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Another food-based socialisation strategy presented at by the Taiwanese model. Long chopsticks are tricky to use, but help you to serve food to others.

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Donde está mi gente sociable.??🤔 L@s buena gente, l@s que comentan, l@s que dan los buenos días, l@s que socializan... Donde están.??🤔🤷🏽‍♂️✌🏽👹

The period of the upper school students is in their need to with their peers. How can schools promote at school? Check out our on projects that engage students in work.

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Harry followed a fan on Twitter - 15/10

Sai cosa non va?

La mia voglia di essere indipendente;

Di non aver nessuna da amare;

Di non riuscire sempre a ridere;

Di non sentirmi unica per qualcuno;

Di non piangere per gioia;

Di non poter urlare questa frustrazione;

La mia fottuta timidezza;

Il mio cazzo di buonismo ;

le mie paure;

il mio essere me;


Just picked up the courage and emailed my counselling team in my University about my mental health

After having a few days of thinking do I or don’t I have social anxiety, so I picked up the courage and finally wrote a email to my counselling team in my university.

Honestly though I am so scared.