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C’est lundi !

on my wall this morning. I think the made are beautiful. One for my of like much of life.

‘All things change, whether from inside out or the outside in. That is what magic is. And we are magic too.’ - Jaina Proudmoore

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Bonne fête à nos compagnons de joies, de peines, nos compagnons du quotidien! Bonne fête à nos meilleurs amis ! 🐶♥️

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OC character! His name is Passion! hahahaha yes yes … as the title of the opening of Kh2.

She is part of a story I am writing … along with another character I am designing …

This is complicated but, little by little I am moving forward!

Do you like the outfit you are wearing? I am modifying it every time. The latter has a curious fact that … one day I will reveal if I cheer up hehe


Personaje OC! Su nombre es Passion! jajajaja si si… como el titulo del opening de Kh2.

Ella es parte de una historia que estoy escribiendo… junto a otro personaje que ando diseñando…

Esto es complicado pero, poco a poco voy avanzando! 

Les gusta el atuendo que trae puesto? a cada rato se lo estoy modificando. Esto ultimo tiene un dato curioso que … algún día revelare si me animo jeje


Panorama at Ulcunj. #panorama #ulcinj #ulqin #montenegro #boomerang #sketchbook #drawing #travel #travelsketch #starigrad #oldcity (at Ulcinj)

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A more thorough sketch book tour to show every page! #sketchbook #traditionalart #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #sketchbooktour

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“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

I want to share with you all a flip through video of my ZenArt Supplies sketchbook. I mostly swatch and test my pens and pencils in this art journal. I love the size of this sketchbook, easy to carry and the paper can handle watercoloring to a certain degree.

Have a creative week ahead!

I’m planning to conduct a series of sketching classes this September in different locations in Metro Manila, feel free to send a message if you’re interested.

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#watercolor #aqvarelle #Acuarela #pens #markers #Sketchbook
#ZenArtSupplies @zenartsupplies (at Malabon City)

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