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Overlapping People

I am trying to get back to daily sketch routine, it's unlikely that it will be daily, but I want to try to do it as often as possible.

(170/365) Rick is uncomfortable with people suddenly touching him without any warning. Unfortunately for him, Vendetta is one of those people that likes to suddenly touch others without warning

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Predator by Tristan Jones, colours by Robert Atkins *


Here is a quick video of my color sketching process in my art journal. This time I used my tripod setup (It looks better than the last one, feel free to check my last video upload where I painted a scene using watercolors)

This sketch is made using Dong-A MyColor 2 pens on my ZenArt supplies sketchbook. I already put masking tape on the area that I want to keep clean on the journal spread (Because I’m a clumsy sketcher haha). I started with a quick sketch of where I’ll be putting all the elements and parts with a pencil, and continued with pens.

Dong-A MyColor2 comes in 40 colors, and are available in different sets and singles. These pens are waterbased, vibrant, and comes with double tips (Bold and Fine tips). It bleeds when used in some paper, but this particular sketchbook handled it very well, with almost no bleed through on the back page.

The slower video of the process is also available on my YouTube channel, just search “ravenfox13” and watch it now. Enjoy and have a creative day ahead!

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Difference between Strike Vs Protest 

Strikes are about: 

  • Immediete concern related to working conditions
  • Disruptive (for the employer/state) only to bring them to the negotating table
  • About collective bargaining
  • And in context to WORKERS

Protests are about:

  • Longterm impact 
  • In relation to structural, systemic issues eg. racism, casteism, gender discrimination, homophobia etc 
  • Many stakeholders 

Sauce: Material Analysis


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