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chez Pour tous les amoureux de la Bretagne, l'Autocollant Breizh Korser (corsaire de Bretagne) ☠️ est disponible ici :

本日のピックアップ 神眼芸術のチベタンスカルTシャツを オーバーサイズで☆ モデルLサイズ着用 こちらはオンラインでも購入可能です~

I’m so excited!! I designed six different maws and I’m so excited to show them to you guys!! I’ve never made merch before, so I’m pretty excited haha 😄😄 Custom printing provided by !! 😍

I updated my decorative to make the piece feel more lively & full just like the trees finally starting to bloom again. I think it's also fitting to update this design on ! 10% is donated to charity! Find it here:

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A few block-ins for paintings. Some never got there but I might revisit them later.

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What do you do when a friend brings you a coin to take care of that was once owned by a he doesn't trust? You cleanse the hell out of it! Just in case!

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Monday’s been fun. Set aside the time to sketch this today and turn it into a time lapse. Now I’m getting wrecked by a boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Gotta go ruin its night. Later!


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Sleep on me, feel the rhythm in my chest, just breathe

I will stay so the lantern in your heart won’t fade

He could feel the rise and fall of the other’s chest. It was erratic, it’s pace constantly changing as the minutes ticked by. He can see the discomfort on his face; He knows he should wake him up.


He whispered, his calloused hands gently stroking the small of his boyfriend’s back. The smaller inkling stirs slightly, his face twisting in displeasure. Skull murmurs quiet nothings into his ear, trying to comfort him ever so slightly. He’s rewarded with a small groan, and two pairs of golden eyes looking up at him, pupils small and scared.


He whispers groggily, a pale hand reaching up to rub the sleep from his eyes. The older boy doesn’t reply, instead pressing soft kisses to the top of his head, the strokes never stopping.

The secrets you tell me I’ll take to my grave

There’s bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway

The blue inking leans into his warm touch, a rare soft smile gracing his features. The dream is still fresh in his mind, imprinted like a mark from a burning metal pipe. Fear and discomfort linger in the corners of his mind, but they’re quickly overshadowed by his boyfriend’s love and affection.

“Another nightmare?” He hears him mumble, his voice smooth as chocolate.


Those strong arms gently tighten around him, and he buries his head into the purple inkling’s neck. Soft moments like these were oh so rare, and he can’t help but cherish every fleeting moment.

And if you have nightmares, we’ll dance on the bed.

I know that you love me, love me

Even when I lose my head

“Good night, love ”

“G'night Skull….”

Guillotine, guillotine.