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Solo in un gioco immaginario Silente permette ai Serpeverde di vincere la coppa delle case. 🐍🐍

นักเรียนจากบ้านสลิธีรีนค่ะ.. 🧣🐍 NS6DYX

When each member of the Hogwarts Houses convenes in the YouTube comments section. Can we talk about how reflective the comments are of each House? 😂💙💛❤💚

Escribiendo el tercer capítulo de , o cómo conoció a . 🐍

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anonymous asked:

Part 1: Harry decides to just go with the Sorting Hat for Slytherin. Nobody cheers except for a few Slytherins. It's Ron's turn and he doesn't think about his family or the consequences. All he thinks about is this tiny kid who would lose what is his only friend and will probably be all alone and mistreated. So he decides Slytherin. Again silence. Except for Harry shyly clapping and Percy clapping less shyly because that's his little brother and he knows him. Percy is entirely supportive-

Part 2: Fred and George are distant though and Ron is extremely sad and knows his parents, Ginny, Bill and Charlie would probably be disappointed as well. So life goes normally and there are a lot of bullies and Ron is sure his family hates himself except for supportive Percy who reassures Ron that the twins just need time and Ginny really loves him a lot and wouldn’t think twice and that their parents, Bill and Charlie were probably the same.

Part 3: I think Ginny would have been surprised but then remembers that this is her brother and brushes the fact off. Fred is more angry and feels betrayed while George is uncomfortable and very unsure. One day Ron is getting beat up when suddenly his tormentor is jinxed or something. It’s George and he apologises for his mistreatment and unfairness to Ron. Ron, the sweetheart, obviously forgives him and is glad that George doesn’t care anymore about his house.

Part 4: George tells him that he knows Fred and he knows that Fred knows deep down that Ron’s done nothing wrong but he needs more time to realise he’s an idiot like George has needed. The philosopher’s stone thing happens except Percy accompanies them (Sorry if anyone thinks I’m trying to replace Hermione. She’d come in another book) and figures put the riddle.

Part 5: After all that, Fred apologises to Ron and they mend they relationship becoming even closer (although Percy and Ron are way closer followed by Ron and Ginny by a bit and that’s followed by Ron and George and then Ron and Fred). And I’m gonna do for the other books although not just yet so….

“so…”? So what??? o3o

You have my entire attention and I definitely love this! Honestly the fics that have a Slytherin!Ron tend to make him either evil (bashers… *rolls eyes*), either some sort of super cold and calculating kid… But screw that, I want SlytheRon to still be his adorable self with a soft heart and who would sacrifice himself to protect everyone else when all else fails.

George’s intervention warmed my heart in your story. And I love the relationship Percy and Ron share <3 Kickass Weasley Family Unity for the win!!

The Bucket List: Ambiguous Morals

A/N The other HP fanfiction that I might choose to finish once I wrap up a couple more of my stories. This one does feature a reincarnated student, and a very heavily morally gray OC. 

Reborn as Harry’s twin sister at the start of his story means a completely fun, and relaxing life.


Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

Rating: T (involves breaking the laws, and child endangerment) 

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So like am i the only one who realized that Remus actually dated female Sirius?? Like listen

  • First thing first, Tonks and Sirius both were Blacks rased in simmilar households
  • Both could change into animal whenever they want
  • Tonks was Hufflepuff and Sirius was Gryffindor; both broke Black’s Slytherin lane
  • Both were fun and crazy (in good way); probablyay some point of their life they pranked Remus well
  • Both loved Remus to death and still do and he loved them
  • Both were always there for Remus, both helped him and both accepted him
  • Sirius and Tonks were so simmiliar to each other but so different and still loved Remus so much

(Feel free to add more)


                                                    IT’S A NEW DAWN


                                                    IT’S A NEW DAY

Unlike most of his fellow students at Hogwarts, Gavin was born in the United States, Chicago to be exact, to two muggle or no-maj parents. As with the magically gifted children in the states, upon receiving his letter, he went to study at Ilvermorny, being sorted into Wampus house. He studied here for his first two years, before finding out during holiday back home in his third year that his mother had been offered a job in Scotland, one that she couldn’t pass up. Despite trying to convince them to let him finish he schooling at Ilvermorny and live in Scotland during the summer, his parents didn’t like the idea of their 13 year old son living in another country, let alone one on the other side of the world. For the second half of the year he attended a muggle school in Scotland, before starting at Hogwarts the following fall. Having missed half of his third year, he was to repeat the year completely.

When Voldemort and the Death Eaters took over the Ministry of Magic and established the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, like some of the other muggle-born students at Hogwarts Gavin was forced to go on the run. He was able to make it a few months before being found by Snatchers and taken to be imprisoned along with the other muggle-borns that had been rounded up.

Returning to Hogwarts in his seventh year took some convincing of his parents, but he refused to be taken out of school again, especially with only one year left.

                                                   IT’S A NEW LIFE

Gavin is the kind of person who always seems to know the right thing to say, to the right person, at the right time. Because of this there is rarely a person he hasn’t charmed, be it professor, fellow student, or shopkeeper in Hogsmeade. While he has his own goals and ambitions in life, he is able to quickly adapt to whomever those around him need him to be. Studious for the professors, strategic in his moves in both the Chess and Dueling clubs, someone the other students can count on when they need to have some fun. He knows the right strings to pull to further himself, though never at the expense of another person. His smile and charisma is a mask covering up the young man underneath, who still suffers nightmares of his imprisonment. Something he refuses to let others know about, feeling that if he did he would become a burden to them.

Gavin Hogart is taken by Admin Dannie.

~This is a real conversation I’ve had~

Ravenclaw: If you had to cross the ocean, using only techniques from the bible, what’d you do?

Gryffindor: Part the sea like Moises.

Hufflepuff: Build a boat like Noah.

Slytherin: Turn it to wine like fucking Jesus.

Ravenclaw: There really are three types of people….

Me: huh what hogwarts house would i be in

Me: remembers that one time when i pretended to be weak and girly and flirty to get a guy to shake the vending machine so i could steal a pack of pencils out of it

themoonandthestarsthatlovesthem  asked:

Hi! This isn't an ask for you specifically (sorry!) I'm trying to find the anon that sent you an ask earlier from Trinidad and Tobago, so if you could post this I'd appreciate it so much! To the anon who sent that ask, I'm also from Trinidad & Tobago and I NEED more Harry Potter friends from here so if you'd like (please please please) message me!

fun idea: if you’re looking to find other harry potter fans who are from your country/speak your language, comment where you’re from below and hopefully you’ll be able to make some new friends!

I feel like a matchmaker

My BNHA/MHA Fandom Contribution

Okay, you wimps, you guys are dickin’ out on me.

All you guys are like “ah, Midoriya Izuku is such a brave little cinnanon roll, and the main protagonist. He MUST be a Gryffindor.”

Well, hold the phone, and hang it up. Now listen to me, Izuku is very brave and reckless and chivalrous, but that isn’t all of him. In fact, if you were to really break down Izuku’s personality, he’s a perfect fit for Slytherin.

Yes, que the gasps, I’m putting the cinnamon roll in Slytherin, and here’s my reasons why:

1. He is ambitious: He has only ever had ine dream- to become a hero. He never truly gave up on his hope to be a hero, despite being quirkless, bullied, told he couldn’t do so- even by his own mother indirectly. His favorite hero in the entire world told him he had no hope, and that wavered him a bit, but five minutes later he still ran into a very bad situation to save his friend/childhood bully. This kidsl has (and let’s be honest, will) break bones to continue on the path to becoming a hero.

2. He is clever: Have you seen him make a plan? Have you seen how many journals he has on heros to learn from them and become a better hero? Remember that time he solved a fake murder? He has gotten compliments (most indirectly) from several adults who were surprised by his cleverness. Adults such as Aizawa, Sir Nighteye, Gran Torino, and even All Might himself.

3. He is resourceful: Time and time again when the odds were stacked against him, Midoriya has paid attention to his environment, the people around him, and their quirks. Like when the school was attacked, or during the tournament, or when the camp was attacked, or when he went to go save Bakugou. He used all of these things to get him out of situations even pro heroes would say are impossible.

4. He is determined: Yes, I already told you how he never gave up on his dream, which already speaks volumes about his determination. Though he is also very determined at other points. When he decided he needed to help Todoroki, he blew his chances at the tournament for it, breaking his arms and fingers (some more than once). He snuck out to save Bakugou, even though it could get him expelled. He nearly killed himself to save Kota, because he was so determined to save that kid. Shit, the idea of him permanently damaging his arms didn’t stop him from his dream of being a hero, he decided, “I’ll just switch to my leggies instead.”

5. He has leadership qualities: Even if he’s not fully aware of it, he has been able to capture the hearts of his classmates, and then some, and lead them into grand acts or ideas of heroism- even if some of those ideas were really, really reckless, and goes against what they would normally do. Even Aizawa talks about it in the Provisional License Exams. Most of his classmates were willing to follow him during the first test (until everything went to shit), and the second test (until everything went to shit). Yes, he did give up the title of student body president to Iida, but all throughout grade school and middle school he was constantly being belittled and bullied, it’s no wonder he doesn’t see the leader in himself.

5. Traditionalism: I have a problem with traditions, I’m not going to lie, but I don’t find Izuku’s traditionalism bad. Yes, he was given a quirk in an untraditional way, but it was the only way he could accomplish his dream, and it was from All Might. Once he gets his quirk though, he starts on the path of becoming a hero in the most traditional way- going to a school (the best one, in fact) for kiddos who want to become heroes, and signing up for internships. He even still holds onto the traditional values of being a hero, even if other heroes or society don’t hold the same ideals anymore.

6. He has Self-Preservation qualities: I am not speaking physically here, I mean how many times has this boy thrown himself into dangerous situations? I am talking mentally. Every time someone brings up a different perspective on what heroes are these days, or how how heroes should be, he instantly blocks it out. He doesn’t let those words get to him, and still clings onto the traditional views of heroism, because if he didn’t what would that mean for him? What has he been dreaming of becoming this whole time? What would those ideals make him? He’d probably have a break down if he actually did listen to them (que the villian!Deku AUs), so it is safer for himself to do that.

Quit making Slytherins out to be only bad guys, they can be heroes too. Just because someone is the powerful, loveable protagonist doesn’t automatically make them a Gryffindor either.

This is 2018 going on 2019, can we please stop it with the Hogwarts House stereotypes already. Wasn’t seven books worth of it enough?