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Check out ’s edition. Many thanks for the feature.

Beyond and basics. What can technology do for the . Would it work for you and your company?

"Figuring out that roughly 3.4 % of smart contracts might be susceptible to attackers is enormous."

Blockchain technology has resulted in the advent of smart contracts, which can have a huge impact in facilitating a shift towards a more equitable and accessible real estate industry.

The Zap platform allows users to create and/or subscribe to and compatible feeds. We are reading our Mainnet release in January! Web: Code/Documentation:

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ICO smart-contract with automatic emission of tokens
We want to present you ICO smart-contract, which releases tokens at the time of its creation. Accrual of tokens occurs by moving them to…
By ADAB Solutions

#Factom coin in chicago. #Factom #SmartContract #hackothon (at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies)

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