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have a nice day human!!

Almost stepped on this guy. He was about 6 inches from my foot. Thankful it was cold enough he didn’t want to move.

The evolution of nuchal glands, the unusual defensive organs of Asian natricine :

I check for before breakfast when eating outside. How do you start your day?

Critters will be displaced by so look before you step outside and wear boots and gloves when picking up storm debris 🐊🐍🦎

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This year's 2018 is the biggest by far: 2 days, tons of content, loads of talks & events. Last call for tickets, and here are a list of things you might be interested in...

Spent yesterday helping to track copperheads in the field. Amazing experience. They are beautiful animals and experts at camouflage!

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What do you mean, you have to go take care of Los Tiny Doges and then snake-sitting for ten days?

“That part of the country [the Panhandle of northern Florida and the adjacent counties of Alabama] had been covered, four generations back, by a wilderness as formidable in some respects as the Amazon. Dense thickets of cabbage palmetto descended into meandering spring-fed streams and cypress sloughs. Carolina parakeets and ivory-billed woodpeckers flashed overhead in the sunlight, where wild turkeys and passenger pigeons could still be counted on as game. On soft spring nights after heavy rains a dozen varieties of frogs croaked, rasped, bonged, and trilled their love songs in mixed choruses. Much of the Gulf Coast fauna had been derived from species that spread north from the tropics over millions of years and adapted to the local, warm temperate conditions. Columns of miniature army ants, close replicas of the large marauders of South America, marched mostly unseen at night over the forest floor. Nephila spiders the size of saucers spun webs as wide as garage doors across the woodland clearings.

From the stagnant pools and knothole sinks, clouds of mosquitoes rose to afflict the early immigrants. They carried the Confederate plague, malaria and yellow fever, which periodically flared into epidemics and reduced the populations along the coastal lowlands. This natural check is one of the reasons the strip between Tampa and Pensacola remained sparsely settled for so long and why even today, long after the diseases have been eradicated, it is still the relatively natural “other Florida.”

Snakes abounded. The Gulf Coast has a greater variety and denser populations than almost any other place in the world, and they are frequently seen. Striped ribbon snakes hang in Gorgonlike clusters on branches at the edge of ponds and streams. Poisonous coral snakes root through the leaf litter, their bodies decorated with warning bands of red, yellow, and black. They are easily confused with their mimics, the scarlet kingsnakes, banded in a different sequence of red, black, and yellow. The simple rule recited by woodsmen is: “Red next to yellow will kill a fellow, Red next to black is a friend of Jack.” Hognoses, harmless thick-bodied sluggards with upturned snouts, are characterized by an unsettling resemblance to venomous African gaboon vipers and a habit of swallowing toads alive. Pygmy rattlesnakes two feet long contrast with diamondbacks seven feet long or more. Watersnakes are a herpetologist’s medley told apart by size, color, and the arrangement of body scales.”

Edward O. Wilson, Biophilia | Image: Peruvian rainforest visionary artist Anderson Debernardi

When Meatball moved from the city to the country a few years ago, these two ran into each other near the greenhouse. They both leaned in for a closer look, then thought better of it and went their separate ways. 

My partner captured this (a detail of a photo taken from a distance) quite by accident. The snake is a little garter snake, of which we have many. 

Fortunately, my train wasn’t late

Unfortunately, that’s because it was cancelled

Fortunately, there were 2 others I could catch

Unfortunately, the next one was also cancelled and the one after that (which would already get me in an hour late) was delayed by half an hour

Fortunately, I’d only got to the end of my road before I realised and went home

Unfortunately, this means I missed a whole 1.5hr sociology lesson

Fortunately, I can get the notes another time

Unfortunately, it has to be before the next lesson because I have a test

Fortunately, I have a friend in the class

Unfortunately, she was going to give me back my waterbottle after I left it on the train yesterday

Fortunately, my only other lesson is last period so I don’t have to be in until 2:30

Unfortunately, this means I miss the first gsa meeting

Fortunately, I don’t have to suffer through 3hrs of free time waiting for my next lesson

Unfortunately, I also miss a snake being brought in at lunch

Fortunately, I should get to school in time to maybe get some henna done

Unfortunately, I seem to be having really bad luck this week so we’ll see