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: Omar Candia recibió el en “cuidados intensivos” de gestión de Alfredo Zegarra ➡️

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Debido a los atentados contra nuestros hermanos cristianos perseguidos en Sri Lanka, nuestra oración y solidaridad...

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we provide “pro-bone-o” 🦴 K9 defense ⚖️ satisfied clients include & 🤣 just & don’t 🐶 must be mistaken identity! no jury could convict such an adorable pup?

Ngl these characters kinda might mess around and say they're my favorite characters in Mario idk they have to for a bit

I had to hang with real dishes, candles,waiters etc.

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A pair of poems from the “young” section of Vera Pavlova’s Album for the Young (and Old), translated from the Russian by her late husband, Steven Seymour. Pavlova rarely writes a poem of more than eight lines, and most are untitled; in this collection, she tags them with one word—often, as here, the first word in the poem.


sit by the river
keep pitching
your troubles in it
watch them
float away
with the current
too light
to drown


Making love as much as we wish,
skinny-dipping whenever we feel …
How is life, naked kids?
Life teems in every cell!
All alone, as in an Eden,
no laws, as in dreams …
I spread my skirt on the grass:
life of mine, come to me.

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ENGINEERED GARMENTS よりグレンプレイドのアンドバージャケットとアンドバーパンツが入荷しています。






In villages, most of the people cook while sitting on the floor. The person has to stand frequently to take stuff for cooking, this leads to more stress on the knee and back. The people who are suffering from knee pain and back pain find it difficult to stand as they need some support to stand. People suffering from back pain can’t incline and work, their pain increases while sitting and inclining. They use a small stool to sit and work.