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Love how this custom ball python with tangerine 0px; " tag="ite turned out! Looks like I need to get more 0px; " tag="ite. 🐍

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Had an unexpectedly life-filled hike at Umstead today. 5 snakes, a Hercules beetle grub, a new bird for me (black and white warbler), and the crowning glory, a river !

A river otter amongst leaves on a trail
A large beetle grub on pine needles
A 2 foot long garter snake on a pine needle covered trail
A black rat snake amongst grass on the edge of a trail

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Check out who visited KB Kinder students today! We met Sonic The Hedgehog and Spike the bearded dragon from Australia! 🐍🐦🐭 Which one would you choose as your pet?

水浸しになってたから 2匹とも出して掃除してたのねん ハンドリングすること少ないんで 貴重な記念写真☺️ コモンカーペットさん🐍 1枚目のタスキ感(笑) 2枚目の躍動感(笑)

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If you ever wondered what does a baby copperhead snake look like, you are at the right place! Learn everything you have to know with this in deep article!

I bought these pens last year and I love them so much, they give off very different vibes though

You ever wrestle a snake that flew out of your pocket on the toilet, mid-stream? No? Me neither...

Zayn was supposed to be the last keychain, but I think the creator of the sorcerer is more beautiful. Now it's Nazresh!

Dig this of a Coluber Guttatus, or the corn , found in "North American Herpetology; Or, a Description of the Inhabiting the United States, 1842" by John Edwards Holbrook from our collection. Corn snakes are said to enjoy flatwoods.🌴🐍

This image depicts a scientific illustration of a corn snake from 1842. The snake is twisted around itself, forming an S-shape and tying off at the end of its tail like a pretzel. There are circular spots all over its body in a row from it's head down to its tail. The scales of the snake are large and well defined, giving it a leather-like texture.

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Maori Ouroboros Snakes - Armband Design for Veneniferous.

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Micron pen outline
Copic marker fill

Behbeh Snek


Cute little snek we saw on our walk. In full blep mode.

anonymous asked:

Hiya, my corn won’t eat and doesn’t even show interest in his food except when I hold him and shove it under his nose. Then and only then will he eat after sniffing around it. I tried giving it in his terrarium but he leaves it alone and completely ignores it, even if I leave it overnight or if I dip it in egg or brain it. Is this normal?

Hey there!

This is not expected corn snake behavior. Corns are usually an active and hungry snake and if your snake is simply not interested in food this could mean a number of different things.

First and foremost is check your husbandry. An incorrect temperature range, too short or too long day/night cycle, or incorrect feeding cadence could leave your snake feeling disinterested in food.
If anything is off, correct it.

Similarly, check your enclosure and enrichment. Does your snake have a large enough cage to stretch all the way out? Is there enough cover to go from one end of their home to the other without being spotted by a human? Do they have at least two hides in their home where they can feel totally secure?
If their enclosure is too small or lacking hides, upgrade.

Next, evaluate the health of your snake. Is their body condition within an expected range for their age/size? Have they regurgitated a meal within the past month? Is their poop mostly solid, brown and white with no signs of green or yellow mucus or watery discharge? Do they make any clicking or wheezing sounds when breathing?
If they’re showing any signs of illness, make an appointment with a veterinarian.

Finally, consider the personality of your snake. Males may be less interested in food during the spring season as they prioritize the search for a mate over the search for a meal. Some snakes may just be nervous about eating when they feel exposed and will need a little extra help. Kitty Junior for example will ONLY eat in her dinner bag. I have upgraded her enclosure three times, I have lights on a timer for her and a high-end thermostat for her heat source. I’ve had her checked for parasites and ensured that her weight is normal for her size. I have tried multiple times feeding her in her hide, only feeding her after dark, or feeding her in a plastic tub. She will look at food but won’t take it from tongs, and will only eat when I put her and her food in a paper bag. She eats almost immediately when she’s in the bag, though.
Some of my other snakes prefer to eat from tongs if I wiggle their food a bit. If I just put the food in their enclosure they might not look for it and will instead stare at me like I’m teasing them with the aroma of food that they can’t find.

Ultimately we are reaching a point nearing what passes in reptiles for domestication with captive-bred corn snakes and that means that there will be some loss of wild feeding instincts with the more “fancy” morphs especially.

Start by correcting any possible external issues that could be causing your snake to be fussy, and if he continues to refuse food have him checked out by a vet. If he gets a clean bill of health then you can safely assume the issue is behavioral and determine what you can do to overcome this quirk with him.

I hope that he gets a strong and healthy appetite back very soon!


I made it!!! Just before the easter holidays :3 be blessed everyone~~~ <3

Hey guys,

I want to say that Tilly my leopard gecko, is the last pet that I am getting for a long time. I have 5 pets. 3 snakes and 2 leopard geckos. I am planing on getting another female ball python a banana or a pied. My corn snakes I will be breading to sell the babies for extra money and the same with my geckos. But all of this is far into the future. Like 2-5 years from now. When I have my own home and room and money for them. It’s my dream to be a breeder of reptiles and one day I want to have a rescue for them… So please understand my animals are happy and healthy and love us as Much as we love them. I’m not an animal hoarder… I am an animal lover.


Lớ ngớ Khai Quật ổ lươn bất ngờ sinh vật lạ đuôi đỏ rủ nhau đi trốn

My sweet baby Caspian is turning 3 this year! I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe he tolerated me taking a photo with him 😂 He left to go exploring shortly after, he has important things to do, like try to sneak into the closet when I’m not looking. Even though he prefers to sleep (#relatable), he still deigns to hang out with me sometimes, and I’m blessed by his presence 😂🙌❤️

Snake & Mouse

Smol mouse friend! She wants to be friends but she’s so shy and intimidated!

Heh I had this silly idea pop into my head for mine and my friend Cortawsome’s Rokugan characters from one of our games.

For reference, a while back the Naga used to hunt the Nezumi, who survived by pure numbers even though a lot of them would get eaten. But the Naga hid underground to avoid an apocalypse they thought was coming which didn’t. So they reemerge a long time later and humans and Nezumi have gotten a lot more poplated.

But the two nezumi in the party, Hikute and the lovely Akkiko here are both very wary of the intimidatingly beautiful naga Asuka.

Hikute is very apprehensive about the giant snake but Akkiko, while very nervous, at least seems like she wants to open up. Still hard not to be scared though.

Less shiny version: