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Under the skin (2013)

“ are we dreaming ? ”

One thing that really really annoys me, or rather disgusts me about the tumblr mindset is the idea of fighting hate with hate.

I get it. There are groups of people that are extremely abused, oppressed, misrepresented, discriminated against and generally treated horribly. But it is NOT okay to turn it against a trait from the oppressor just because those people experience it. Not as long as the trait is not the reason for the oppression (for example generalising nazis/pedophiles and that sort of groups as bad is not the same. Because every nazi or pedophile has the mindset that is oppressing/mistreating another group. Saying all whites are bad because most nazis are white however, is not okay)

Let’s take a very common example: women treated bad for their sex. If I, a female, am hit/abused/treated badly, of course I should defend myself. But that does not give me the right to say that all men are bad because I have been told all women are bad. To hit men because I have been hit by a man. To abuse men because I have been abused by one. I am not helping the problem as I am only turning abusive myself.

But I see it all the time. Everywhere. It’s like tumblr thinks this is the best, the only way to deal with it. It’s not. Writing that somebody is horrible because of their sex/gender/race/religion/nationality etc is bad - not only when it’s about the oppressed groups. Saying that a person is shit for being straight is as bad as telling a person they are shit for being queer. I know it’s not as common, it’s not the same situation and thus not viewed upon as bad. But it is still hate and oppression and discrimination because of your sexual orientation, and that is bad in both directions!

And it’s not only with men being bad. It’s also white people being horrible people. It’s straight people being horrible. It’s with all counter-groups, groups that are not oppressed, and with privileges.

Stop generalising a group of people where only a few have done bad. It is not necessarily connected to them being white/straight/men/cis/rich. So leave the others in those categories out of it.

Treating people of a group badly based on generalisation and bad experiences of a few does not help the all around problem. It only creates more hate and violence.

And just for the record: I know black/queer/female/poor/etc people have harder conditions than white/cishet/male/rich/etc. But I have not seen ONE post calling out the reactions that are basically just hate and oppression all over again. And I think it’s time to stop this way of dealing with oppression and horrible behaviour.

Please let me know if I somehow offended anyone/chose the wrong words/am being insensitive. It is not my intention to belittle anyone or discriminate. Which I hope is clear from the post. My only intention is to stop this hate and discrimination, that I see growing and getting more accepted everywhere.

So yeah if I happen to write something bad please tell me so I can correct it and avoid misunderstandings.

Hey There! pt. 2

I will be posting about different things in the future like:

Pictures of landmarks, sayings that we use, slang talk, cuisine and recipes , self care and random cultural stuff and other “taboo” topics that are ignored or not spoken about.

also feel free to message me with questions and/or requests for what you’d like to read about.

This will of course be in between regular studyblr related stuff :)


- Herby🌱