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SearchChat : Goes Back to the Basics. Podcast with and on .

Great improves marketing goal achievement, improves commerce conversions and improves the yield on your and spend. for :

How do you check the performance of fixed issues on a website? 📈 says you should look at the CTR and conversions. More details in our webinar recap:

Don’t miss the latest SearchChat Podcast for search marketing and AI goodness: AI Goes Back to the Basics via

New Year, New Trooper! Meet Richard, the newest addition to our growing team of . As New Business Manager, his main focus will be spreading the awesomeness of our in the rest of Europe! Not a problem, as he speaks 5 languages. Good to have you, Richard!

Utilize the admin dashboard to fine-tune your search results. Learn more about Search Controls and Analytics:

Increasingly, site search is on the list for budget plans because of its hidden value. on#SEO and

"Now that the site is primarily search-driven, we can confidently guide citizens and employees to it to find what they need." Read the for City of Wilson success story:

Of course, we all want to get that improvement quickly and with little effort. But you can’t stop there. Today I'm reflecting on and

AI Goes Back to the Basics: and I have been thinking about , and Google's new launch of - powered algorithms. Check out the podcast here:

Website Search and Filtering for Smaller Sites -- what are the advantages of filtering in your ? From

It’s human nature to look for the “easy wins"-- but says we have to move past it.

When a prospective customer arrives on your site: are you helping them? Are you answering their question? from and

If Google indexes all the content on the internet and makes it quick and easy to find, site search will do the same for your specific website, making it easy for your visitors to find an exact answer to their question.

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