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Both Baby Yoda and Baby Jabba have come out, but really we are all just waiting for Baby Sloth to happen. We all know it was one of the best films growing up. ๐Ÿฟ๐ŸŽฅ

A highlight of our trip to Costa Rica was the time spent in La Fortuna, in the Arenal Volcano region. There's so much to do here, we wished we could have stayed a few more days.

New Goonies figure set featuring Sloth with sword and Chunk with David statue! (Mini skulls sold separately!) LINK IN COMMENT!

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you have got to be the ugliest kid about deffo adopted nobody claimed you

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This is Bombur. And since I’m his favorite, he doesnt like me laying down without him. via /r/cats

The Deadly Seven 01

Hi my loves,

Sorry I’ve been MIA I haven’t been very inspired lately until lately. Dark Desire will be updated soon, The Murder Academy, and Home will be coming back. This is an original story idea that came to me in a dream. The start is a little slow but please give a chance. I am still looking for someone to help make a story banner please let me know if you’re interested. Also, at the end of the chapter will be a list of actors that inspired each character. 

Much love,


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Running down the embankment, Y/n splashed through the river as she chased the toads that hopped away from her. She was giggling as the mud and muck went flying around her. Y/n slid slightly catching her balance and let out a giggle. Finally, she slowed down and as she reached down snapping up one of the toads. 

“Got you, you little sucker,” Y/n smiled.

The toad that she had caught was smaller than the other ones she has caught in the past. Which worked out perfectly for her. The smaller ones fit in her pocket better. She lived for scaring her mom with little critters in her pockets. Y/n noticed several other toads heading towards a large boulder. Sitting upon the large boulder was a large toad. 

Intrigued, Y/n made her way towards the large boulder. She knelt down in the muddy weather. She let the small toad wiggle out of her hands and go join the others. Six smallish toads formed a half-circle in front of the large toad on the boulder. 

“Now, what are you guys up to?” Y/n asked. 

This was all a little too weird for her. As Y/n sat there kneeling down in front of her started to flip through all of the weird stuff that she had read on the internet. Toads had been symbolized as a new change. They were also linked to greed and could lead to a bad omen. 

“Okay, this is going to be weird, but I know that toads can lead to a good change in life. So I’m going to use you guys like my wishing star,” Y/n said as she sat fully back sinking herself down into the river. 

Surprisingly, the toads turned to look at her. Her eyes widened in amazement. 

“So, um, well, I’m Y/n. I’m an only child. Do you know how much that sucks? My dad is pretty cool when it comes to things. But my mom, ugh, my mom is a different story. Sometimes I wish that I had brothers. I think having brothers would be cool because then I would have people not only to protect me but to take on some of the crap from my mom, you know?”

“And trust me I’ve tried convincing my mom to have another kid, but she just won’t budge. She says why should she have more kids when she has the perfect daughter. Gag. So I’m sure wishing for a brother wouldn’t work, but maybe some brotherly figures? Or some friends that are also my bodyguards? I mean whatever you can send would work for me.”

“Y/n!” Her mother’s annoying voice cut through the silence. 

Y/n sighed. “My times up, but any help you can send my way would be appreciated,”

Climbing up to her feet, Y/n took one last look at the group of toads before running back up the embankment. Her mother was shouting her head off as she frantically looked around for her daughter.

“Mom,” Y/n groaned in annoyance. “I’m right here,” 

“Where did you run off to?” She demanded. 

“To catch frogs,” Y/n said rolling her eyes. 

“Disgusting. You know how I feel about those little heathens,” Her mom said. 

“Yeah, I know, why do you think I like them so much?” Y/n asked. 

Her mother reached out to grab her by the arm, but Y/n was quick to pull her arm away from her. Shoving her hands into her pockets, Y/n quickly walked away from her mom and back over to the car where her dad was waiting. When her dad finally laid eyes on her, his eyes grew wide and began sparkling. 

“There’s my girl,” He beamed. 

Y/n gave him a half-smile before leaning against him so he could hug her. 

“You know you had your mom worried,” He started. 

“She’s always worried,” Y/n said. 

“Come on Robert let’s go home,” Her mother said once she caught up to her daughter. 

The three of them climbed into their car. Y/n leaned against the window and watched the scenery pass by. 

“Why don’t we stop by Roxie’s for a late breakfast?” Her dad asked. 

Y/n sat up straight. Roxie’s was her favorite little hole in the wall that was on their way home. 

“Robert, I said we are going home,” Her mother growled. 

“Well Melissa, it’s a good thing that I’m the one driving,” Robert said. 

Y/n smiled to herself. Her dad usually did whatever her mother said but those moments that he would do what he wanted were the best. When he pulled into an empty spot, Y/n didn’t wait for her parents she practically threw herself out of the car and ran towards the door. 

The bell chimed above her head and Y/n was greeted with a bunch of smiles and a chorus of her names. Roxie came around the counter and over to Y/n pulling her in for a hug. 

“You smell like the woods,” Roxie commented. “Let me guess you were out toad hunting?”

Y/n laughed. “Dad took me to my favorite spot,” 

“How many toads did you bring home today?” Collin, one of Roxie’s daily customers asked. 

“I saw seven of them, but I left them behind today,” Y/n answered. 

“And it’s a good thing I hate finding those little nasties in her pocket,” Melissa added as she and Robert finally entered the diner. 

“Oh, your mother is with the two of you,” Roxie said underneath of her breath. 

“Yeah, you really think she’d let me and dad have a day together?” Y/n grumbled. 

“Hey kiddo, our favorite spot is open,” Robert said. 

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Seven Deadly Siths

So a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about the major Sith who have appeared in the movies, and what emotions motivated and drove them, and how this emotion affected the development of their power, and it occurred to me that every major sith featured in the movies coralates primarily to one of the seven deadly sins, and I wanted to share my observations. Some of these might be a little confusing at first glance, both because they derive from alternative definitions of the sins, and because in some cases we learn more about these character motivations in extended universe materials, which I am by no means an expert on. I will, where I can, try to draw on what I do know of the extended Star Wars Universe, for both the Legends and Disney canons where they do not contradict eachother, and may even compliment eachother.

Sheev Palpatitne/Darth Sidious - Gluttony


Typically, people attribute Gluttony to over eating, but it could be more accurately be described as over indulgence. This could be anything from drugs and alcohol, to gambling and shopping, to just watching too much television. In Sheev’s case, his drug of choice is power. Power without purpose.

Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, aka The Emperor has always been devoted to one thing and one thing only: the acquisition of power. This might be why he’s arguably been the most successful in accumulating it, both in politics and in the Force. In Legends canon a young Sheev Palpatine, when asked by his master, Darth Plagueis, what he truly wanted, Palpatine’s only answer was power. What’s more, this power he craved didn’t seem to be for any known purpose. It wasn’t to defeat an enemy, or to sate his pride, he just wanted power for power’s sake.


He even refrained from joining the Jedi Order, despite seemingly being aware of his own force potential, possibly because he was aware of the Jedi’s propensity for self restraint, and knew he would not be able to reach the full hights he desired under their tutelage.

This may be why didn’t seem to have shown any significant growth between his rise to emperor in ROTS and his apparent fall in ROTJ. It’s possible that he believed he had achieved as much power as it was possible to, and as such became satisfied for the first time in his life. It was only after being betrayed and deposed that he concluded that he needed even more power, hence his display of even greater power in ROS.

Darth Maul - Wrath


There’s not much to be said about Darth Maul in the movies, mainly because he doesn’t say much himself, only speaking in one scene in TPM. As we examine the expanded canon though, we can see that Maul’s life is defined primarily by his hatred. In both Legends and Disney canon he came into Palpatine’s custody at a very young age, and was initially raised to be a Sith Assassin, only officially taking on the role of apprentice after the death of Plagueis.

As he grew up, Maul was indoctrinated with the ways of the Sith, and made to feel nothing but hatred for the Jedi. Since this hatred was so impersonal however, it was also unfocused, which may be why Maul never displayed much Force power prior to Naboo, though in Legends canon this is established as a preference, since he preferred the martial aspect of Lightsaber combat to the development of Force based powers.

This all changed after his defeat at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The sheer hatred he felt for Kenobi after being humiliated at the then Padewan’s hands allowed Maul to survive for over a decade after being horizontally bisected, with no known medical care, albeit at the cost of his sanity, until being found by his brother Savage. After Mother Talzin restored his mind and provided him with more adequate prosthesis, his sole focus became seeking revenge against Kenobi, and during this time he became much stronger in the Force, enough that he felt worthy to declare himself a Sith Master, despite not completing the graduation ritual by killing his own Master, and taking on Savage as his own apprentice.


Even when building his criminal empire, Maul’s primary motivation was gaining enough strength to bring harm to his enemies, as evidenced by his luring Kenobi to Mandelore before Killing Satine, Kenobi’s only temptation away from the Jedi Order.

After his encounter with his former Master that led to the death of Savage, and his own defeat and humiliation once again, as well as the events of Order 66 and the Fall of the Jedi Order, Maul’s hatred became focused on Palpatine and the Galactic Empire, though this was all but forgotten once he learned that Kenobi was still alive, and that he could still have his revenge.

It was only in the moments before his death that Maul seemed to find some peace, though only thanks to the knowledge that someone would bring the Empire to ruin.

Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus - Pride or Vanity


Dooku’s emphasis on control and elegance has always set him apart from other Sith. His personality, has long been defined by his sense of superiority over others. If you pay attention to his dialogue, he spends a great deal of time reminding people how far beneath him they are, and even his choice of Lightsaber form, Makashi, which focus’ on Lightsaber to Lightsaber combat, despite coming up in a period when this was highly unnecessary, may indicate how much he has always enjoyed proving himself better than his fellow Jedi.

Even in supplemental materials, such as the Jedi Path Manual, Dooku is seen to have made notes, most of which show his disdain for certain tactics and practices of other Jedi, and how he did not need such tricks, further indicating how highly he thought of himself.


Dooku is said to have retired from the Jedi Order some years prior to his introduction in AOTC, and returned to his native Serenno to accept his inheritance. In all likelihood, Dooku had hit a wall in power in development, and left the Order because he felt he could not achieve anything more with them. It is likely this that Palpatine used this to draw Dooku to the Dark Side.

Unfortunately, while this might have made Dooku a useful puppet during the Clone Wars, there was a limit to how far this could take him in the Force, as evidenced by his eventual defeat by Anakin in ROTS. This is why Palpatine spent much of the Clone Wars grooming Anakin to take over as his apprentice. Because he knew that Dooku was merely a tool.

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader - Sloth


This may confuse some of you, as Vader has proven himself anything but lazy, but what you must understand is that Sloth was not always defined as laziness. Earlier definitions, particularly during the time period when the Sins were first described, define Sloth more closely to what we today would call depression, specifically “failure to love the world god has created”, and not all depression manifests in the form of inaction.

Vader was ultimatel the most difficult of the Sith to place, because he’s kind of a hodgepodge of multiple sins, particularly pre Duel on Mustafar. Anakin showed great desire to grow stronger, and pride in the power he did have, even declaring that he had surpassed Obi-Wan “in some ways”, and no one will deny that the boy had some rather severe anger issues. It was ultimately is feelings for Padmé that lead to his downfall.

Uniquely among Sith, Anakin was not lead to the Dark Side through selfish reasons, like hatred, or vanity, but by his love. It was his personal attachments, his unwillingness to let go of them, and his fear of losing them, that corrupted his soul, and made him a puppet of Palpatine. This could qualify him for Lust, especially if one removes the sexual component, as Lust was originaly described as “Loving others more than one loves god”, thus allowing this to include Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and of course his mother.


After becoming Vader, however, and learning that Padmé had died anyway, and that he had lost all of the most important relationships because of his own actions, Vader’s heart was now dominated by his grief, his regret, and his self loathing. The fact that the emotions that typically fueled a Sith were turned inward may have been why Vader, like Palpatine, saw no significant increases in power, past an initial burst in ROTS, between the rise of The Galactic Empire and its fall in ROTJ. Though this could also be attributed to the limits of special effects at the time, there is no denying that Vader did not reach the hights expected of his Force potential. One metric I once heard, but cannot find to site, estimatesd that Vader, as of the Original trilogy, was at about 80% the power of Palpatine, but that it would be double that were it not for his significant mental blocks, and the tissue damage he suffered on Mustafar.

It has long been my belief that Vader’s actions in service to The Emperor were intentionally done to allow him to fully immerse himself in the Dark Side. By claiming that the Dark Side was inescapable and that he was a monster beyond hope, he could tell himself that he was not to blame for his failures and hold off his pain. Many of Vader’s other behaviours, such as self isolation and working obsessively are analogous to real world sufferers of depression.

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren - Envy


Ben Solo was almost as difficult as his Grandfather to place, given how little he’s featured in expanded material so far. While his temper tantrums would seem to draw the eye towards Wrath, and his rather rapey words to Rey may have suggested a demented Lust, I believe that Ben’s life is primarily defined by what he feels he is owed, and has been denied.

As a child, his mother was kept quite busy with her duties as a senator, and his father, a smuggler my trade, was unaccustomed to staying in one place for long stretches. This left Ben feeling somewhat neglected, and sowing the seeds of resentment that would affect his relationship with his family for years to come.

After it became clear that Ben was strong in the force, he was placed with his uncle Luke, to undergo Jedi training. While this seemed to make him happy at first, as Luke’s Jedi Academy grew he had less time to devote to his nephew, leading to yet more jealousy’s and resentment from Ben, which Palpatine (through Snoke) was more than willing to feed, whispering in the boys ears.


After discovering the truth of his lineage, and his connection to Darth Vader, around the same time he began his decent into the Dark Side, Kylo Ren came to envy his Grandfather’s power and the respect that he commanded. He began wearing a masked helmet and using a voice modifier in an effort to emulate the Dark Lord. Rey noted while turning his own mind trick back at him that the thing Kylo feared most was that he could never be as powerful as Darth Vader.

The discovery of the parental relationships that Rey had developed with his own ostracised parents only filed his envy, leading to a rather complicated relationship with her.

As I said some of these might be a bit of a stretch, but I just wanted to share my insights on the characters and see if there were any who agreed.