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When Silence Speaks - Wisconsin Horizons by Phil Koch #…

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母の所に見守りの日。 介護スタッフに見守られ、 お薬も効いているみたいで発作もおきず一応無事‧✧̣̥̇‧ 思いはいつも最後は楽しく過ごさせてあげたい…✰ (キティちゃんのバス見つけ~( * ॑˘ ॑* )

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Last night 🌙


• While it seems natural to opt for the safe and protected path, you should think twice!! ☝🏽

• Choosing “safe and predictable” can be our brains trying to protect us from pain or being uncomfortable (that’s the brain’s job, right?) But, if you always do the same thing, you will never have anything more than what you have right now! If you want to be happier, you need to try new approaches. If you want new results, you have to do something different ☝🏽👨🏻‍💻🍃
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The Long Lasting Night

Exiting the vintage café shop, primary colours being moss and the name written in bold black, times new roman. While walking past the entrance, both left and right full of beautiful, and rusty garden decoration. She reached down to remove her  circle strap pump high heels as quickly as possible. To walk bear feet on the stone floor. Her mind buzzing of tiredness yet willing to keep a perfect face. Had he meant to do that? Was that his secret intention? Not that her world was filled with falling in love with men. She made sure it was not. 

She was much more willing to conduct her own profession. Her bravery was to be like a lion even though she was never called one. Was she the emblem of happiness. The best things in life were only got by the hardest things in life . Her faith was to be dedicated individually. The truth that existed within .

Her memory falls back to when she was in her youth. When the young girls would compete to be the best, someone was the only honest one. The aim was that you had to compromise. To be your own best. Its not always what you want you get. When you already see that you have is the greatest thing ever. You have to acknowledge others, sometimes they work harder in way that are unknown and as much as it ached her. Its not the achievements that truly last to long may contribute to pride but its the memories. The memories of you, of course, not all are the best but some are. So when you settle in your rocking chair to think of the past remind yourself that was all you knew then, if not make sure you do what you know. 

Sometimes, its not about you winning. Its about making memories. Not mentally tormenting yourself but accepting that you are what GOD wanted you to reach and be.

With her upright attitude, 

“Chanel, today I’ll drive on my own. Thank you” She gave a smile, which was responded with astonishment and a huge smile


Igor Butorin on Apple Music - 29 albums. Музыка. Клип. Улыбка!
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