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for the past few minutes ive been wondering about something
the supposed retro mode in the new mario and sonic game is interesting, and a lot can be taken from it
will characters who already have pixelated sprites be playable in it? or will they make new sprites for more modern characters? mario’s side could probably borrow from smm1 amiibo costume sprites, but none of that exists for the majority of the modern sonic cast. i mean, my only objection to modern sonic characters in the classic style is that it would go against the way the classic universe in sonic works. what i mean is that the modern characters clearly dont exist there, cause classic eggman in generations asks who shadow and rouge are. maybe it’s just an aesthetic, but still, it would be weird.
another thing, if it does take place in the classic universe, does that mean there’s a classic universe in the mario series too now? again, it probably is just an aesthetic, but.. it would be neat to see nintendo’s take on classic characters.
another concept: if its classic artstyle you know who should come back and actually has classic sprites
ray and mighty……….

again im overthinking this i think. i will say though if we get the babylon rogues/infinite/ray and mighty i will go fucking crazy.. the Children