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Building a Strong Brand for Nonprofit Organizations

A special guest post by Wendy Dessler to give organizations insights into how to create a strong brand for your Nonprofit, NGO or Social Enterprise.

More Branded Content on IG? Say No More

If you think that users have seen enough from influencers, we’ve got news for you: this is just the beginning.

Instagram announced that advertisers will have the opportunity to “promote creators’ organic branded content posts as feed ads”. This ad format is exclusively available for Instagram Feed in the meantime. The promotion process could be done in a couple of simple steps: To begin with, the business should give creators permission to tag them in branded content. Then, all the influencer has to do is tag the business as a partner in their organic post and then enable “Allow Business Partner to Promote” from the settings.

For example, a makeup brand sends sample products to their brand ambassador, so they can review them & create an Instagram post where they recommend these products and use them in a makeup tutorial. Now, with branded content ads, this makeup brand can turn this post into an ad.

Advertisers will have access to Facebook Ads Manager where they’ll be able to choose the objective from one of the following (Reach, Brand Awareness, Video Views, Traffic & Engagement), targeting of the ad as well as monitor its performance. Some users might think that if they don’t follow these influencers they won’t be able to see these ads well, that’s not true since the target audience set can surpass the people who follow the brand and creator accounts.

Branded content Ads on Instagram will definitely be a game changer for all the stakeholders involved especially for the advertisers. How? Businesses will now be able to test whether the creator’s content is fit to the target audience they work with as well as measure the results driven by this piece of content. So instead of sending samples haphazardly, they send out samples to influencers that drive significant results to their branded content ad. Also, in this way they will be able to pass on authentic content to their users that will help in increasing their reach as well.

Nermine Al Kassar,
Social Media Intern,
Mindshare MENA.

It’s Time to Customize your Twitter Feed!

Recently, Twitter, created a new feature that allows users to customize their timeline into several lists. Instead of scrolling down to view user tweets, we can now swipe left according to our favorite topics. Tweets become segmented and filtered based on the special topics that other users tweeted about. In other words, if we are interested in Art topics, we can create a list, subscribe to Art accounts/users and read all tweets coming from all those accounts. 

This new feature however, according to Twitter is, “underrated, underused”. Twitter recently acknowledged that they must raise awareness and demonstrate how users can benefit from using the feature accordingly.

In addition to raising awareness, users are having a hard time locating this feature within the Twitter application. According to Twitter, users will have swift access to the feature after its application update.

Twitter lists create opportunities for users that weren’t available before. Customizable lists save user effort and time, hence facilitating Twitter usability simply by swiping left to switch lists. By creating and customizing lists, users can always stay up-to-date on all topics they are interested in. However, the question is: how can Twitter shed light onto this feature and allow its users to fully grasp this feature?

Mindshare experts believe that this new feature can help their brands reach and engage with Twitter followers better than ever. With this feature, brands can ensure that all their tweets are read and are no longer abandoned by users, which is usually the case with excessive scrolling. If brands guide followers in a well thought of strategy on how to use ‘create a list’ and to subscribe to it, brands can guarantee that tweets would reach the right target audience both efficiently and effectively.  

Yasmine Abdallah,

Senior Social Media Executive,

Mindshare MENA

5 Essential Content Marketing Metrics to Measure

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