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A fantastic day with year 2 we set up camp, cooked lunch, made necklaces and elder whistles. We even had time for hot chocolate and s’mores before we went home.

Eeek - 1 week to go! My first time speaking . Lucky to be paired with the experienced . Come along for & for info. We hope to inspire you with some simple ideas you can try straight away!

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Fantastic to see young people from asking businesses from across the LEP Area what opportunities are available, what skills are required and how businesses are changing to meet future demand Annual Conference. – at Central Science Laboratory

A big thank you to Martin Care from Bombardier for taking time out of his day , to visit the Primary school last week . Raising aspirations and raising awareness of transferable skills .

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Tendrás que mezclar formación online y tradicional si quieres sobrevivir a esta sociedad digital. vía elpais_retina — Humannova (Humannova) June 26, 2019

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The Move 2.0 : Original work from the mind of Dexter Sanda. I create my own wonder and avoid being a copycat (no offence) Hope u enjoy my art work. Share and click Like to support my work of wonder. Peace ya😜

Music: Mai Tai
Musician: Jef

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Hello USWNT fandom,

After the USWNT won the WWC I rode the high with them. I watched every video on youtube that they were in and I officially became a Tobin Heath stan. All was well, until 2016 came and we lost to that unnamed team in the Olympics. We lost and I still supported the Gals and sent them kind messages on Twitter. I anxiously awaited the 2017 NWSL season. The Thorns were killing and we went on to win it all and I cheered for them in that game and ended up with two new t-shirts because of it but somewhere between the fall of 2016 and the spring of 2018 I lost the passion I had for the USWNT and I don’t really know why. I still kept up with the scores and everything but I didn’t watch them as much as I used to. I still don’t really know what caused this. I do know that I dealt with some personal issues during that time span and struggled with the ebb and flow of school, but whatever the reason I’m glad it’s passed now. I don’t know what it was but I’ve watched every game in the past year even attending 2 of them and getting Morgan Brian to sign her jersey at one of them. I have been more than excited to cheer on the USWNT as they embark on their journey for a 4th star in France and can’t wait for the game today! So why am I telling you this, well it’s the back story to the video I just posted on youtube. Back in August 2016 I decided to make a Tobin Heath Compilation/Highlights video but I never finished it nor have I touched it since then. I was recently inspired by not only the WWC, but also reminded how much I loved making/editing videos when a friend of mine made a vlog of the service trip we recently went on. Last night, I opened up my laptop and got to work finishing off the video. I know some parts of it may be choppy or short but I did the best I could considering I don’t really remember what I had in mind for this video I started almost 3 years ago. Feel free to give me constructive criticism or comment on things you liked about it. I hope you enjoy it and spread it around the fandom so the most people can enjoy some Tobin Heath. 

Thank you,


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Tag 1505 / Beim Schreiben habe ich die Macht.

Sicherheitsakademie der Hauptstadt. Personenschutzfachkraft IHK.
Die Person, die andere schützen will, bedrängt mich. Physisch durch Übergewicht, Muskelschultern, breitbeiniges Sitzen. Olfaktorisch durch, ich dachte erst, kalter Rauch, Nikotin, Ersatzdampfstoffe, inhäusiger Rauchgeruch, aber ich glaube, es ist Kneipe mit dabei, Kneipengeruch.

So viel Aromaöl an die Nasenöffnung getupft, dass es brennt. Nivea hinterher geschmiert.
Schreiben gegen den Ekel.
Beim Schreiben habe ich die Macht.
Denn er weiß nicht, dass ich über ihn schreibe, was ich über ihn schreibe.

Sein WhatsAppChat schickte: “Ich habe das Bett frisch bezogen.” Seine Antwort: “Dann können wir ja neue Sportflecken reinmachen.” Tränenlachende Smilies.

Ich hasse diese tränenlachenden Grinsegesichter.
Benutzt die jemand, ist der schon ziemlich unten durch bei mir. Außer er lässt es, wenn ich meine Emoticonpräferenzen kommuniziert habe, so wie Ludwig es tat.
Häufiger an Ludwig gedacht in den letzten Tagen. Vielleicht auch, weil das mit dem Cliff nicht weitergeht. Weil ich jetzt (endlich) mal (noch mehr) zu schätzen weiß, wie wenig selbstverständlich guter Sex, eine lange Erektion ist.

Vorhin eine Sexszene erträumt, bei der mir Bert, den ich noch gar nicht persönlich getroffen habe, ein buntes Esspapierblättchen auf die Zunge legt, bevor seine Freunde für den flotten Vierer reinkommen. Dabei brauche ich gar keine enthemmenden Drogen.

Heute mich nüchtern überlegen gefühlt.
Nüchtern, klar im Kopf, unverkatert nehm ich den kürzeren Weg, bin reaktionsschneller, priorisiere besser, sehe, wo Platz für meinen Koffer ist und…
Der angehende Personenschützer und Bettlakenbeschmutzer und amtierende Luftverpester auf zwei Beinen mit Pferdeschwanz und Undercut checkt einfach nicht, dass da Platz ist in den Fächern gegenüber.


Lady Gaga
Bad Romance

w4 - Lec Telegraphing Exercise


Back in the wild west. Bank withdrawal had to be authorised with the main bank branch. 

Authorisation was sent as a message through a telegraph line that crosses the country. It can be tampered (the line can be cut, a message can be intercepted or modified) or accessed by anyone.

There is no way to implement encryption. We decide hashing is the best option. 


How do we use a hash to stop someone from tampering with the message?

My idea

The hash includes variables specific to the situation, such as bank account number, amount requested, branch requested from and branch responding, timestamp of request and amount requested. That way, it will be hard to crack the hash but also, by including the amount requested, the amount granted in the response hash has to match the requested amount.


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My heart: hey, can you feel that itch? Draw the ineffable husbands and it will go away! These are 6389164 little ideas for them.

Me: right! 😍 *picks up tablet & pen*

My brain: they are not the slender, feminine forms it already took you 30 years to learn, you don’t have the skills, it will never work

Me: right… 😞 *puts down tablet & pen*

Negotiation for a Non-Negotiator

Negotiation is an essential act we need more in this world. Not only in terms of management or business, negotiation is beneficial in our day-to-day activity. At the very basic, a certain condition must always be set to accommodate people various interests, to avoid clashes between each person’s daily pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, it will generate a better relationship, and serve towards a greater goal: human living in harmony. 

Some acquired the skill from their life experience, some are not lucky enough. These tips are for people like me, who knows what to do, but not really feel like doing it because they afraid that it will hurt someone in the process. So here’s how to negotiate in the subtlest way.

1. Seperate the person from the issues

Who they are doesn’t matter. Bear in mind that the negotiation should be interest oriented for every party. Go hard on the topic, but go easy on the person. Remember that negotiation will provide a win-win solution for both side, so no need to worries about your relationship with the other side.

2.  Listen to what they want

Have a clear idea of what their interests are. Know what minimum criteria must be fulfilled to get them as satisfied as you are in the end. Instead of interrupting, do active listening: use nonverbal cues like nodding and leaning your body forward, remember what they said and paraphrase to show your understanding.

3. Be mindful of your tone

Rephrase you’s into i’s to stop sounding aggressive. Starting the negotiation with “You always tell me to do this even when it is supposed to be your responsibility” sounds harsh compared to “I felt overwhelmed by this amount of task i must finished on my working window”. In short, turn your calm mode on. You’re both looking for a solution, not a taste of war.

4. Don’t mention what you want (yet)

Don’t say it out loud. Let them talk, and slowly steer it to the right direction. This non offensive approach will caught people off guard and make them misinterpret your ideas as theirs.

5. Use or Avoid anchor

There’s the anchor pull. The feeling when one party already set the bare minimum and the other one just hopelessly gravitate around it. By now you must have already known what they want, so now it’s time to pick between use or avoid it.

Use anchor: If at some point you already get a clear picture of your partner’s needs, next thing to do is say your number/criteria and say it high (better than what you are expecting).

Avoid anchor: Some experienced negotiator will try to set the anchor first and lowball your expectation. Don’t panic. Know your worth, don’t negotiate with yourself. Simply just ignore it and go straight anchoring to your own number/criteria to set another range for them.

6. Develop several option

People hate when they stuck with a single option. Make them choose (from whatever that already in your range of satisfying condition), to give them an illusion of achieving a win-win solution.

Easier said than done, eh? Don’t fret, remember that practice makes perfect. Happy negotiating!