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A to 'Money' !! It was an experience to work with such talented people, in the club venue. for the date for 'Money'.

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.! The mega July/August edition of World of Cruising hits newsstands tomorrow, and we've got a feeling you'll love it... 🤩 Pick it up for 117 dream destinations, the 46 best global and 11 unmissable world cruises from just £8,999 🌎🚢

It’s almost that time again. This coming Sunday we will be hosting our FINAL Semi-Annual Sale of the year! More information to come.

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I’m currently working on a few stuff at once, but here's a sneak peek on one of the project 😉✨

Yikes! Make-A-Monster activity sheets for ALFRED'S BOOK OF MONSTERS are now available for download! ( by Sam Streed)

Today's with ! Move-In-Ready and located in The Colony at Twenty Mile.🏡 Click the 🔗 to preview floor-plan: RETWEET to share!

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Sneak peek

Here’s a sneak peak at the interior cover art for the first issue of Robots & Aliens. This art was done by the talented artist Elijah Richardson.


Good Morning!
Here’s a #sneakpeek of my new #miniatureart They are 3x3 and come with the stand. There are five acrylic ones already in my #etsyshop I am working on both #oils and #acrylics for #holidayseason #christmas #hannukkah #anytime #artgifts
This #cute little #owl is an #oilpainting created with tiny #brushes Perfect #stockingstuffer #trinketgift #chachki #souvenir #travelers #artcollector #miniaturecollector #officedesk #forfriends #originalartworks #prettypaintings #owlpainting #cutebirds #womenartists #adorbs #comingsoon‼️ #smallbusinessowner #holidayprep

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🙏 @off_south 💙 see you tomorrow @modefabriek North Hall N330 #SS20

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Tea and Tourniquets ☕️

Originally posted by minbuwuty

There is something living in the forest beyond your village, something evil, something ancient. The only known survivor of this evil is a reclusive healer by the name of Min Yoongi. Rumor has it though, that the herbalist hermit may, in fact, be the evil himself.

Summary: You were told never to venture into the forest after dark. Stories of people going missing and, an ancient darkness, keep most of your quaint village paralyzed with fear. However, after another disappearance, you decide to do the unthinkable and, search for the answers yourself. 

The darkness is real…and it’s alive.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Supernatural au! Supernatural! Yoongi, his true identity will be revealed later on, Fantasy! Au, Tsundere! Yoongi, fluff, angst, smut throughout the story, Horror? 

Warnings: will be posted with the full fic!

A/N: Here is a lil sneak peek for you guys. Let me know what you think!


Your grandfather had been your caretaker since you were around the age of 7. After the passing of your parents, he had vowed to raise you as his own. Although your grandfather claimed to be a logical man, he often gave in to the mythical side of life or, ‘teahouse tales’ as he fondly referred to it. He encouraged your curiosity but, he always warned you of breaching the trees after dusk. During the day however, the two of you had spent quite a bit of time in the forest. Your grandfather loved researching the flora and fauna of the region and, you often accompanied him on his days out. If you were ever to go on your own, he had a few rules that he urged you to follow.

1. Stay away from the blue frogs (they’re poisonous)

2. Remember to pack an extra change of clothes (a swim in the lake is impossible to resist)

3. Don’t eat ANY of the plants (especially the pretty ones)

4. Be home before sunset


Pretty simple. You rarely ventured into the forest alone and, if you did, there was never a time when you felt compelled to go very far. There was no guarantee you would make it back in time before sundown and, there were plenty of sights to indulge in right at the forest’s entrance. You understood the first four rules without explanation although, one day, your curiosity got the better of you and, you asked your grandfather why he had included Yoongi on the rule list:

“Yoongi is a…solitary type. He doesn’t take kindly to strangers and, its just…best if you let him be. His cottage is quite difficult to find anyhow but, even on the chance you should see it, you’d be wise not to approach it.”

“May I ask why?”

“Yoongi is a medicine man and, a good one at that but, no one really knows how he procures his remedies, especially without connections to the mainland. There are rumors that he may be  practicing spellwork…”

“Spellwork? Isnt’ that illegal?”

“Wel…our region has always been more forgiving of benevolent spellwork but, still, you can never be too careful…”

“Have you ever encountered him before?”

“I have yes, he didn’t do me any harm but, he wasn’t the kindest fellow I’ve ever met…there was something strange about him though. He had a darkness of sorts, something lingering…it’s hard to explain. He didn’t say much, only asked that I keep away from his cottage. Strangely compelling actually, he put me in a bit of a trance but, that could be my old age talking…just promise me, you won’t go looking for him ok?”

“Ok, I promise.”


Hier der erste #Sneakpeek - #Vorgeschmack auf meine #Single
Für mich sind #Freunde zu haben und schöne Momente zu teilen zwei der größten #Geschenke im Leben. Dieses #Lied entstand nach einem Ausflug mit einer #Herzensfreundin und unseren zwei Minis.
Ab Sonntag, 14.07.19 gibt es den Song überall!
@Enna Miau

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* New Secret Cosplay *
Since this guy is now going to #SanDiegoComicCon , thought of something new and super last minute to work on. Of course I’ll reveal more details here and in my stories as the week and next week passes, but for now here’s a #sneakpeek and here’s to #WIPWednesday . 🐲🐉
#WorkInProgressWednesday #newcosplay #newcosplan #lastminutecosplay #secretcosplay #comics #comicbooks #comicbookcosplay #MoKF #SDCC #ComicCon #SanDiego

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