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Quote - Jason Miller - Online Marketing Is No Longer A Numbers Game . It Is A Game Of Relevance.

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วีคนี้มีงานดีๆ ที่ไหนบ้าง มาดูกันครับ!!

Provide your customers real-time access to all financial as well as non-financial services from your . Know more about the Finacle SME Enable Solution.

Provide your customers real-time access to all financial as well as non-financial services from your . Know more about the Finacle SME Enable Solution.

พนักงานคือหัวใจสำคัญที่จะร่วมนำพาองค์กรให้ประสบความสำเร็จ ถ้าคุณซื้อใจพนักงานได้ ต่อให้เจอเรื่องหนักหนาแค่ไหน คุณก็จะผ่านมันไปได้

Final Results! Girls 3rd Boys 4th Great job T-Wolves🐺! We had some awesome performances!

No dia da água, o nosso guarda chuva poético levou poesia para as turminhas, e também consciência ambiental!

Kicking off day 2 with an enthusiastic room of partners with the awesome gents from Momentum Business.

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I’m shook… NCT127 coming out with a Japanese album and STILL- Yuta only has 4 lines… 3 of which are “nanana”


MK VIRGO Girl I wanna See YOU Dance with no Adlibs (official audio visuals)

im rly hoping that this is rly just some messed up people’s mediocre attempt of diverting attention away from the ‘burning sun’ scandal cause i cant even.

but if it is true, this isnt a matter of loyalty, you cant even question the love kyungsoo has for exo, those are his brothers, his family. cause loyalty is to the group and what best for the group! we all see how bad of a company sme is, and god knows that kyungsoo, all of exo and many other sm artists, deserve so much better. sm is not what is best for the group.

but still exo is exo because of all the members. exo wont be the same without kyungsoo if he does end up leaving. i support him all the same. same with the rest of exo!! but my heart already hurts just thinking about a member leaving.

it hurts, the thought of it hurts but at the end of the day, what ever is best for them, whatever makes them happy is what matters though. so yall better not be hating on any of them for choosing that




Prize for anyone that can get this right…$50 Dollar voucher to a restaurant of your choice. Happy Tuesday. Oh btw this is for 24 hours only. Time your watch😊👍. #tuesdaytrivia #digitalmarketers #digitalmarketer #northernbeaches #directors #digitalmarketing #dadigitalmarketer #sme #socialmediamarketing #facebookads #businessmen #podcasting #blogger #googlemarketing #instagrammarketing #businessmarketing #marketing #messengermarketing #advertising #marketingstrategy #marketingagency #b2bmarketing #startupbusiness #youtubemarketing #messengermarketing #businessowners #smallbusiness #lasvegasbusiness #businessmen #entrepreneurship (at Sydney, Australia)

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Ra-Ra Ali ‘NiggaWhatNiggaWho’ [Ra-Mix] Produced by: @Timbaland 🎥 Directed by: @Cinematic_Ali
Additional Footage by: @Raw.Shotz
[Link In Bio!]
#RaRaAli #RaMix #JayZ #NiggaWhatNiggaWho #Remix #Prod #Timbaland #1998 #HotNewHipHop #ParadigmShift #StreetMedication #SME #HipHopCulture / #Rap (at Newark, New Jersey)

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@SolidifiedSheik - 🎤 “I coexist amongst the Poets and Thieves…” #SME #SolidifiedSik #SolidifiedSheik #freestyle #HipHopCulture #Rap

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🙏Welcome again Allen 🇬🇧, Kelvin 🇨🇳 & friend 🇨🇳, and Ty 🇹🇭 to Pattaya Startups Meetup 2019/04. Pattaya City is geographically located in Chon Buri province where’s been developing and growing with Chacherngsao and Rayong upon the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) mega project progress. ✈️Don Muang and ✈️ Suvarnnabhumi airports in Bangkok will be linked with the new international 🛬🛫airport hub, U-tapao in Rayong by the high speed train.🚄

🤗Supportive projects to EEC in Pattaya City are ‘Pattaya On Pier’ 🎪🍽🌭🍻🎡 where’ll be the new tourism spot behind the 101-buildings south Pattaya, ⛴‘Cruise Terminal’ at Balihai Pier to serve tourists from international 🚢 sea travel, and the ’Tram’🚃🚋 that’ll be connected with the high speed train Pattaya station.🚅🚏

🚩These projects will boost up locally traditional and digital businesses🚀, property development, and tourism as a consequence a better national economy.🥳
#meetup #pattayastartups #rpodcoworkingspace #pattayaonpier #cruiseterminal #pattayatram #thailand #eec #digitaleconomy #sme #startup #proptech #agritech #foodtech #fintech #accommodation #tourism #travel #pattayainnovationdistrict #pattayathinktank (at rPod Coworking Space)

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‘Ensemble No. 1’ | Film Score Compilation Vol. 1 by Ra-Ra Ali
#FilmScoring #FilmScore #Soundtrack #music #RaRaAli #Rashawn #Ali #Quan #El #Artistry #Art #ASCAP #BMI #SME #us #uk #britain #usa #republic #nj #NewJersey #Jersey #Triumph #Animation #Anime #Akio #DreamBaked™️ @Akio_OfficialManga series.

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Film Score Compilation Vol. 1 | by @Ra_Ra_Ali
Featuring Dwayne El (@iAmWeird923)
#filmscoring #filmmaking #film #score #music #production #RaRaAli #Ra #Ra #Ali #Musicianship #SME #Content #Creation

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Ten Tips For Businesses on Facebook.

There are many MANY tips available online and from experts that can help you on your social media journey with your brand. If you’re finding that you’re saying “Well, i’m just not getting any results from Facebook”, granted your industry might be well out of audience reach, but it’s most probably the way you’re using the page.

Here’s my top ten tips/actions to help you and your brand on Facebook:

1. STOP selling and have some personality

There is no bigger turn off to an audience than seeing a business that just tries to sell its services. It shows no desire to connect or converse with people on social media. Facebook is a place to engage your audience and build trust in your brand. You audience is far more likely to be engaged in a product or service if they know more about the brand, its story and values. 

2. Be creative with your content

Once you have your online brand personality sorted, you can mix things up with your content. Your posts are more likely to reach further if you have a good quality image or video to support. I’m not say from point 1 that you can’t drop sales related posts in, but it should never be the focus of your social strategy. 

3. Do use Facebook ads 

Ok, so it’s true that if you give someone a gun and they don’t know how to use it, one of two things are going to happen…….1, they miss and waste their ammo ….or 2…they shoot the wrong person entirely.  Well you can use that ‘thought process’ of putting your money into FB advertising. 

Your ad just needs to be engaging, have a good call to action and aimed at the right audience so you don’t waste your spend.

A good ad WILL provide positive results. Just start your budget small and learn from your ad insights with what works and what doesn’t.  

Whilst it’s initially a little tricky to get your head around, your business and ad manager is pretty good at guiding you to your best options (Just be careful of your ad placement, it could be wasted on areas your target audience will not interact with)

4. Get them in the feels for organic growth

(Loving the faces)

Facebook makes it increasingly more difficult for businesses to reach their audience network, as the algorithm values personal user content more than business page content. 

So this means you have to either put more money into your FB advertising to target new/existing followers…..or…..

You just be more creative and engaging with your audience to increase your organic growth.

In order for any human being to engage with a piece of content (a post) on Facebook (any social channel) it has to make them feel an emotion in order to respond. So this means you have to provide some sort of value to that person through what you’re posting to prompt a like, comment or share. And this leads me onto point 5.

5. Don’t chase the like, chase the comment

The reason that some posts are not seen enough is that through vanity reasons people chase the like, rather than the comment. A like will only get your post so far. Facebook values the comment far greater. Receiving comments on posts and you engaging back will really help the organic reach of your post. So think about the message you’re writing, the image or video before posting. 

6. Competitions/Giveaways are great for reach campaigns

There’s one thing that will never change about human beings, and that’s our value and love towards free stuff! Competitions and giveaways are still one of the best ways to reach new audiences with your brand. Obviously the ‘prize’ has to present some value (either physical or mental) or of some use to your audience. Remember to use your imagination a little with your competition in order to capture your audience and maximise brand reach.  

It’s great for driving a new audience to your page if people have to share the competition post in order to enter. 

7. Use ‘dates of interest’ and content calendar 

It’s something we can all struggle with, finding fresh content to post. But if you create calendar (there’s so many free Excel or Numbers docs/calendars to easily download. If you have a look at nationally celebrated days or work in days that are going to be relevant to your business. Let’s face it there is a national day or international day for everything right now, but don’t discount the amount of public or brand/business involvement around certain days across the calendar. 

It also helps you with ideas for bigger campaigns that you can span content over a number of days, weeks and even months in order to maximise the campaign reach and results. 

8. Do use your Facebook Insights

Knowing and understanding the behaviour of your audience is a vital power to have, in order to improve further engagement and reach. 

You can learn about the overall activity of your page and its followers or drill down to discover how every single post has performed. So you can see what’s worked throughout the days, weeks and months worth of posts. Use it to discover what types of content get the most reach or engagement. 

Also it’s the best way of building audience profiles when you decide to use your Facebook ads. 

9. Use the power of the Pixel

Sorry for those who don’t have a website, but if you do, the Facebook pixel is a great way of tracking visitors to your site and then remarketing to them via Facebook ads. It’s pretty easy to add this line of code to your website, Facebook gives you a great explanation and again there’s lots of online material to help guide you through it. 

In a nutshell….this clever piece of code collects data that helps you track conversions from your current ads, helps you optimize ads, create future target audiences and remarket to people as mentioned, who have taken action on your website.

This next point is probably the most valuable and what can make and break brands.

10. Make sure your customer service is awesome!

When I say awesome…I mean awesome. I can’t hammer down enough how vital it is that you provide the best customer service possible. This means responding to every message left on your page and sent to your inbox.  A brand experience is not just about a product purchased or service experienced. It is about the overall brand journey and your Facebook page will play a big part in that. If you provide poor customer service on your social media channels, it can be catastrophic to your brand. 

Even if the comment or message received is one that is negative, it is your chance to turn the situation around. You will never be able to please everyone and it is guaranteed you will make mistakes that are at the fault of the business/brand. 

Be responsive and informative. Don’t just give small answers like it makes them feel they are bothering you. Give them the information they seek where possible and offer even more relevant advice than they seek. Be friendly, approachable, on brand and professional. 

Mastery Journal SME Hubbard

This month course was a roller coaster of a learning experience. I had to meet several tight deadlines while producing quality content. I took a trip to a neighborhood where I haven’t been in a while and research a restaurant with a tasty twist in my hometown of Memphis. Social Media and Online Engagement changed my whole perspective of what quality content on a tight deadline means.

In this course, I expected to learn more about how social media helps to promote my work. I also wanted to learn how social media could help me network with other journalists or employers. Then, I needed to know what the best platform for me to use in a specific situation.

This course gave me a heavyweight punch of a reality check on deadlines. There is no way around them or above them. You can only turn your work in by the deadline. If I miss a deadline in the real world, I would be looking for a job. Deadlines are important whether we like them or not. It keeps the news fresh and moving along.

The next thing I learned in the course is how to promote my work better without giving too much information. In the social media assignments, I tease the stories, but I do not provide enough information for the reader to understand what happened. What I need to work on is giving some detail in the teases to make the reader come back for more.

The last thing I learned about the class is social media is vital in my field. Journalists make posts about their stories on social media all the time. If they do not post to social media, they do not care about their story to share it. In the television news business, the story that has attention on social media gets aired first on television. It is the nature of the industry today.

I hope to make my deadlines, be active on social media, and create some more content in the future as I move to the next course.