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Dr Fiona Rayment OBE opening the 2019 conference in Manchester. Happy to be here today representing and to talk about the future of our sector

Skills that are transferable are that can be used in a new opportunity. Sometimes feel stuck in a that they THINK isn't transferable. You do have transferable skills.

Great presentation from on tech & - creativity is important in how you use tech, rather than the tech itself

Entrepreneur needs to move to a role of and defining the direction of the business when self-starting join the with new

Have your say on tourism ! are exploring the barriers to skill development from the perspectives of employees & employers in hospitality and industries – make your voice heard by completing this 10 minute survey:

Today will bring us all together on the key themes of the Nuclear Sector Deal

The demand for creativity is on the rise, and where would we find it without our cultural sector? Find out what will be important in the future:

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Superb work by the Foyer's Prince's Trust Team 16 who produced a video marketing the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. 👏👏😃

The more effectively we communicate, the better are our chances in every aspect of life. Don’t miss this opportunity to register in this course! For online registration:

We’re celebrating skills in the nuclear industry today at the Nuclear Skills Conference hearing from our CEO David Peattie and those who are championing in the

can have a huge impact on , the ability to visualise realtime parts/fitting specs can enhance both & competitiveness. This has many applications e.g. improved training & raised, specialist . Register at

Have you seen 's video series on how they developed an embedded approach to and developed pupils for learning, life and work? Take a look at their case study 👉

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Parents might think raising kids around technology might prepare them for a high-paying IT career, but actually, in the future, the children raised by technology restrictive parents will turn into a rare commodity; people with actual social skills.


Black Talent Is Truly Limitless #skills

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#skills on the #bike 🏍 #undergroundhyperadioshow Extended Hour #Produced By #pcdacheck #trapiohours Monday Nights #11pm 🕚 #12am 🕛 EST #coalitondjs #coalitiondjsatl #streetpolitician

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How I go through lifes challenges #futbol #soccer #instafutbol #lionelmessi #soccerplayer #skills #nutmeg #ball #fcbarcelona (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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Really working hard to build skills and confidence with our Year 10 D&T students to enable them to make informed choices when they get their NEA in June (already!!!).

As you know, we’ve been building skills over the year, such as creating different types of timber joints, using polymers in different ways, and using different tools and equipment. Today, the Skills Test gave a simple instruction and the students, relying on their teammates only, had to decide how best to approach the task to ensure a quality finish. They were great! I was asked only a few questions, none of which I gave direct answers to, but they completed the tasks and did them well too! At the end of the lesson, I asked if they had enjoyed it - answers came such as: ‘Yes Miss, I felt independent’, ‘I felt grown up’, ‘I liked working with my team’, etc. Perfect! Fingers crossed this will encourage their creativity and harness confidence and great working relationships…
Multi Level Car Parking Skills Inspector - Watch and Enjoy the 3D Experience
Monkey Rides Helicopter and Animals Multi Level Car Parking Skills in Forest Parking Lot to Learn Colors for Children Funny #animalsforkids with barn animals...

Monkey Rides Helicopter and Animals Multi Level Car Parking Skills in Forest Parking Lot to Learn Colors for Children Funny #animalsforkids with barn animals driving cars to park in parking area in the forest to learn #colorsforchildren. Forest animals and Zoo animals like Funny Monkey riding Helicopter and Tiger, Rabbit, Lion, Cat, Elephant, Gorilla, Panda and other animals drives cars.  #animalsnamesandsounds for kids toddler with zoo animals funny videos #forestanimalsforkids Subscribe For More Videos Following Link : Follow Us: G+: Blogger: Tumblr: Pinterest: Instagram: FaceBook:


A Lesson In Making Culurgiones and Understanding Pasta

For all my carb connossiuers and pasta enthusiasts, here’s a lesson in understanding/how to make love (with your hands) to a beautiful pasta dough and create one of Sardinia’s classic and most traditional dishes, culurgiones!


#skills #sculling #balance (at Templeogue Swim Pool)

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Ariel bringing the heat! Show us your yo-yo skills and you could win a prize! Snailmate yoyo only $7. #snailmate #yoyo #skills #skillz #tricks #music #synth #drums #tour #independentartist

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