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"iSportsAnalysis made it very easy for us to monitor & improve our team performances at the Commonwealth Games" Cristy Mullender - South African Netball Tag your matches like the professionals

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! Only 87 days until the 2019 Milano International Football Festival. We’re excited, are you? 🇮🇹⚽️ Dates: April 14th-22nd.

against the tranquil morning sky and mist of hoping this will one day see our national team lift a trophy

JCU Brisbane is forming a NEW soccer club and we want YOU! Are you a soccer fanatic or enjoy playing with friends? Please contact Antony to register your interest: Ph: 0470699798 Email:

BREAKING🚨 and finally strike a loan deal for Gonzalo Higuain❗️ The loan deal is for the rest of the season with a buy option for 6 months... & can be extended as a loan for one year more through the 19/20 season Reaction??🔽 -

and @atleticodemadrid are working to strike a loan deal for . Chelsea is apparently waiting to send Morata of to Spain, because they are waiting for Higuain to join Chelsea🤔 -

🔵🔴 UPDATED: Winter-Spring Cup RESULTS . . Here are the results from last weekend at the Winter-Spring Cup⚽️ We are extremely proud of all of our teams and the hard work they have been putting in to grow! . .

Apoyando al equipo de en esta noche. Estos jóvenes andan con todo, y como no si juegan a nivel nacional. – at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

Thank you for a great first weekly training session Westchester - You all worked really hard! Our coaches are looking forward to see the progress in the group🦊⚽️🇺🇸

Muchachos... la pasé increíble!!! Saqué a la Tati "Higuita" que había en mí y me la gocé!!!

#3 in take vs U2.5 Last 10 Bourg-Bresse Games U2.5 has hit in 75% of them. Last 10 Laval Games U2.5 has hit in 75% of them.

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Always, Always, Always Average

I was always a good kid and student but across the board I was an average Jane. I was smart but not top notch intelligence which is fine because I was happy with it. I was Average. Not only academically but also in my sports. I was in Softball since 2nd grade, Gymnastics since 2nd grade, and Soccer since 5th grade. I was Average. I love those sports so much and I am happy I was able to enjoy them. I managed to be in AP classes in high school but that never tipped the scale to above average. That was fine but I wanted to get into my college of choice Indiana University Bloomington. So this was the first time my academics being what they were was a problem. I applied to five schools and one by one they got back to me with acceptance letters except IU, I was still waiting and waiting for a decision from them. After contacting the school to see what the hold up was they told me that my SAT scores were as you can guess average. So they suggested I take them again and they would be able to give me an answer. Well I had already planned on taking them again and the ACTs as well. They also said that no one is accepted without taking the SATs twice. LIES. My brother and my four cousins had all gone to and graduated from IU and not one of them took the SATs twice. But I did what I had to do. I studied and studied and took those garbage standardized tests and what do you know? I got about the same on the SAT and an average score on the ACTs. But Thankfully IU deemed me worthy of acceptance. I am thankful for that acceptance because I will always cherish my four years at IU. But again I spent those four years being average. Maybe even below average. Feeling like you will never be above average in anything you do is really not awesome. I have taken what I was given in life and tried to make the best of it. Being average may suck sometimes but now that I am in the real world and have gotten big girl jobs and bought a car and I am paying loans I know that being above average in school means diddly because I worked with people that went to community colleges and people who went to good four year schools but we were all doing the same job and getting paid the same. I have a good life, great husband, and adorable son. Also my parents think I am above average so that’s all that matters, right? Haha.

No real point to this post besides the explanation of my tumblr name.  

Also I am a soft 6 in the looks department so let’s call it average there too. :-)


Kapa’a High School Senior Girls Soccer Banners in production ….
*call @toddfuerte to schedule your photo shoot 📸

#signcompany #production #banner @rolanddga #rolanddga #quality #soccer #senior #supportlocal #kauai #smallbusiness #signshop #wednesday #workflow #signage #signs (at The Sign & Print Machine, Inc. - Owner Kev Hanano)

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I just wanted to let everyone who follows and still checks up on this blog that it’s not dead. 

Life happened and working to piece things back together how how it was left. So literally working back to the last post in August of 2017 (yeah… I know). The way I do it is very specific to bring the best quality I can and if anyone thinks they can help but for the most part it’ll take some time. Hopefully be back like normal hopefully by the 1st / 3rd week of the regular season.

Alot happened last season and the MLS calendar has genuinely surprised me on how fast the new season has comeback. 


But once again to all the followers and folks who are still liking things and reblogging things. I can’t explain to you guys how much seeing this team succeed, people (in general) and people around the world talk about this team and how much the MLS has come and still has to go! I’m proud of the people who help build this amazing club to what it is today. 

Thank you guys so much and I can’t wait to be back in the mix of things! 

5 STRIPES. DON’T STOP. || #UniteAndConquer 


El @cfperalada tiene, sin ningún tipo de duda, al mejor portero de la categoría: FELICIDADES por el paradón, y por la temporada que estás realizando @suarez1jose

Personalmente, es un auténtico honor narrar tus paradones, y ver tu evolución semana tras semana en @footters

1ª promoción: Pago por partido (antiguo PPV) por 2,99€. Puedes ver el partido que compres, desde donde quieras y cuando quieras ya que podrás verlo repetido las veces que quieras. 

2ª promoción: Suscripción mensual por 6,99€ donde podras ver todos los partidos que se emitan en Footters, en directo y en diferido, las veces que quieras. Ademas, podras verlo hasta en tres dispositivos diferentes. Para que no te pierdas nada de la emoción del fútbol auténtico. 

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More at @mindsubliminal

#amazing video by @vybo
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“There is no greatness without passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a parent or a business person.” - Tony Robbins

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EduKick Manchester Football Academy Director, Peter Hayes is on-site at our brand new school in the city centre of Manchester with the new group of international footballers! JOIN us in England to pursue your footy dreams! Contact me today on WhatsApp: +1-289-242-1143 or email directly to: #edukickmanchester #football #soccerschool #soccer #soccertraining #school #boardingschool (at EduKick Soccer Academies)

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Terry Tate Office Linebacker Original


Buenas tardes familia instagramera!
Hoy me gustaría compartir con vosotros mi 4ª locución como #narrador de los partidos del @cfperalada en la plataforma de streaming @footters

#FOOTTERS es la única plataforma en todo el mundo, que retransmitirá este año los partidos del PERALADA en el Municipal.

Para mí es todo un honor y un auténtico privilegio, porque me siento muy identificado con el club, ya que es uno de mis equipos de corazón.
Aquí tenéis el vídeo de la narración 1r gol del partido, marcado por: @santibuenoo

Deseo que lo disfrutéis! Si os gusta dadle al like y comentad el post. Mil gracias!!!

⚽@cfperalada - @cesabadell⚽
#soccer #ball #futbol #futball #kick #pass #shoot #score #goal #field #TFLers #net #team #soccerball #photooftheday #instafutbol #instagood #grass #run #soccergame #fifa #worldcup (en Peralada)

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