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Quick rendering demo for one of my students @master_industrial_design _____________________________________

Visited @delftdesigndrawing yesterday to see how they teach design sketching skills. Inspiring place! Nice meeting you .o.v.u.s and Jan Willem. _____________________________________

Next week I’ll be giving a talk about and Design Sketching in Porto! Can’t wait to meet you all! 😊 _____________________________________

Only one day left to get 50% OFF on this killer online course on sketching by my friend and all time sketch master Chou-Tac Chung! see link in my story _____________________________________

Patreon sketch Reward - Cockatoo  For Roxo's sketch reward this month she's requested a startled Cockatoo. 

It’s the season 😀 Here’s my best nine from 2018. Thanks for your support and all your DM’s! Exciting stuff coming up next year. Stay tuned! _____________________________________ #…

Another iteration of the swim trainer concept that I am designing while hanging out at the swimming pool for my daughters’ swimming class 😊 _____________________________________ #…

Wax in, wax out! 😄 Having fun in class today with my students designing car accessories like this for . _____________________________________

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