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Most snakes have an elongated right lung, many have a smaller left lung, and a few even have a third lung. They do not have a sense of taste, and most of their organs are organized linearly.

Day 16: Something Big! Our Burmese Python is 13ft long! That’s a big snake. It’s part of our Snake exhibition which you can see in 2019!

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yooooo my mom was just gifted a corn snake as a class pet from one of her teaching colleagues. Her name's Bindi and she's going to be staying in my room over winter and summer breaks!!! I'm so excited to meet her during Thanksgiving! Got any tips for snake care? My pet experience is pretty limited to cats. ;^_^

A corn snake is a fantastic pet! Will she live with you if she has to leave the classroom permanently? Corn snakes can live 15-20 years with proper care, so she may have many years left depending on her current age!

I assume she comes with a set-up already, with a tank, heat mat, snake-safe substrate, and hides. When she’s been moved (will you move the tank or have a separate one?) , you’ll want to leave her alone for a few days to let her get used to new surroundings. Feeding is easy; hop on down to the pet store, grab a package of frozen in an appropriate size, and thaw one out for her once a week. Don’t handle her for a couple days after feeding, and try to restrict handling when she’s ready to shed, but otherwise cornsnakes can be handled fairly often, a few times a week. Always wash/sanitize your hands before and after!

If she’s in an aquarium, use clamps to keep the lid on or she will escape. I don’t know why snakes think exploring the house is so much more exciting than staying in their safe warm house…

If you have any specific questions ask away, and post pictures!

This is the new reorganized space of mine. I have all my stones and crystals here (they need charged and cleansed) they painting was done by my step daddy he made it just for me. :) he called me his moon child. I used to have more succulents but for some reason they all died on me. :(

This coming summer I’m going to start over and buy some more plants to brighten up my room and feel more at home. I live in Clearwater Florida right by the ocean. I was born and raised in ohio on a farm by the woods and I call myself the forest child because that’s were you will always find me. I miss home… but what can I do?

Anyway, this space is home to me. I wish I didnt live with my in laws and had my own place I can call home… but alas I dont… and I dont know If I ever will.

I just noticed my plants need dusting lol sorry! 😂🙏🏻

(What’s my volcan noodle doing? 0.o) 🐍