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Tech Leaders news: : 'Great by - beyond the hype HT: CC:@… , see more mt:

“Por muy nueva y buena que sea la ingeniería, no podemos tirar por tierra todo el trabajo que llevaban haciendo UX o marketing. Hacedles caso a ellos primero, porque el cambio que se tenga que hacer en el será menor” -

meVu opens up online betting to a whole new dimension, turns it into an interactive social activity, and keeps your funds and personal data safe while doing so. Learn more on our website:

FAIREUM IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF ITS VERY OWN SMART CONTRACT The Faireum has recently been completed by the development team and is now ready for action!

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L’ vient d’annoncer officiellement la première élaboration d’une réglementation sur la technologie et les contrats intelligents. Article de .

Beyond and basics. What can technology do for the . Would it work for you and your company?

Kris Draper was traded for just 1$ in 1993 to Detroit Red Wings. Thus, he began his reputation as the “One Dollar Man” and went on to win four Stanley Cups for Detroit.

Peart continues to describe the process as it relates to the use of and says “it’s here to stay.”

: estratti i 50 vincitori! Per la prima volta un concorso è stato certificato su . Attraverso uno ad hoc, abbiamo registrato tutte le fasi di partecipazione ed estrazione sulla rete , la di .

Good Morning ! Wishing the community and all speakers a successful and productive day at the first ever conference! 🎈

"In other words, we don’t actually want ambiguity, we want human judgment in order to make things easier."

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Ethereum multi signature wallet development- The Best way to secure ethereum tokens


#Factom coin in chicago. #Factom #SmartContract #hackothon (at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies)

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