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"Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth" -media-as-a-service -up

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La cátedra de Industrializació i mediambient otorga els PREMIS de SOSTENIBILITAT "Bcn fashion foundation" i "To the rescue"

Great session on social procurement by - SA needs to build an ecosystem of critical players - supply by social enterprises, demand by buyers & champions of strategy in State Govt

Amazon Prime Day 2019 da record. Netflix. Oppo. L’agenda di oggi

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You can now make Twitter polls last as short as you want

There’s a question burning in the back of your mind, and the only people that can answer it to your satisfaction are your Twitter followers. That’s exactly what Twitter polls are for – but maybe you don’t want to wait a week for an answer. Maybe you want it ten minutes from now. Luckily for you, that’s now possible: Twitter has updated the widget to allow polls to be timed for anywhere between five minutes and seven days.

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Reddit starts testing its official Android app

Reddit is finally developing an official Android app, and it has started its closed beta testing phase today. CEO Steve Huffman has announced the development in the middle of a long post talking about how Reddit has changed over the past year and what’s in store for its users. Unfortunately, you can’t sign up for the beta testing phase anymore, and only those who volunteered to test it back in December have gotten access today.

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China's Twitter will expand text limit to 2,000 characters

China’s version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, also plans to expand its messages’ capacity from 140 characters to 2,000. Unlike its American counterpart that’s still thinking about it, though, Weibo’s already made up its mind. The microblogging service will launch its expanded messages on January 28th to a small group of beta testers. Everyone else – that is, all 500 million users – will be able to post long letters/thoughts/diatribes by February 28th.

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Facebook's friend-based Recommendations come to the UK

We’ve all been there. It’s late and you’re wandering around town, aimlessly looking for a place to grab dinner. Where do you turn for suggestions? Foursquare? Google? Maybe Facebook? The social network is a popular choice, given you know the people who will be commenting on your post (and therefore trust their advice). Now, the company is making it easier to crowdsource information with a new Recommendations tool. Write a status update and Facebook will “convert” it automatically, giving your friends a chance to chime in. All of their comments will be saved in a simple list, with a complimentary map to show you how close they are.

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Twitter launches $99 subscription tool to promote tweets

Twitter is making it easier for small businesses and power users to give their tweets a boost. The social network has officially launched its first ad subscription tool called “Promote Mode” as a public beta. Twitter started testing the always-on mode as an invite-only feature in July, giving users access to a feature that can automatically blast their tweets and profiles into strangers’ (aka non-followers’) timelines. Now that it’s available to the public, more people who don’t have the means, the know-how or the time to launch ad campaigns of their own can pay $99 per month for the service.

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Pulse adds support for social feeds, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Pulse has clearly been working hard at polishing off those iOS and Android applications, but it doesn’t look as if the reading service is slowing down its maintenance efforts anytime soon. Via blog post, Pulse announced today that it’s now letting users browse through their favorite social feeds within the app, with account support added for Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram and, of course, Facebook – much like Flipboard’s been doing for a while now. To go along with that, though, the application’s photo and video viewers have both been on the receiving end of a minor makeover, which should make for a much better canvas when looking at those pics or vids posted on some of the aforementioned social networks. Never a bad time to be more social, right?

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Bing gives its social sidebar a makeover, makes it easier to find what you're looking for

Even though it was only yesterday that Bing announced it was making some changes to the site’s snapshot pane, today Redmond’s search engine is coming back with a few additional tweaks. The most noticeable change is the redesigned social sidebar, which maintains its original purpose but trims a lot of the UI’s unnecessary fat – better yet, however, Bing says it’ll make it much easier to find folks who are specifically relevant to you, as the improved sidebar bases search results on what friends (and other people) have posted on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and even Foursquare. There’s a small chance you won’t be able to spot the new social sidebar just yet, but Bing says it should begin showing up “over the next few days.”

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Google brings better YouTube integration to Orkut, hopes you haven't forgotten

Remember Orkut? You know, one of Google’s early efforts at diving into the social networking game. Well, the website’s still operating at full force, with more than three quarters of its 66 million users coming from Brazil and India alone. The point is, Big G’s still keeping tabs on the O network, thus the news of an improved YouTube integration shouldn’t come as a surprise. With the fresh features, Orkut folks are able to watch / listen to videos without having to step out of their current session, saving them an extra trip to YouTube’s site. Of course, similar to Facebook or Orkut’s more popular relative Google+, friends can see whether you’re watching kitty vids or Kony 2012. Você é um Orkut? Cross your fingers and hope it doesn’t get the axe anytime soon.

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Facebook working on 'save-for-later' feature, lets you like things privately

Ever wanted to flag a Facebook post for the future – one you wouldn’t want to be seen “liking” in the present? Well, the heads at Palo Alto are testing a way to make that happen: a save-for-later feature that’ll allow you to add posts to a private feed. Saving is conducted on the sly, so you can create a slimmed-down stalking experience without alerting the posters. If you’re prone to using the desktop version of the site, the option should appear alongside the familiar “Like”, “Comment” and “Share” soon. A similar change should be available on the mobile site, with a press-and-hold mechanic doing the job in the apps for iDevices. There’s no word on other platforms at the moment, but we’d be surprised if the update is confined to browser and iOS users. We know you’re keen to start hoarding those embarrassing drunken status updates, so hopefully the update will be rolling out shortly.

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Bing now more social in the US, hopes you 'like' it and tweet about it

There’s no doubt the Redmond team is spending a hefty amount of time enhancing its search engine at any chance it gets. Adding to the Linked tweaks we’d previously seen, Microsoft’s now making Bing more social – at least in the US of A. The most recent changes bring a Metro-driven interface to the homepage, which boasts that Microsoft “three column design” we laid eyes on earlier this month. Naturally, the revamp will open the doors to improved search results, but this, of course, will depend heavily on if you’re up to linking your Facebook, Twitter or other social network accounts with Bing. That said, something tells us you’re definitely up to it.

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Twitter scores NFL deal to showcase Sunday's finest instant replay material

Following a similar deal in May with the NBA, Twitter’s Amplify program has landed an envy-inducing arrangement with the National Football League. As part of the new advertising partnership, the NFL will leverage Twitter to “package in-game highlights and other video content” inside sponsored tweets, which can be distributed via a marketer during games. Both Twitter and the NFL will take a slice of the profits, though neither side is talking specific terms. As of now, it sounds as if Verizon will be the “premiere sponsor,” which grants it “exclusive sponsorship rights for Amplify ads during the Super Bowl next February.” The upside? Easily tweetable instant replays. The downside? It might make you a shill. Them’s the breaks!

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