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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Memorial photo pin. Small picture frame brooch with dragonfly, butterfly, ladybug, heart, cross or dog. DIY or I do photo.

Expression's challenge FINAL!🌟 Finally I'm done!! and ofc I had to put the Gruvia family together 😍😍😍LOOK AT THEM!😍

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தங்கம் விலை இன்று குறைவு..! சென்னையில் ஆபரணத் தங்கத்தின் விலை ரூ. 136 குறைந்து சவரனுக்கு ரூ. 29,096க்கு விற்பனை..! ஒரு கிராம் வெள்ளியின் விலை ரூ. 10 காசுகள் சரிந்து ரூ.48.30 காசுகளுக்கு விற்பனையாகிறது

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Natural Citrine Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace  by MyLunaJewel

Bio of my AU:

Silver Pigtall


  1. Red Cardinal (They don’t get along, allied)
  2. Chuck Canary (allied, Illegal adoptive sibling)
  3. Bomb Crow (friend)
  4. Jay, Jake and Jim Blue (Best friends)
  5. Matilda Whitezen (Maternal Figure)
  6. Hal TuGreen (Legal guardian, best friend and father figure)
  7. Bubbles Oragenblack (Best friend and interest romance)
  8. Terence Cardinal (Friend)
  9. Stella Galah (Friend)
  10. Poppy Ninfacatu (Friend)
  11. Dahlia Owler (They don’t get along)
  12. Willow Lightblue (Friend)
  13. Luca Celeste (Great Friend)
  14. Gale ???? (enemy)
  15. Ruby Plumeroja (acquaintance)
  16. The Pigs (enemies and adoptive family)
  17. Leonard BigFatGreen (Enemy, adopted relative)
  18. Ross Pigtall (Father / Mother Adoptive)
  19. Mighty Eagle or Ethan (Mentor)
  20. Frosh (acquaintance)

She’s the newest of the flock, but she’s currently with Hal and Bubbles.

She was found by pigs since she was an egg and she came out of the cascade in the castle kitchen.
(If what you read…in my AU, human versions of birds are born from eggs…Perturbing). And from that moment on she learns the customs of her family and stays with Ross, Leonard’s first assistant.

At adolescence (12 years old), the pigs send her on her mission on deck against the birds; she passes herself off as a survivor of the pigs to win the bird island, but Red doesn’t trust her because of her attitude similar to her enemies. After a while, she gains the trust of almost everyone, except Red, in a moment, she publicly humiliates him by telling him that he is a poor orphan and he calls her in response: And you…phenomenon of horrible teeth; she felt shattered and ran away, almost all the people turned against Red, except her team although they still don’t like that attitude. In a place far from the village, Silver wiping her tears, signals the pigs for attack as revenge on Red.

When the massive attack began, Silver realized the real purpose of her family, repented and helped the remaining members of the flock and defeated the pigs (there’s an important part I won’t count, because it’s a spoiler). Silver decides to cut her ties with the pigs definitively and wants to start again, Hal offers to adopt her to travel and learn new things along with Bubbles, as they are the only ones, along with The Blues, Luca, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda and Terence who forgave her, she happily accepts.

Now she’s with Hal and Bubbles traveling to different places, while even Red has a grudge against her.

(Something apart, I WILL NOT USE THE HISTORY OF ABM2…you already know the reason and it is not necessary to repeat it)

Her power is the same as the game (Angry Birds 2)

Her personality is just like the game and some external data, in other words, she has the same attitude as pigs, but she wants to become someone unique (not a bird or a pig).

(Also…I WILL NOT HAVE THE PERSONALITY OF THE MOVIE…seriously, it made me angry like never that “Silver Mary Sue”)

Separate note: in my AU, she is 12 years old and…Red is 23…so…nope)



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