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2014 ATB 5 Oz SILVER COIN EVERGLADES FLORIDA SP 70 NGC America the Beautiful

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Got Wheaties? A List Of The Most Valuable Wheat Pennies, Including 1909 Wheat Penny Values

1942-1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Lot of 10 XF/AU Higher Grade Silver Coins

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Cid Garlond stimboard for anon

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Genuine Oval Shape Rose Chalcedony Moonstone Charm Bracelet Solid 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Jewelry Valentine Gift

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i’ve recently started experimenting with alcohol ink and i’m really loving it! it’s such a fun process and i love seeing the end result, since i find it such an unpredictable medium to work with. 

so far i’ve only been using one colour with some metallic mixatives added.

available on several products in my society 6 store at:

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28. 01. 20.

had a rough start this morning… but it got better, i guess.

t o - d o  l i s t :

✰ a ton of homework (somehow managing to get most of it done during class?)

✰ touch-up scene four (there’s this one line in my monologue I can never get right *sighs*)

✰ work ahead on my English essay (I want to actually be social tomorrow night and go to a school basketball game with my friends… maybe?)

✰ pack my lunch for tomorrow

✰ a bunch of other little things


Naszyjnik z cudownym medalikiem
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So close to finishing designing my pokemon squad! Here’s what I have so far:

1.) Lady the Granbull


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2.) Gale the Ferraligator


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3.) Cate the Ratticate


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4.) Zoey the Crobat


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5.) Silver the Sneasel


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And an honorary member of Onion the Celebi, as my chosen legendary.


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Your Fave is Immortal: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is not immortal. She has died again and again. But she has risen again and again. She has a feeling it may have to do with her husband, William Shakespeare, who had made some deals with some witches at one point but she never asked. Anne has lived by his side to see empires rise and fall, to his plays be made into films, to see more of his work be published, to see her children grow and die, to see what makes a legacy last. But now that she is in this new world, 21st century America, where women have equal rights Anne strives to make her mark on the world. To shine as brightly as her husband.