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Different cultures decorate their homes in different ways. Here in the States, we love stuff.

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Looking for steps on How To Reinvent Your Life? This checklist shares some steps of reinvention process as well as how to create massive results.

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your to-do list and make it easier to accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

Make a to-file, to-shred and to-recycle pile for all the paper in your home.

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How to Better Manage Your Poor Manager

“The best thing I did as a manager at PayPal,” wrote Peter Thiel, “was to make every person in the company responsible for doing just one thing. Every employee’s one thing was unique, and everyone knew I would evaluate him only on that one thing.”

Peter Thiel recognized that for people to excel, they need to have clear focus and defined priorities. Yet managers routinely put their employees in double binds of conflicting priorities.

How frequently do we hear companies promising to deliver the highest technical quality while also being the lowest cost option?

Or who hasn’t been “empowered” to be innovative and take risks in the same conversation where they’re told to follow the procedure and make sure not to jeopardize this quarter’s numbers?

價值 moleskine


一共192頁  寫了快二年半 




在經過一番研究後 買了方格款的硬皮口袋本

不得不說  這個選擇非常正確  

這些日子使用下來 發現優點真的不少

1. 去年在整理以前念書時的筆記時,發現許多筆記本的紙都幾乎碎掉而且上面的原子筆跡也非常模糊,當時突然有感花了那麼多心思去寫的東西,竟毀在一本20元的筆記本上,非常不值 ; 而moleskine使用無酸紙,可保存非常久。



4. 方格款在需要畫線或表格時非常有用,而且通常我是把兩頁展開成一頁橫著寫,筆記本被轉了九十度後方格仍可區隔出一行行的格線。




天氣漸漸邁入春天  心裡一直惦記得要恢復每日一杯果汁的習慣


無奈看著冰箱的芭樂漸漸變軟  但就是懶得動 


昨晚睡前按照六分鐘日記的建議 ~ 想一個讓今天變得更好的方法


剛才準備要吃晚飯前  先投料麵包機做土司  

接著用鳳梨心,蘋果,芭樂,藍莓去打果汁  同時倒了一杯給媽

這幾樣水果搭配起來不酸且自然甜非常好喝 也不用再另外加糖

要能每天都打一杯果汁的簡單方法是  去costco買一大袋冷凍藍莓冰冷凍室



這樣簡單的方式隨時都可打 也不會給心理製造出沒水果可打的藉口

家裡那台blendtec從costco買來大概三年了 打了快1500次

雖然不便宜   不過能充份使用它就值得了  而且用它來做純杏仁茶也很棒


但從它們被買來到被丟掉或壞掉 通常打不到50次

這樣攤提下來的每次使用費用反而更貴  而且也沒有blendtec那樣好用且多用途

聚焦 domain transfer

生活太多讓我們分心的事務  能聚焦才能不斷累積專業



過往的ic設計工作 聚焦後的工作就是看paper,設計電路,跑模擬

在拍賣上賣書 所有人都以為我喜歡看書 

對我而言 書就是一個商品 數目可達幾十甚至百萬的商品 

表面上的工作是賣書  但賣書這個domain被transfer到一個聚焦的domain

~ 那是如何快速操作大量商品上下架  如何有效率回覆問題 出貨 

  如何利用機率分佈 讓刊登商品被點擊率最大化

  這其中牽涉到許多學科 甚至比ic設計還多 

不論做什麼事都一樣  要設法把競爭力轉化到自已拿手的領域

How to Live a Simpler, More Contented Life

1. Ask yourself “What’s important?” Take a step back and think about what’s important to you. What do you really want to be doing, who do you want to spend your time with, what do you want to accomplish with your work? Make a short list of 4-5 things for your life, 4-5 people you want to spend time with, 4-5 things you’d like to accomplish at work.

2. Examine your commitments. A big part of the problem is that our lives are way too full. We can’t possibly do everything we have committed to doing, and we certainly can’t enjoy it if we’re trying to do everything. Accept that you can’t do everything, know that you want to do what’s important to you, and try to eliminate the commitments that aren’t as important.

3. Do less each day. Don’t fill your day up with things to do. You will end up rushing to do them all. If you normally try to do 7-10 things, do 5 important ones instead. This will give you time to do what you need to do, and not rush.

4. Leave space between tasks or appointments. Another mistake is trying to schedule things back-to-back. This leaves no cushion in case things take longer than we planned (which they always do), and it also gives us a feeling of being rushed and stressed throughout the day.

5. Eliminate as much as possible from your to-do list. You can’t do everything on your to-do list. Even if you could, more things will come up. As much as you can, simplify your to-do list down to the essentials.

6. Now, slow down and enjoy every task. Try to slow down and enjoy whatever you’re doing. Try to pay attention, instead of thinking about other things. Be in the moment. Enjoy the present.