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The opportunity was there so I mustered up all my courage & took it. I was brave today.

Dear non-Terrorist beautiful ppl of ,pls u r better to decide if you want to harbour terrorist in your home? Mr. this cartoon sums you up.If u breed , they will surely bite u anyday, time has gone but there is always time

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What a bunch of and in drag with huge around their red necks. Why don't they and get their rocks off already. is the only descent one who spoke against that are by the thousands.

Taking a moment today to share some of my reptile friends stop by to see them, or if you're just curious. Afterwards, some more as we work our way back after rank reset!

One of my lovely cadmium Texas ratsnakes morphs. This is what I've been doing instead of dating

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Came across the surprise Mulga Snake behind some spinifex in the Gawler Ranges. Got my heart racing for a moment. It look like it was trying to get warm on a cloudy cool morning. An incredibly beautiful animal.

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New piece of to hang above my snake's aquarium from my bud entitled "And They Shall Take Up Serpents" I have been wanting this piece since I first saw it.

Dear Public Lands Committee please Stop Sec. from authorizing drilling, mining & fracking on Our ๐ŸŒ„๐ŸŒฟ

Snake. Yellow brass. Soon. ย  . . . . . #vikingclothing#vikinggarb ย ย ย #oldnorse#vikingageย ย  ย ย #norse#scandinavianย ย ย โ€ฆ

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The Basilisk is a chicken-like creature that is said to be the Serpent King. The Basilisk is described as a half chicken and half serpent creature that can kill with a single look and it leaves a trail of venom wherever it goes. Much like the Cockatrice the only predator of the Basilisk is the weasel and a Basilisk is born when a serpent egg in incubated by a rooster unlike the Cockatrice which is the opposite. The Basilisk is said to be the Serpent king due to the fact it has a crest on its head.

New Ball Python Momma!๐Ÿ

Hey all!

My boyfriend & I recently got a 3 month old male, het axanthic ball python at a reptile expo. He’s healthy and ate his first rat pup! (hooray) 

However, we’d appreciate any & all wisdom or tips you may have, from enclosure to hides, you name it. This is our first reptile, so we just want to make sure we do everything possible to make sure he’s happy and healthy for the future.

  • Feel free to send me a message or pass it along to any of your snake fam!

Thank you! We appreciate it 🐍💚


Too many people still kill snakes out of fear, when all they need is respect and space! I hope you like my poem about how I feel:

Lime green and blue too
Scales like velvet make me swoon
Snakes are gorgeous through and through
Please don’t kill & be a buffoon!

The species pictured is an Emerald Palm Viper (Bothriechis marchi), which is one of the most stunning endangered snakes found at my study site in the cloud forest of Cusuco National Park, Honduras.