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Do you know that the concerns of darker skin differ from those of lighter skin, and that they need bespoke treatment? Health24

exposed to can suffer a damaged skin barrier and therefore experience increased threat from bacteria, sunburn or exposure to irritants in daily washing products. Read more>>

is the latest in cosmetics technology. As revolutionary as it is complex, this is the concept behind our latest : Epigence Optima FPS 50+. You have our word: this will change your forever. Ready?

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When your summer tan finally fades, sun spots + damage can appear more prominent than ever. Dr. Jeff recommends checking your with our new VISIA Complexion Analysis System. Wondering what else this new technology can do? Ask here for an answer from Dr. Jeff! πŸ™‚

Your reflects your health, good nutrition is the first step in your skincare regime! πŸ˜„What do you eat to maintain good skin?πŸŽπŸ“

WHY DO WE GET ACNE? Due to an imbalance in our hormones, which causes an overproduction of oil, or during pregnancy, at perimenopause, or with PCOS

to treat yourself to up to 50% off this January! Check out all the fab offers on and on our : πŸ’–-happy-new-year-hello-super-glam-2019-up-to-50-off-at-white-haus-this-january-πŸ’–/

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