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Amusez-vous sous la douche ne pensez-vous pas?!😈💦

ZESTY HIMALAYAN SALT Body Scrub and Polish For smooth, silky skin, you need a body polish that helps slough away dead skin & imperfections while infusing your skin with vital nutrients, minerals & oils. Try this!

- Concealed Diverter Shower (Serenus Range) Currently on Special for R559 🛁 Shop Online or visit any Gelmar store near you.

When one of the best views in the house is from the tub! A little salt air from the sound to soothe your soul. The perfect unwind to your day. . . . . …

Yaaaaa I'm obsessed w the filter especially when I'm bare face lol

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Alibaba and Aliexpress do not sell real Salux cloth. All and . Amazon and eBay sell the fakes as well. See FAQ @

pivot door, wall profile & pivotd esign with lifting fuction, no scratch when opening & closing, more entrance space stainless steel handle adjustment within 15mm each side 6mm tempered safety glass Zhongshan cannytop enclosure screen door tray

After spending a great day at the or seeing the sights of , taking a refreshing feels so great. Singing in the shower is optional.

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Baby weight

The concept of baby weight is just weird to me. Does it just…disappear after you have the baby? Is it transferred to another dimension? Is it just retconned out of existence like it never existed in the first place?

u know how back in the day when rich ppl wore white wigs & corsets they would have a whole team of ladies who woke them up in the morning & fed them & got them out of bed & took them to the bathroom to wash them/dry them off n put on their makeup/clothes?

i petition for this to come back except fully funded for the mentally ill like. can u imagine how much better u would feel if every day all those beginning steps that r so difficult were basically taken for u & u could just focus on Part 2: living ??