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From design to physical product 👍🏻 really cool when you get to see you work out there in the real world. New signage for part of their rebranding and shop move 👍🏻

We do so much more than just websites. For example, did you know we now design, fabricate and install signage in-house?

Find out more about what we do We can support you in promoting your business and monitoring ROI through digital and offline marketing.

We offer a wide range of large format printing, ranging from posters to retractable banners! Whether you have your own artwork, or want our team of in-house designers to create a bespoke design, contact us! 📲

Installing this magical giant with giant machine. What a hard but great job! Well done NEXNOVO! Model: NS3.9 Display Size: W1m x H3.5m x 6pcs

Now I had the pleasure collaborating with the very talented Samantha Lentini. As we created a logo for a Lebanese Fusion Cafe / Bar based in Fitzroy North - Isme

More grocery store parts and pieces in the works - hundreds of handmade signs will be ready to ship on Monday - if nothing goes wrong over the weekend!

Being at the hospital can be stressful. To lighten the mood we wrapped this hyperbaric chamber in fun ocean themed imagery.

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matters. In public transit (actually marking stops & having service > 2/3x an hour, thanks- non-motorists have lives too), in parking, in , in establishing a city identity. And it can be done better-- or, in the case of , at all.

Realizamos micro señaletica LED. Cartelería logotipos proyectos 3D. Impresión y modelado Rhino. IG: ultra.labs

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Sony 280-inch 3D LED display headed to Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong

Look, we get the whole drive behind this 3D thing. For some, there’s no better way to experience sports, films, or console game play and consumer electronics companies are desperate for a source of new revenue. But creating a 280-inch 3D LED display meant for public areas doesn’t make a lot of sense long-term unless we’re expected to carry those swank, polarized glasses everywhere we go. Nevertheless, Sony was demonstrating the 6.4 x 3.4-meter behemoth at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2009 in Japan. The panel combines 70 LED displays into a single monstrosity of overlapping images. If nothing else this “3D LED Wall” demonstrates Sony’s rabid commitment to 3D for 2010 and an ominous future for our friends working in Times Square. See it in action after the break if you care. Read more
Mitsubishi's huge, modular OLED display set to go on sale worldwide on September 21

Before you start dreaming of 155-inch OLED displays for your home theater, let us remind you that this Mitsubishi panel happens to pack an ignobly low 69 8.5dpi pixel density. So while it is indeed a wall-sized OLED image maker, it’s not exactly designed to match up to the HD rigors of modern video. Composed of smaller, bezel-free modules, Mitsu’s Diamond Vision OLED display has gone from CEATEC prototype last year to a triumphant retail product this year, starting to be exchanged for cash, trinkets and favors this September 21. As you might have guessed, it’s primarily intended for use in digital signage scenarios – which should be great so long as nobody tries to perch one up in the sun. Read more
Visualized: VIA's versatile video wall signage solution (video)

VIA Technologies isn’t a name that often pops up on Engadget, but its latest video wall signage solution deserves a shout-out. The idea’s simple: you can output a 4K x 2K footage to an array of thin-bezel 1080p LCDs – powered by S3 Graphics cards – arranged in any way you like, including the orientation of each monitor. While the Taiwanese company wasn’t keen to show off too much of its backend system, we were given a glimpse of its S3 MagicView software, which lets you easily fit one or multiple clips across a carefully aligned canvas corresponding to the LCDs. Check out our video after the break and you’ll get the idea.

(HTC and VIA are both chaired by Cher Wang, so it’s no surprise to see the latter displaying HTC ads for its signage demo. Wang’s husband, Wen-Chi Chen, is the President and CEO of VIA.)

A complete system similar to the above two – either with eight 46-inch panels or fifteen 42-inch panels – could cost between NT$3 million (about US$102,000) to NT$4 million (US$136,000), and it’s also available for rental. VIA said it’s targeting the likes of churches, schools, cinemas and shops with its range of signage solutions, some of which can be powered by the company’s Android PCs to reduce costs.

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Points connected sign can show any place you need to go, what's up online (video)

Most street signs aren’t especially street-savvy when they can’t change with the passing weeks, let alone the moment. Breakfast NY’s new Points sign is much, much smarter. As long as it has an Ethernet or WiFi connection, it can spin its arrows toward locations on demand or as they become relevant, whether it’s the local bar at night or a concert stage in the afternoon. The signage is also aware of what’s happening, not just where: Points can tap into Foursquare, RSS feeds, Twitter and other sources to display trending hotspots, sports scores and other live updates. The curious can experiment with internet-connected demo signs today; Breakfast NY is taking rental requests now, with expectations that Points signs can deploy from July 1st onwards. As for pricing? You’ll have to get a quote. While the company tells us that a days-long rental will likely involve a lower five-digit sum, it expects each order to be at least somewhat unique.

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NEC reveals commercial grade 65-inch LCD6520 LCD

As if the 40- and 46-inch 20 series LCDs weren’t impressive enough, NEC is expanding its lineup of commercial grade sets by unveiling a 65-inch behemoth. The MultiSync LCD6520 unsurprisingly checks in as the outfit’s largest LCD to date, and it’s also embedded with NEC’s own Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS), which “includes more than 20 features and functions developed specifically for digital signage.” Specs wise, you’ll find a 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD) resolution panel, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, six-millisecond response time and a built-in “expansion slot” that can accept third-party gear such as a CAT5 receiver, single board computer, HD-SDI, or DVI loop-thru for a daisy chain setup. There’s also inputs for HDMI, S-Video and composite, optional 15-watt speakers (available in 2008) and an optional digital tuner for the landscape model. Of course, we doubt you’ll be buying one of these bad boys without writing it off as a business expense, as the $18,499.99 (LCD6520L-AV) and $19,999.99 (LCD6520P-AV) price tags will essentially shoo off the casual fans. Read more