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Donc on apprend ce soir par le biais de qu’André Silva irait à Monaco & Patrick Cutrone aux Wolves. Avec leurs ventes, Milan prendrait Correa de l’Atletico pour 50-55M€ avec qui les discussions sont avancées. Jorges Mendes travail sur ces 3 transferts.

🔙 في مثل هذا اليوم من عام 2017 وقع النصر مع الكرواتي ايفان توميتشاك 🇭🇷💛 - ماذا تحمل ذاكرتك لهذا اللاعب؟ 🤔

Your HUGE smile gives it away, . Thank you to all involved. Once these astronauts go 17,500 miles/hr. around our planet, in , they love the experience of acceleration again while on or in the !

🔙 في مثل هذا اليوم من عام 2017 وقع النصر مع الكرواتي ايفان توميتشاك 🇭🇷💛 - ماذا تحمل ذاكرتك لهذا اللاعب؟ 🤔

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Beach-goers come together to save pod of stranded whales

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Quiet, almost silent.

Sitting on the rooftop

I stare into the night sky

And look at the constellations.

It’s quiet, almost silent

If it wasn’t for the chickens chirping

Or a car driving by periodically.

It’s nice up here

Getting lost in the heavens

Almost everyone is sleeping

Which makes it easy to drift into thought

Without being interrupted.

Gazing into the blue hue as it turns from dark,

To light

Hearing alarm clocks go off in the distance,

I know I have to get up.

Although I dread needing to get up and live,

I know I’ll be back tonight.




… Enjoyyyyyy … ~


When Lazurite boards the ship with her daughters, she holds them close and whispers reassurances to keep them calm. They’re all terrified, not that she blames them. She’s seen battle before herself, but nobody was prepared to have this sprung on them. They all just barely escaped getting caught up in everything. One of the Lazulis has a scratch on her leg from tripping over her feet as they ran to safety.

The Matron wonders, in passing, whether or not Royal Sapphire saw this future.

If she did, she would have warned Lazurite not to take her Gems to Earth.

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