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A Deep Dive into AZTEC Protocol: Providing on the Network BY: Alexander Lielacher

A chocolate advent calendar is like a blockchain based smart contract locking assets up in escrow!

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Regulators Must Educate Themselves On Innovative Use Cases For Blockchain

Looking at the positive side, changes in crypto fundamentals come after reading the latest CFTC report. The report not only elaborates on the academia side but also on how the regulators can steepen their learning curve by understanding the use cases. The main purpose of the report is to show that smart contracts are no longer a niche technology, but a key player in the financial system and business environment.

Speaking with Gianluca Massini Rosati, a true entrepreneur with several successful start-ups, we agreed on one thing; businesses need transparency and efficiency. The blockchain space is here to stay and change the world. According to him, there is still no shortage of good projects in the markets. It’s true that they may be struggling to raise cash at the same pace as last year, but they are still moving ahead and getting closer to their finish line in the midst of this strong regulatory storm. He believes that solid blockchain projects would be the very key to make or break the deal for regulators.