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If you, like me, run an - why not and hire an apprentice any age, any level!

There is a rise in the importance of company culture & company values. Check out this video when ProfileTree sat down with with Cathy Doherty from Practical People Solutions () to explain why!

Great night on week one of great space for all in businesses & in Manchester.

During our project we have had many success stories for our delegates - keep growing, developing & innovating for 2019!

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When will you integrate markets with sheds. Traders should be retailing Made in goods in the markets from local + raw materials.That is the Doctrine of

Have you read our case studies? There are some great examples of the work we do the businesses. Have a look!

Looking for ways to keep your business apps in sync? Check out the apps we are investigating, vote for your favorite one and we'll add it to our agenda! We release new apps weekly!

EVENT: Registered for our free workshop in partnership with yet? If you’re a medical device manufacturer, you need to be MDR compliant. Find out more and join us on 13 Feb

What are the most important financial trends for SMEs to watch out for in 2019? Here are the top five from

If you’re a small business, it can really help to have a landline. However. it’s no good if you spend most of your time out and about! Find out how our Pocket Landline service works at

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Volunteers for audio interview needed (for SME documentary)

Heya! If you wouldn’t mind recording yourself answering some questions about Specific Music Edits, please DM me! I really need some volunteers.

Automation creates a great impacts to small business at present. Right technology and tools boost your business. We came across nice below example.

“Occitan Imports” is a home-based, woman-owned business, sells French tablecloths and Laguiole cutlery uses latest technology in their business.
SaaS and automation allows business integrated and optimized while they are focus on growing business.
r/kpop - I am a former SM Trainee. Ask Me Anything!
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Posting bc this is full of tea for all the knowitall casual fans and super stans. A lot of what you think you know about SM is WRONG. Quick list tho:

- Krns are already naturally very pale (she was SEA and was not forced to bleach her skin)

- No one was forced to diet

- You don’t have debt if you finish your contract even if you don’t debut

- Trainee debt when you debut is easily paid with a hit song or CF (i.e. EXO is loaded just as I thought and their debt was probs paid back in Growl era or before)

- No one is forced to have surgery

- Sponsor shit only happens in smaller companies

- Trainees are not mistreated by staff

- SM teaches vocal theory, technique, songwriting and producing

Setting Your Values

For my first post I think it’s important to start right at the beginning before communicating your brand through your marketing channels. One thing that you really need to be sure of and to ‘stay true to your brand’ along with maximising your communication efforts…….are your brand values! 

To pull through a fantastic example of this, is one of my current clients, Mini Kicks. Now I personally had absolutely zero input on the values, but I personally shared the same ethos, so it was easier for me to connect with the brand and communicate on its behalf through social channels, along with helping improve communication moving forward. 

What’s important is that, as a business owner or someone creating a brand, that you know exactly what these values are and that the people who work for you, have the same values installed.

Creating your values sets the tone of how you communicate and exactly what type of communication you put out. It not only helps with communication on social, but across all brand channels, whether that be face to face or over email.  The values are what represents you as a person and a business.

Here is an example of the values from this brand…



3.Fun & Creativity

4.Honesty & Openness

5.Care :)

They also have a great defining mission statement that has been there from the start of the brand and to current day which is nearly 9 years on!

This mission statement: To positively impact a child’s life at every opportunity

So this one powerful mission statement and core values has been shared by the founder of the business and installed into every single person that has joined the team. Because Mini Kicks consistently sticks to, and showcases these values, its customers build a connection with the brand and know what to expect. 

The brand started off helping just a few children in one academy and now has gone onto make a positive impact to 10′s of THOUSANDS of children EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

This particular photo has become somewhat Iconic and pretty much sums up the Mini Kicks brand. Here is the founder, Ben Hunter, coaching one of the children. 

Now Mini Kicks are going through some changes to its brand, but because they have a core set of values, which will not change, everybody knows how to communicate, and when the changes do happen, those who follow the brand or its customers, still know the business they are dealing with and the trust remains intact. 

Values do exactly this, they help build trust and business reputation. If you do not have these values in place, you will probably find a mixed tone through your communication, struggle with engagement and a slower process in trying to build a successful brand. Your direction will be confusing.

So, if you’re starting a business, or you’re struggling with communication….go back to your values, work on them and be consistent with pushing them out in the future. It is what represents your business…..and the people behind it! 


As the year ends and you make plans ahead of 2019. Where do you put your trust? Here are a few words to encourage you as you get inspired xx

Link to bio for the full video on our Facebook pages.

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🎄Merry Christmas from The SM Family🎄

181225 smtown 메리 크리스마스! 🎅한 해 동안 받아온 여러분의 사랑에 감사드리며SMTOWN이 보내는 크리스마스 카드 받아주세요! 💌✨내년에도 우리 함께 행복한 한 해 만들어요! 

💖✨ ✨Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!🎅A letter of appreciation from SMTOWN to youfor supporting and loving us throughout the whole year! 💌Let’s make 2019 a year full of happiness together! 💖_#SMTOWN#Xmas_in_SMTOWN


That’s a wrap on Fall 2018 semester!!!!! Thank goodness! Here is my Demo Reel with my big assignments this semester in my 3D Character Animation 1 Class. I had to take the sound off because of Instagrams copyright rules. 😑 #3DAnimation #AnimationMajor #DemoReel #IHaveALongWayToGo #AAU #ANM221 #AcademyOfArtUniversity #MicolleenaArt #SME #BadassBloodline

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How To Work Smarter With GPS Tracking

In the age of computers, mobile devices and apps, it’s time for all businesses to adopt the latest GPS technology to locate their drivers in real-time, lower fuel costs, manage driver behavior, ensure on-time deliveries and to improve the security of vehicle fleets. GPS Tracking will bring your business one step ahead of your competitors.

If any Specific Music Edit creators would like to contribute a Skype interview for my SME Documentary, please PM me!

If you make Specific Music Edits and don’t mind giving a short Skype interview on the topic, please message me! You’ll have to be comfortable with appearing on camera in the finished thing, though!

socialist market economy (SME)

the economic system and model of economic development employed in the People’s Republic of China. The system is based on the predominance of public ownership and state-owned enterprises within a market economy.


F(x) Special ★Since LACHATA to 4WALLS★(1h 1mins Stage Compilation)

Watching this f(x) special really makes me miss them, they’re still one of the best girl groups out there for me, hoping that we will still get an f(x) comeback in the future T_T