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ヒメハブ Ovophis okinavensis

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Airship 27 Productions’ “: Nest of Vipers”. “A wonderful example of...New ”.—Eugene Moyers. Cover by Ted Hammond; interior by Greg Keyser.

The Long-tailed Machete (Chironius septentrionalis) is a large, semi-arboreal that feeds mainly on hylid frogs. Their bellies can be a very vibrant yellow, as seen in this individual!

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सांपों को समझता है राजस्थान का ये प्रकृति प्रेमी, गौरैया के लिए भी शुरु कर रखी है मुहिम

Our MOW team attending to an overgrown yard at a rental property in Everton Hills found a slithery surprise today hiding in the grass. Watch out for snakes in your backyard during this hot weather.

従来のハブ酒のイメージを一新し、スタイリッシュなボトルに。 HABU A NICE DAY!HARVEYでおしゃれに乾杯して忘れられない夜に♫

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Hey so uh, can we please stop glorifying the culling of snakes and arachnids? I just tried to look up Red Belly Black Snakes on here (my favourite snake) and it’s all posts about people killing them.

Snakes aren’t evil. A red belly will not “seek you out to bite you” they are very docile and timid snakes who will flee at the sight of a human. Why do people get bitten and hospitalised then? Becase dickheads attempt to kill them. Of course an animal will defend itself.

Stop. Killing. Animals. That. You. Fear!

There is absolutely no reason for it and I’m so fucking sick of seeing people boast about a venomous snake or spider they killed.

The Namibian Flying snake is a large snake found in Namibia. The Namibian Flying Snake is said to be a large, brown snake between 6-25 feet long with large bat-like wings, large horns, a bioluminescent crest, and a neck that can inflate by inhaling large amounts of air. The Namibian Flying Snake is said to attack livestock by divebombing them and it is said to smell like tar from miles away.


Khả năng phi thường của con người mỗi lân bị rắn tấn công - Thanh niên k…

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In the Mario 'verse, wishes are pretty powerful stuff. So what do you think of the idea of Mario missing those who left the roster (Ice Climbers, Snake, etc.) and making a wish for everybody to come back for Ultimate?

That is exactly the type of thing the Mario characters would come together to do.