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Morning Everyone. Some UK frontpages introducing themselves in 10 minutes. Do join me if you can? Thanks.

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¡Muy pronto estarán listas las primeras invitaciones a la Prueba beta de Feral!

Morning Australia. Your Saturday's pages of the front kicking off in 10 minutes. Do join em if you can? Thanks.

The elves have arrived & are starting to set up the Winter Wonderland photo zone. Can't wait to see what they whip up! Bring your friends & take festive photos to share with loved ones this holiday season.

- How FUN is this plush !? It's one of the new that will be launched in January 2020 and it makes us excited to see what other colorful products are in store from our suppliers.

Coming soon: the perfect gift! Our "give a tree" program will launch next week -- stay tuned.

Spent some time today doing our final inspection follow up on the new tanker for Delivery day is closing in...

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You Really Got A Hold On Me 🥀 Hope y’all are ready. 40 new clothing items dropping soon 🐻 #youreallygotaholdonme #sneakpeek #luxrosaporvida (at San Diego, California)

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C’est tellement dur d’écrire une chanson sur ces propres émotions, son propre passif ou présent parce que c’est réel, ce ne sont pas juste des paroles dans le vent c’est ce que j’ai vécu et ressenti tout le long de ma vie. C’est partager une petite partie de moi à la vu de tout le monde. Je suis vraiment contente de le faire, de sortir de ma zone de confort parce que c’est la seule et meilleure façon de vivre de nouvelles choses et d’expérimenter des aventures nouvelles. Croyez en vos rêves et n’ayez pas peur de sortir des sentiers battus, ça vaut très souvent le détour.

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📸 @directedbyharry

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More than one #sketchbooks will be available at my #openday.

14/12/2019 at 18:00

To know us better!

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BONJOUR, BONSOIR, j’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer (comme promis) que mon tout premier single va sortir ce mois-ci. J’ai si hâte que vous l’écoutiez et que vous me partagez vos avis. C’est encore une nouvelle aventure que je veux partager avec vous en espérant que ça vous plaira de la faire avec moi ! Je me permet de vous mettre l’eau à la bouche avec un petit sneak peek de ma chanson !!!!

follow moi si tu ne veux pas rater la sortie de mon single et si tu veux t’embarquer dans une nouvelle aventure avec moi !

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Your favorite body soufflé is being restocked in time for the Black Friday sale! Who knows what this is? It’s my absolute favorite, and it’s been out of stock way too long. Watch for a post to reveal the name and restock of this customer favorite! #bodysouffle #moisturizing #bodybutter #bodylotion #handmade #smallbatch #christmasgifts #blackfriday #softskin #hydrate #natural #vegan #crueltyfree #beauty #skincareproducts #bath #sneakpeek

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In a Mirror, Darkly Sequel

Hey all! 

I know we’ve been radio silent, between IRL crap and lots and lots of writing, we’ve kind of fallen behind on replying to comments or looking at tumblr. We’re going to try to change that, maybe start engaging a little bit more, because we miss talking to y’all.

So, as an apology for our silence, we’ve decided to give you the teensiest sneak peek at a snippet from chapter one of the In a Mirror, Darkly sequel, When the Mirror Shatters. Not to mention some gorgeous fucking art by the one and only @anyreiart​​. The fic is well underway, with a plot drawn out, and about 30k words already written. 

There’s no projected completion date as of yet, but we’re hoping to finish it over the course of the next couple of months. So, without further ado, here’s that gorgeous art any made and the snippet! (And give Any some fucking love, folx!)


When the Mirror Shatters - Chapter One Sneak Peek

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Sneak Peek: Watch for floating Quilt Tiles from December 1st to 14th!

The new Quilted Robin has been busy stitching up a new quilt to keep Webkinz World warm for the winter. But a stiff winter wind blew the door open and blew all Robin’s quilt patches away! If the Robin is going to finish a quilt to cover Webkinz, it’s going to need your help!

Watch out for the floating quilted tile blowing through Webkinz World from December 1 to 14 and click on to get a free quilted Quilted Tile you can place on the floor of your pets’ rooms! Deluxe members can collect up to 3 tiles a day, full members can collect up to 2 tiles, and free members can collect 1 tile a day.

Plus - look for the special Quilted Robin Tile that can ONLY be found floating around Webkinz Newz!


We made new shirts!
They will be featured @hunterandhare new location in North Vancouver.
Can’t wait to see their new space.
Can you guess which drawings we used?
Hint, there are 8.
1 dress, 2 T-shirts, 2 long sleeve t’s and 3 sweaters.
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Its another By The Hearth sneak peek!

Seeing as you’re all enjoying Chapter 2, here’s a little something from Chapter 3. Things are pretty fluffy in this chapter!

“Get in, you stupid bull!” 

He coughed as his protest was smacked away by a pillow. Arya challenged him with a look, pointedly patting the space beside her. How could he have thought for a single moment that she would have him anywhere else? Heart swelling, he climbed into the softest bed he had ever felt and let out a surprised grunt when Arya landed a little too forcefully on his chest. Her chin was sharp on his ribcage but he couldn’t possibly say a word about it because she was beaming so brightly at him he had no choice but to push her damp hair behind her ears and cradle her beautiful face. 

“You’re going to get me killed, you know,” he said, only half-joking. 

“Ha. They’d have to go through me. I need a new weapon, by the way,” she yawned, settling into him. The way they fit together was flawless, like she had been made just for his arms and he for hers.

“What happened to the one I made you?” he asked, drawing patterns on her arm. He smirked at the way it made her hairs stand on end.

“Broke it.” He laughed then, ignoring her grumble as her head bounced on his shaking chest.

“I think I’ll be making something sturdier this time.”

“Please do. Your workmanship was awful,” she quipped, earning her a sharp pinch to the hip. 

Combo story sneak peek

I sort of finished the Clack/AkuRoku combo story I started in 2017, waylaid for The Two Penguins, and picked back up this year to complete it for a Big Bang, which died before it ever took off.

I say sort of finished because I haven’t written the very last chapter yet, which is an epilogue set several years after the end, and which I am not very invested in writing at the moment (if at all). I haven’t read through the entirety of this story yet. It’s still in first draft. I’m going to put this to bed for now and get going on some other projects I’ve yet to start/complete. The break will let me come back to it with fresh eyes and opinions and I hope a feeling of wanting to refine it. 

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I don’t feel very satisfied finishing this story. Well… ok, thinking about it, I think I do know why I feel this way. In part, it’s because this story isn’t satisfying. It’s not got a happy end. But I suspect the main reason is that I don’t feel like the emotion I wanted to transpose from my own experience into this story is adequately portrayed. At least that’s how I feel not having read the whole thing in one go, nor even the last chapter in one go. Maybe I need to be kinder on myself. Maybe the story isn’t even so bad.

And if the story does lack the emotional punch like I suspect, it’s probably something I can fix in the subsequent drafts.

Anyway, for anyone interested, you can have a sneak peek at the first chapter. May it pique interest. If anyone wants to be a pre-reader for me please get in touch with me. I would appreciate at least one person to read through this and give me feedback on the story, pacing, character development, and relationships.

Title: Fleeting Moments (working title)
Chapter: 1/(possibly)7
Fandom: FFVII/Kingdom Hearts - Modern AU
Pairing: Cloud/Zack and Axel/Roxas
Rated: Mature (drug use -smoking and drinking-)
Word Count: 8,170

Summary: Cloud and Roxas meet Zack and Axel in a laundry, of all places.


The mechanical whir and swish of the washing machines was almost hypnotic, and drowned out the dripping of a leaky faucet somewhere within the laundry room. Cloud, with his back pressed to the wall, sat on the wooden bench lining the side closest to the door.

The laundry was wholly unremarkable. It smelt of washing detergent and liquid softeners. Garish lights above only served to wash out the drab, peeling paint of the walls even further. The cold, gray concrete floor had lost all its polished sheen, and the change and vending machines had all seen better days.

Yet this was one of Cloud’s favorite spots. Winter was dismal up in the mountains, with long hallways and wide open expanses lying between the laundry and his temporary residential housing. So Cloud chose to sit, cocooned in the underground warmth of this room, while he waited for his clothes to be washed so he could move them into the dryer.

He got a lot of reading done down here, which was a definite benefit. Most sane people chose to go do other things than hang in the laundry while their things got clean. So it was mostly quiet and empty in the laundry, and for Cloud this spelt sanctuary from society and his own rather busy life.

People came and went, and Cloud took no notice. He only looked up whenever a machine beeped, checking if it was his one announcing the completion of its cycle. It was never his, so he continued on with his book, an auto-biography. He found himself deeply engrossed in it when eventually a beeping did faintly register. He looked up again, like so many times before, searching out his machine. From where he sat he could make out the LCD display. There were still ten minutes left.

“Hey. Whatcha reading?”

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“I keep em motivated / Misery loves company, them niggas always hated!” 😱😱😱 #SneakPeek #AlbumMode (at The Dojo JC)

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By The Hearth Chapter 2 - another peek!

Here’s another little sneak peek of the next chapter of By The Hearth! 

It was in moments like this that it was obvious that she had grown up with wealth and privilege - a little lady of the North, all fire and bite and stubbornness. He felt a pang of sympathy for Gendry, who looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Jon couldn’t blame him but he guessed that when faced with a choice between the wrath of Arya and the wrath of the highborns he despised, the choice would be very clear. “Come on,” she repeated, tugging on him until he relented with an apologetic glance towards Jon who merely shook his head in defeat. He is in serious trouble, Jon thought as he watched his sister practically dragging a man twice her size away to her room. 

Admin Post/Writing Update

Hi everyone. I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates. The school semester is coming to an end which means more stress and having to work on art projects that are going to be Christmas presents. With all the stress and being creative I’ve turned to my other fun activity, videogames. 😅 But break is almost here so hopefully I’ll have time to get back to updating.

In the meantime I wanted to leave you all with a little sneak peek at an upcoming series I’ve outlined. Hope you like it and I hope to talk to you all again soon!


John frowns into the sudden darkness. The hair on the back of his neck stands on end and tension gathers into a tight knot between his shoulders. He’s never been scared of the dark but something about this situation is eating at his nerves. He pulls his flashlight from his pocket. Clicking it on he scans the area, peering into the darkness. 

“You shouldn’t be out here.” A voice breaks the silence from behind him and John spins, pointing the light at the speaker. The woman raises an eyebrow as he shines the flashlight in her face. “The woods aren’t safe this close to Halloween, especially with the moon nearly full." 

John scans her, noting the basket in the crook of her elbow and the extinguished lantern in the other hand. "What are you doing out here then?” He questions keeping his voice low and quiet. He glances around. He feels like he’s being watched. 

"I have business out here, unlike you Mr. Wick. I suggest you return home before the fog sets in. You’ll never find you way back after that.” With that last cryptic comment she turns and disappears into the trees. 

John starts to head back the way he came, frowning. What could be in the woods that is so dangerous? And what does Halloween have to do with it? John stops in his tracks. “And when did I tell her my name?” John rubs the back of his neck and continues to head home. At least in the direction he thinks home is. Little tendrils of fog are beginning to form on the ground. 


#sneakpeek of our new site, coming soon! #bxbtech #webdev #webdevelopment #mobiledevelopment #graphicdesign

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