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As a fundraiser and non-profit worker, there will be times when you need to discuss sensitive information with your team. FreeConference online meetings could be your best bet, find out more on our new post!

All and Meet at BAGHBAN RETREAT - Gram Khajuri, Bhopal - Indore Main Express Highway Road, Bhopal on , 27 April 2019 from 3 pm to 7 pm with lots of fun and - free registration - just SMS on 7869459929

Want to invest in led businesses in the design a business accelerator that accounts for their obligations of their communities . .

My intent is to showcase my inabilities measured against your abilities โ€“ sort a speak. To be honest with the , I was afraid, initially, because I am so old and the thing took over. As I watched my values dismissed by new standards,

All and Meet at BAGHBAN RETREAT - Gram Khajuri, Bhopal - Indore Main Express Highway Road, Bhopal on , 27 April 2019 from 3 pm to 7 pm with lots of fun and - free registration - just SMS on 7869459929

How many times do you see a coke ad or listen to a No.1 song before "it hits you." #Digital#DigitalMarketing #Ireland#Global

: toute petite mobilisation des gilets jaunes face au week-end de Pรขques ()

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My and my mister… Love you so much @hartdalemd



So here is the thing, My boyfriend + some friends want me to go out and I said that I will think abt it but honestly I dont wanna go anymore because Im shy as fxck and this is going to stress me out. But I dont know if i should explain that to them or what Im lost lmao help


Kisah mangkuk tingkat .

“Be Accepting. People’s differences, their similarities, their choices, their personalities. Sometimes it takes a variety to make a good collection. The same goes for people.” - Colleen Hoover


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Egyptian Yu-Gi-Oh Type Beat - “GODS”


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TRAVESSA-RIU-LLOBREGAT-PINTURA-PASSAREL·LA-CAL MARÇAL-ART-DETALLS-QUADRES-RUTA-COLÒNIES-LLOBREGAT-BERGUEDÀ-CATALUNYA-PAISATGES-PINTOR-ERNEST DESCALS- Travesías del rio Llobregat a través de las pasarelas que cada una de las COLÒNIES TÈXTILS disponía para pasar por encima del agua, modos de transitar por la ruta de las antiguas Colonias Industriales, en estos detalles de las pinturas que estoy pintando sobre la vida de las personas en la fábricas, he encontrado en la pasarela un motivo muy sugerente de explicitar las costumbres que distinguían estos complejos en su vertiente social, la fábrica de la Colonia textil de CAN MARÇAL se encuentra enclavada en plena naturaleza y era menester facilitar la comunicación de sus trabajadores que acudían a sus puestos de trabajo. Fragmento de la pintura del Ernest Descals que se centra en el personaje atravesando el puente.

I think it’s so wild when folks in the middle/lower class tell others not to make fun of rich people for how they spend their money. Elon Musk, shooting an empty luxury car into space IS hilarious- and doubles as a heavy-handed commentary on wealth inequality. I would go so far as to say we should make fun of rich people MORE. If by some freak chance their feelings are hurt, they can sop up the tears with paid electric and water bills. Boohoo, a poor person made fun of my taste in luxury yachts!! I’ll just have to cheer myself up with another wine tour of the Balkans 😢😢

I’m so grateful that the food on my plate didn’t come from me having to take my clothes off, sexualising and loosing all self dignity and morality, just for follows and likes on Instagram. Blessed are those that are not reliant on social media, whether it be for income or instant gratification or validation. Blessed are those who are free living their truth , being themselves , not having to fake it, not having to wake up everyday with a mask beside their bed waiting to be worn just so the bills can be payed. Don’t loose yourself just for more likes in a jail cell. Be yourself in reality, it might not buy you the lifestyle you want, but at least then you’re not having to lie about who you really are.


Concept 1 of Pride, I design this last year and wanted the body to be aerodynamic with larger wheels which is higher than the actual cockpit, however, at the time I wasn’t confident with rendering the shape and perspective so the final version didn’t pan out as planned. Recently I picked up Scott Robertson’s How to Render Book and it’s pretty good for anyone who wants to render hard surfaces without the use of 3D software. Highly recommend the book! 

Well, here we go...

I am not familiar enough with this whole Tumbler-Universe to build up a community. I know that. I tell my self that this is ok, but let’s be serious - there will always be a little envy to those who have this kind of thing. Being the “leader” of one of those communities means, that you have some sort of power. Power to change, to inform, to be a bit more than just you. This “little bit more than just you”-Thought also applies to the members of the community. You know this - you even felt it too. It is some sort of family. 

Now back to this whole thing about (me) being envious about Tumblr-Stars like *insert famous Tumblr-person here*. I think everyone can understand that being part of a group and being a leader of whatever it may be, are not two sites of the same medal. But consider, The amount of responsibility which comes with the power of being the leader/idol/founder/what-so-ever is tremendous. 

So… yeah. Thinking like this, for my self, I can stop here. We don’t need this kind of stress around on this blog. 

Am I right, Phil?

Yeah, you are…