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Late night

I study Bridgman on my iPad in but I don't like how my sketches look in class. It's like something isn't translating for me fast enough.

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K様😎の好きな物 好きな事をやっているK様😎の笑顔が私は大好き✨😎 スタバ、ゴルフ、野球、テニス

I forgot to draw a logo on the collar but can you guys guess which elemental power he is?

I love Joy from Red Velvet, she is one of my bias, along with Wendy. Although Im more into sketches, I cant wait to give this some color.

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Last d00dle bef0re sch00l


Bit of a failed sketch but this is how I generally draw^^
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Friday’s are great!

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Left is May 2019 vs right of jan 2020.

*I don’t know why i’ve always drawn Macho man as a wrestling Jesus, i based my designs/illustrations based on a toy i own of him.

Initially i just wanted to tweak and correct Macho man’s chest, as his biceps look very flat and i didn’t connect them to the armpit. Which then lead me to redrawing this piece of work. 

I noticed that i keep wanting to shade and draw things semi realistically, i avoided this for so long because i assumed i could never do this sort of thing. But i’ve been learning and leaning into it more and more over the years - i think this piece is a nice reflection of this thought i’ve had.

Anyway, i still have a lot to work on but it’s nice to feel like my studying (bare minimum) is showing results and a better understanding of anatomy.

But most importantly, i forgot how fun it is to draw macho man and draw from my tablet. The ipad is great and all, but i haven’t fully gotten comfortable with it just yet, i’m glad it hasn’t replaced my tablet entirely.