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The minuute we that instantly savour every moment & we surrender completly 2 it we don't assess our giving don't ask our beloved 2 pay dues 4 we get best a love that's ours 4the taking😍 my aşk😍❤

Pisces, Latin for fish, unsurprisingly is a water sign. Pisces being the twelfth and last astrological sign in the Zodiac represents the feet

Another happy customer! We did this Raceway mounted with illuminated channel letters & for Millennium Insurance!

[PHOTO] MAP6 OFFICIAL UPDATE as of 19.02.20 TRANSLATION: [ ] I cut my hair I'm gonna take a lot of picture now ☺️🙆🏻‍♂️ (c)

மக்களவைத் தேர்தல்; காங்கிரஸுக்கு புதுச்சேரியுடன் சேர்த்து 10 தொகுதிகள்: ஸ்டாலின் அறிவிப்பு ➡️: , , , , , , , ,,

An example of the we did in the is made up of mounted on a . looks great in their reception area.

For Valentine’s Day my amazing wife got me this sign for my workshop in the garage! It came in yesterday and I love it!

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how about no

Друзья, у нас плохая новость: “Во время прошлого конца света наша надпись "Счастливого Конца Света” сгорела, но потом из пепла восстала новая - куда более крутая".  Попались?

Может для того, чтобы превратить штаны в элегантны шорты, и хватает одного движения руки, но чтобы превратить прежнюю надпись “Счастливого Конца Света” в новую, понадобилось довольно много движений.

За шесть лет работы над комиксом в нём многое изменилось, и мы почуствовали, что настало время изменить и заглавную надпись, которая бы по духу больше соответствовала тому, что у нас получилось. Мы не знали, что конкретно должно выйти в итоге, но мы точно знали, что это должен быть бунтарский уличный урбан стиль. 

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Art samaritan foiled… by id iom
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Art Samaritan Foiled! It’s typical isn’t it? I try and do something genuinely nice and the world conspires to deny my effort. There I was walking down the street when I happened upon what must be in the ranking for worst sign in the world. There is so much wrong with it that I don’t know where to start - damaged, dirty and illegible to begin with. I felt a sign like that was doing any business more harm than good so decided to engage in a little guerilla marketing and upgrade their signage for them. I’d designed their uncommissioned new signage and got as far as looking for a local printer when I realised they’d removed their on street display. Maybe they’re just psychic and don’t want anything to do with my garish redesign. Or perhaps they’d realised the sign’s nefarious potential as it was. Who knows? That’ll teach me anyway. Love id-iom

Quotes from friends with the corresponding sign

*this is over done but I’m basic

Aries: “ I just sent you two paragraphs of comedy gold and you tell me ‘lol’?!”

Taurus: “ smells like assless in here…”

Gemini: “ Were they ‘Oh. ’ 'Ooh ~’ or 'DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNN'“

Cancer: “ You finna play with these nipples.”

Leo: “ I’m mad tiddy tried.”

Virgo: “I legit look like a bird and I’m okay with it.”

Libra: “ I’m trying to catfish this guy into buying me clothes..”

Scorpio: “ I’ve never been holy watered.”

Sagittarius: “I have lots of gun memes to change the subject. And lots of memes about changing the subject!”

Capricorn: “ Sometimes I don’t know what people say to me so I just say yes.”

Aquarius: “This dipshit!….Oh dipshit was cute.”

Pisces: “ I didn’t eat it cause I was waiting for it to get unhot.″