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6 months sober and 6 pictures. The top at my worst and the bottom as I gradually become my best. 🔥

"It can take some time to unravel that gray thread when you’re all tangled in despair. But it seems to me that if you explore that which sets your heart on fire..."

We celebrated 90 years of with 14 alum at this month's Anniversary Night.

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It's all about taking it ONE day at a time 🙏 We are here to support you, every step of the way. Call us anytime: (800) 940-0082 ⁠or visit: for more info . .

Met a lovely lady & heard her story and her big thanks to great people at CGL who were there when her light bulb switched on

I love this short but impactful article. It’s amazing how detox, rehab and its success is directly connected to the attitude and belief of the loved ones and health care workers around those struggling for .

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is proud to be a sponsor of today’s Robert D. Kirkland Memorial Golf Classic, taking place in Mt. Airy,

My notifications are being weird & nothing is coming up so I think Twitter is mad at me for going away to a wedding this weekend?? Screw you man, I saw my cousin get married, came back with three new books, got to look all fancy for a day, AND celebrated 2 months of

MAT Works! Think there is one right way to recover? Check out 's stories of people who used medication to recover from addiction.  

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If I count “Summer” as the months of June, July and August, I have only had alcohol on 9 days throughout the entire summer so far.

Which is crazy considering last year it was probably the other way round - I was probably only sober for 9 days throughout the entire summer.

Progress, and I’m so happy with it.

Rehab days 1-4

July 23

This is definitely not the camp (the rehab I went to last year). It’s me with 12 other women, and I’m number 13. I really wish I came in high. But, I did get my last high 2 days ago: a mix of fentanyl and xanax that sent me into a panic attack- an attack so severe I thought I would die. And yet, I want more.

July 26

I think I just received a “God shot.” Some staff member was smoking a stoge with me and Andrea, and she started singing about Jesus. Jesus saving her, bringing her to her knees out of desperation. Her voice was so sweet, I almost tasted sugar. A few goosebumps sprouted and the hairs on my arms stood stiff. Her voice wrapped my heart in a blanket, and for the first time I felt at home.

I don’t know if Jesus exists. All I know is that I’m supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be writing but I haven’t. I’m supposed to be socializing but I’m not. I’m supposed to be present for my recovery but I feel weak.

I just found out my childhood drug dealer overdosed and died. When Courtney told me the news, I didn’t flinch. I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t react. I always knew the drugs would take him- God, I hope he’s at peace. I hope he isn’t in pain. I hope death feels like heroin. If I died they would be sad, but not surprised.


I told him about my broken record today

He replied in exasperated anger.

I immediately regretted it all.

Then when we came home, I regretted it some more.

Not sure how much was harsh truth,

And how much was just harsh.

I went about my day, hours afterward

Seeds of ‘could’ve’s planted deep now.

Minutes ago I asked for a kiss to ebb away the bad and urge out the good.

He sighed, lips drawn, and gave me a peck.

I’m not so sure every ugly word was out of anger.

But they’ll certainly stay with me on bright days hereafter.