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If you have an online shop and you are serious about your social media - well... Do you see where I am going with this? Social commerce - Using Social media to sell your products without losing them in search

What on earth is Social Commerce? Can you actually buy through Instagram? Let us explain.. Social media meets ECommerce & enables your online business to keep that social traction to the point of transaction

In case you missed it... allows customers to get a sense of a brand but it can now allow them to easily buy what they see on their screen. Get your right by checking out the latest trends …

In case you missed it... allows customers to get a sense of a brand but it can now allow them to easily buy what they see on their screen. Get your right by checking out the latest trends

[Replay] Fantastique soirée "An evening with "durant . et Manish Chandra, CEO Poshmark, qui révolutionne le marché de seconde main 🇺🇸

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Good Afternoon Kingdom!! Speaking of Atmos 🐘’s 1’s… check out our new app @tagziehq that helps you sell any item through @instagram in 5 simple steps… This App is FREE to download please follow @tagziehq and click the link in their #BIO for info and to download. #Tagzie #SocialCommerce #instagramshopping #👑 #KingOfTrainers (at Social Commerce)

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Good Morning Kingdom!! #TagzieTuesdays @tagziehq if you want to sell your products via your @instagram please watch the video and read below…Turn your IG into a shop for FREE right now all you have to do is download #Tagzie and then use my name “KingOfTrainers” then simple…You can now post items for sale via @tagziehq it will then upload to your Instagram and turns your phone into a place of business and with no need to fork out the expensive costs of an e-commerce website, turn your Instagram into a shop now 👆🏿!! Give it a go available to download now via @itunes App Store or @googleplaymusic App Store. #Tagzie #TagzieTuesdays #SocialCommerce #InstagramShop #FutureOfSocialMedia #👑 #KingOfTrainers (at Online Social Commerce)

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Entra en mis anuncios, deseo que te gusten y espero que encuentres algo interesante !!


Trying to understand Chirpify and in stream purchase better?  This video showcases action tags - in action. 

Would you buy with a tweet, reply or comment?

Commerce Platforms for Social Content

Social.Content has gained scale and become a fixture in most marketing campaigns.  And while media attribution continues to evolve, there’s no doubt that for many clients, commerce integrations are going to be a priority in the years to come.  Here are a few platforms that are catching our attention in this space:

1. Shoppost

This team understands that content-commerce is about selling in the feed and has made it their number 1 mission.  See the video!

2. Chirpify

External image

The company allows businesses, marketers and customers to sign up for its services and buy and sell items through their social streams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Using what Chirpify calls “action tags,” hashtags specially established to encourage a particular action (see image above), the service allows customers to buy, enter a contest, donate and vote by commenting.

For example, users can search Instagram or another platform for an action tag like #instasale. Then by commenting “buy” an instant transaction takes place via PayPal.

3. Soldsie:

Soldsie is an e-commerce service enabling businesses to sell directly to their Facebook fans and Instagram followers through the comments section.  The company found that Facebook commerce could work, when it wasn’t just some other tab for users to click into, but could instead leverage the social activities already taking place

Today, Soldsie reports 1,500 sellers, and north of $25 million in transactions. The company generates revenue by taking a small cut of each transaction along with a monthly minimum starting at $150, but is still experimenting with pricing.

4. Like2Buy from Curalate:

Instagram has always offered massive engagement. Linking Instagram to traffic and revenue, however, was a lot harder. Curalate has taken Instagram’s lone link and made it mighty. With Like2Buy, Instagram isn’t just a beautiful feed of images, it’s now a gorgeous gallery of products, available for purchase with just a tap.

When clicking on a brand or copmany’s profile link, users are taken to a mirrored, shoppable feed on a separate, white-labled site, with all the product they have liked featured for seamless shopping.


Social commerce =product

Cofounder Marcela Shine #scientificl.y @decodedfashion

If you want to watch the full version it is on facebook Tigerwonnyc

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