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Yeah, that Cafe Sign you always see along the lone highways.

Admit it, we all wished at one point we were small enough to play in boxes again. We always have a variety of sizes to accomadate your shipping items.

Top 7 signs you were born to be an entrepreneur - Risk-taking behaviors - Tenacity - Confidence - Adaptability - Curiosity - Restlessness - Focus on the big picture

from Livescape Canada ๐Ÿ’š Would you like to buy a vowel? Matt showing off his skills! Thank you to Nith Valley Construction & for choosing to work with us! Special shout out to for the awesome work they did! ๐Ÿค

IT'S OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE BOX AND RUNNING!! Our brand new flatbed printer! We can now offer many more expanded and creative solutions! Want to see some of the amazing samples we've run off it so far? Stay tuned across social media!

Earlier this week our installers were in to install this illuminated LED push-through letter sign for Salon W (3706 Nafziger Rd). The new sign adds high visibility and a professional streamlined look to their storefront ๐Ÿ˜ . . . .

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RGB led lights being controlled from a remote.

Need a new sign?

To place your order whatsapp me: Mak of Big Print Birmingham on 07702153393

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It really is true what they say about neptune risings and neptune dominant people. They are notorious for copying people that inspire them, or people that they spend too much time around, or even just people they have a crush on. It is because no barrier exists between their person and the projections that are cast all around them. They are never completely manifested in physical reality, so it is too easy for them to shape-shift. They are as impressionable as warm water. What is even worse, and definitely not fair, is that once a neptune person has taken on the persona of another, they usually make it look more desirable than the original owner did. This is because neptune is the otherworldly, the hypnotic, the glamorous. They are master-thieves. But only because what they desire more than being able to morph into it all, is to experience complete manifestation in the material world, which these others, whom they copy, have the natural aptitude to accomplish. They secretly envy this, and admire this, and so they do as much as neptune can, and that is to perform the role of the one they admire, supernaturally, instead of naturally; which means that they play the part, but are not, in truth, any of the parts they play. It is all a magic act.

the signs as dodgeball team names from dodgeball: a true underdog story

ARIES: Team Blitzkrieg
TAURUS: The Lumberjacks
GEMIINI: Skillz That Killz
CANCER: Pouncers
LEO: Savage Squad 300
VIRGO: Troop 417
LIBRA: The Gay Gang
SAGITTARIUS: Spleen Mashers
CAPRICORN: Las Vegas Police Department
AQUARIUS: New Orleans Clown Punchers
PISCES: She-Mullets