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'Silentl' Transparent Sticker by Art Falaxy ~Instant Inspiration~ -shirts

Open up your bathroom floor space with a quadrant shower tray and enclosure. Available in a range of quad and offset sizes to suit your room, whilst also offering a variety of framed and frameless styles 😅🚿

Yellow Bath Loofah Crochet Shower Puff Cotton Bath And Body Care Pouf Shower Accessories Exfoliating Beauty Care Eco Friendly Reusable

Just heading for a shower. DM which bodypart you want to scrub.

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today i started with water and an intense workout

today i took a shower

today i haven’t eaten anything but

today i am going to a place that serves fried food

today i am scared that today’s workout wasn’t worth it

Oil My Goodness Chamomile Geranium Essential Oil

This Oil My Goodness Chamomile Geranium Essential Oil Shower Gel by Oilogic is amazing for my skin. This shower gel is very unique unlike some other shower gels that I have used previously. It is deeply cleansing and lightly moisturizing. In fact, I felt my skin to be gentle and moisturized even until a day after using this product. This product didn’t make my skin feel itchy like some other shower products do. I used this product several times during showers. It is soft on my skin and effectively cleanses it too. I like that a little goes a long way. I found three pumps on my shower sponge to be enough to clean my entire body. The scent is nice too. It has a little citrus like and slight mud like scent to it. The packaging is convenient and seems sustainable. I’d definitely recommend this shower gel to everyone. #ad #FreeSample

anonymous asked:

Do you ever cum in the gym shower?

I have, but it’s not usually because I planned it. It’s usually a spur of the moment thing. Sometimes I’ll get naughty in there because someone turned me on or I want to get naughty for someone right then and there and record it.

But usually, I’m loud and prefer to cum in my own space at home. My health club is nice but I LOVE my shower at home and can have lots more fun in it. 😉