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Rogue is freshly bathed and had 2 hours of barn time with me this morning so hopefully that makes for a tired pup when fireworks go off tonight. I’m assuming the city will have something… Need to look that up.

He was fantastic at the barn. Enjoyed running around since he hasn’t been able to go off leash since we moved. No muzzle and didn’t bother the cats at all!

Rogue has been extra cautious on the wood floors in the apartment, even more so than the old apartment so I’m not sure if he had an incident with my gf or while we were both at work yesterday. So I’m doubling down on getting his nails trimmed short to help him out. Also going shopping for an area rug today.

He’s stopped trying to go to the other apartment doors in the building. The neighbors on our floor have a small dog(s) that occasionally bark when they hear people on the stairs but he pays them no mind. The entrance doors to the building are tricky as they are quite tight to manuver even as one person carrying a bag, let alone a large dog.

To my surprise, Rogue has been okay with getting up with me before dawn the past two mornings in my attempt to beat the heat and get to work before 6am. So that’ll probably continue for a while because of the forecast. We tried to go for a walk Monday evening at dusk but people were setting off fireworks so Rogue did an about face and dragged me home. Poor dude, they must sound similar to gunshots.

He’s now waiting hopefully on his bed in the much warmer dining room versus in the cooler bedroom with me because he wants what my gf is cooking. xP He already had an egg!

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