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I always try to keep an eye out for strangely spelled signs, especially ones that have the word ass on them. It's just a thing I do.

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Brighton signage. Berkertex, Western Road, 1970; Thorntons, North Street, 1983; Garfunkel's, North Street, 1986; Nanking, Market Street, 1988.

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If phone signals disrupt your equipment, designate a mobile phone area to prevent interference on site!

We do a lot of work for Estate Agents and Developers around the local area. Here we designed, manufactured and installed an aluminium site board for a development in Evesham.

Larards Lets new high end sign has been manufactured & installed by the team, using internal LED illumination & push through acrylic letters for a sign of distinction for this famous brand.

We have developed a full range of school including classroom and playground

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Kaua’i High School Baseball Senior Game …. lets go red raiders!!!
@toddfuerte photography & layout

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Designing Identities

When I started out with my internship, I started working on the zee cine awards projects. I was asked to explore the logo lockups and other On Air designs as per the brief, as I didn’t have much experience in design for the broadcast I was asked to work on the other projects after a few weeks when the agency started working on the Off-Air stuff I was asked to work on the project again. My creative director told me to work on the signage system and to work on creating identities that will be used for the project itself.

Identities can be frustrating to design.  It requires an understanding and foresight of several different aspects that other design work may not. I believe that to balance this, simplicity is key.

To ensure I’m as informed as possible, I took the opportunity to spend the first few days of the project to study like I (never) did in college. I looked up some references so that I could understand what’s the logic behind them.

Sharing a few references -

“As Michael Bierut puts it, a designer’s job really — is to design the space, where components can live in harmony together, without confusion on how to use them. As these components are often out of our hands when we deliver the brand to the clients, we should use simplicity to help them along the way. Keep it simple, but beautiful.”

I’m incredibly lucky to be working with such a brand and never thought I would be working on a project where I would be designing for an award show.  

Here’s my work for the zee cine award signage system - 

Hope you guys like it, Stay tuned I will be posting the things I learned after working on the signage system for zee cine awards project.

This blue Monday is all about that blue sky, which is the only possible thing to back up the surf sign in Santa Cruz. I swear, the sky has a special shade of blue on the coast. We found this sign at the Rip Curl shop on highway 1 when we were in town for 2 days for Sarah to do college stuff.  We must have gone everywhere in town, as well as up and down the coast in a 50 mile expanse multiple times, in those 2 days.  A good portion of that time we were lost because we’d never driven around in Santa Cruz proper at that point, just excursions to the beach. Because this is quite close to the college, we kept finding ourselves at this corner.  It became our compass rose of sorts as, no matter how lost we felt, once we found the rip curl sign we knew exactly which way to go.

Spotted three unusual carvings on the wall next to University Place.

The one at the bottom marked the year this building completed - I guess it’s 1894.

The one at the top looks like a flower, but what does it means?

Gave up on a middle one.