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"Only I can live forever"- Lord Voldemort. I hope you like it 😊

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Found some photos I forgot to post from 2018! This Harry Potter cosplay set was so much fun, and we’re so pleased to have some fabulous phots from Russell Photography.

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Everyone hates the rat.

Friendship drabble.

(My mc’s name is Lucie so i’ll be using it here to simplify things. She’s also a Hufflepuff.)


-You think he’s dead? Penny asked

-I hope not. Replied Lucie.

-I hope it is.

-Bill! She exclaimed. That’s your little brother’s pet!

-So? I have a bad feeling about this rat.

-Wasn’t it originally yours? Penny pointed out.

-Well yeah, but there’s a reason i gave it to Charlie!

-Gave me what? Asked Charlie, sitting down next to his brother, his arms full of books.


Charlie scrunched up his face.

-I usually don’t mind hand-me downs but that one…

-But why? Asked Lucie.

-He’s just creepy.

-He does give off a weird vibe. Penny conceded.

They all looked down at the space between them where scabber’s inanimate form was laying. Charlie suddenly realised what it was and yelped.

-You killed it? How?

-How? Penny exclaimed. What do you mean “How”?

-It’s a rat, it’s not supposed to live longer than 3-4 years. He’s surprisingly tenacious. … Well was.

-We found it like that. Said Bill. I don’t like the rat but i’m not cruel.

Charlie shrugged, more concerned by his notes than the dead rat.

-Percy’s going to be sad. He finally added.

-We can get him a rat from the dungeons. Lucie offered.

They all looked at her as if she was crazy. But none had the time to point out all the reasons why this was a bad idea, because Rowan, Ben and Andre had appeared. Joining the circle, Ben let out a terrified scream when he saw the rat.

-Is it dead? Or are you guys doing some sort of twisted ritual? Andre asked, an eyebrow cocked.

-It appears to be dead. Penny sighed. But we’re not sure so we don’t know what to do about it.

-Oh Andre! Ready to get your ass beaten saturday?! Grinned Charlie.

-Woah! Over the corpse of your brother’s pet? Lucie said, chocked.

-He would want me to celebrate life. He said in feigned sadness.

-Doesn’t matter, you’re joining the rat soon Charlie. Andre teased.

-Did you guys even finish the essay due monday for history of magic? Rowan inquired as she was patting Ben on the back.

-Totally did. They answered in synch.

-Good. Now i only have to make sure Tulip and Tonks did too.

-Don’t forget Barnaby! Lucie reminded her.

-Already helped him write it. Rowan grinned.

-You’re a gem, Rowan. Bill complimented her, and making her blush.

-Yo losers! Tonks greeted as she threw a bag full of candy to her friends.

-No! They all screamed as she missed her shot and all the candy came spilling out on the dead rat.

Tulip who’d arrived at the same time, stared at the pile of candy with soulless eyes.

-That was my candy. She said dully.

-I’m so sorry! Tonks said.

She bent down to pick them up but stopped when she saw the rat.

-The hell is that?!

-Percy’s rat. Ben moaned. It’s dead.

-NO! She cried out. THE CANDY’S RUINED!

Lucie patted her arm in a comforting manner and Tonks just sighed as she plopped down next to her.

-Where’s Barnaby? Asked Tulip. I need his help for something.

-Can you at least pretend you’re not plotting to destroy the school when i’m there? I’m sort of supposed to not let you do that. Bill sighed.

-Sounds like your problem Weasley. She said with a cunning smile.

-If you could do whatever it is that you’re gonna do in two days, that’d be cool. Charlie said.

Bill shot an aggravated look to his brother.

-You’re not sneaking to the forest again, are you?

-Lucie’s going to sneak into the library. He shrugged.

They all turned to her. Bill giving her a disapproving look.

-It’s for Rowan, she needs something in the restricted section!

-Woah Rowan, i’m impressed. Tulip said appreciatively.

-I just want to get some advance on the cursus. Rowan said, embarassed. Lucie insisted on going!

-Way to bite the hand that feeds you!

-I’m the one feeding you! Retorted Rowan. You love to break the rules, you just don’t want to admit it!

-I never said i didn’t! And Charlie you’re gonna pay for that.

-I don’t have money but i can give you Scabbers. He said with a smirk.

-Ew, no way!

-I can take him.

They all stared at Tulip in disbelief. The hell was she going on about this time?

-There’s some experiments i need to do for a prank and i’m not doing it on Dennis.

-Who’s Dennis? Ben asked, alarmed.

-My frog. Tulip said, scandalised. How dare you call yourself my friend when you don’t know her!


-Well yeah, Dennis is a girl! She rolled her eyes. So can i have the corpse?

-Sure. Said Bill.

-Yeah but we should let Percy say goodbye first.

-Charlie, he doesn’t care that much.

-I think he does. Lucie intervened. The other day, he made me leave the couch i was sitting on because it was “scabber’s place”.

-I think that’s because he doesn’t like you more than it’s about the rat. Ben said apologetically.

-And you weren’t supposed to be there as it was our common room. Bill said with a smile.

-Fine. Just dissect the damn rat then!


Tulip reached for the rat and let out a pained scream when he suddenly rose and bit her finger.

They all stood there in silence, watching the rodent hurry away in the grass.

-You might want to go get that checked. Tonks finally said. These creatures carry nasty diseases.

Ben yelped at that and got up, running to the castle. Once again, they were left speechless.

-I’m just gonna go ahead and pretend this whole exchange never happened. Penny said.

They all nodded in agreement. The afternoon was beautiful and they had better things to do than to worry about the rat.

- Damn do i hate that rat! Andre suddenly let out

And they all had to agree.

The end.

(I wrote this on the train and it’s kind of garbage but i had fun so it’s all right 😚 Hope you enjoyed it at least)


“Oh, come now,” he admonishes as he looks down at you. “You cannot be serious.”

“Oh, but I am!” you insist with a nervous glance round. The hall was unsettlingly empty. “I mean no offense, Professor, but I still believe Ravenclaw might have been a better fit for me.”

“I think you are wrong,” he informs you coldly, though there is something else unreadable in his dark eyes. “And I am sorry to have such a fool within my House.”

Okay I recently saw this hc going around(I don’t remember who came up with it, if someone does tell me so I can give credit where it’s due) about Snape ordering something in just the right tone of voice where Harry offhandedly says “yes aunt Petunia,” and all this stuff spirals and Harry finds out Snape knows his aunt Petunia, so he goes off with (very incorrect) information/theories and comes to the conclusion that Snape had been in love with his Muggle aunt for Christ-knows-how-long.

  • But instead of Snape taking Harry aside after class in the original hc, he snaps in a thoughtless attempt to embarrass Harry, “at least I don’t hate wizards”
  • And the whole class goes S I L E N T
  • Immediately Snape pinches his oversized nose and says, “that is not what I meant”
  • So Harry chimes in again with, “so, Sir, you like blokes too? My uncle Vernon gets along with Aunt Petunia quite well, since you’re so much like her, you two should meet.”
  • And Ron’s like, “you’ll certainly be a good match. Very similar, you two, Professor. Respectfully.” And winks
  • So everyone in Gryffindor in the Potions class starts yelling out people that Snape should go and screw, and eventually the Slytherins join in, even more ruthless than everyone else because they have to deal with Snape every single day and know how to get under his skin best.
  • And even Malfoy yells out, “I’m sure my father had experimented with a few blokes in your time, you could go to him for pointers, Severus, since you’re already so… close.”
  • And Harry is needless to say, shocked(floored, really) at this boy’s contribution.
  • But also gains a certain level of respect and appreciation for the blond now.
  • And when Harry turns back to Snape the man’s beet red in the face and glaring daggers at everyone, including Harry, who’s laughing their ass off at Malfoy’s comment and Snapes reaction.
  • Snape eventually breaks and gives the entirety of the Gryffindor and Slytherin class five detentions, “SEPARATELY” with him for six hours on various days over the week and takes eighty points from each house grudgingly.
  • It was worth it. Everyone agrees on that, and for once, no one can blame Malfoy because while his comment was technically the one that had Snape snap(oof) and caused this, it was simultaneously the best thing the pointy git has ever said.

(Idk this sounded better in my head, came out wonky when I typed it up but it just came to me this morning…) oh well I guess imma just leave this here.