have more qualifications to be a social media consultant in the near future. 


🤳 Proper follow up is one of the main reasons most businesses or even people fail.

I was trained by some of the best salespeople to walk this great planet 🌎.

Most of these people were born during the depression, and had jobs through two recessions. That being said they taught me what I needed to survive in both growth and decline.

I assure you that the average person does not follow up enough with a new prospect, or current client enough.

I implore you to start following up with this ferocious intent, or people like me will 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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