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“It wasn’t that I’d run out of questions. I think I had maxed out my ability to process his answers.” The Real Dragon   

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So, for my upcomming , I will let you guys pick a between 7 and 15 that you like. This number will play two roles in my upcomming , both of which will be revealed on the 30th, they'll be more interesting than last time. Hopefully.

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🌼 lil something I’ve been working on 🌿

Muffled typing and twirling of paper were barely heard over the professor’s demanding voice, slide to slide flickered across the wall behind him hypnotically.

“-who can now explain the concept?” His eyes washing over the room drenching it in eery silence. Raising her pale arm carefully as if it was a sin to move his eyes grew threateningly.

“Ah! Yes, Ms….?” His voice sank as his hand twirled gracefully in a beckoning manner, eyes turning to dark slits.

“Iris, Iris Caster” straightening her back as she spoke in a hidden shaken tone his arms opened wide as he smiled at all the students sarcastically

“well, Iris,- the stage is yours”

Rising from her seat fingers levelled on the cream coloured desk in an attempt to balance, she watched as his head tilted back and his eyebrow raised amused.

“Space, areas where we would like to think there is nothing there, it is never empty. Pairs of particles will come into existence from the energy being produced, one of the particles made from matter and one from antimatter. Once these touch they explode and, woosh–” Waving her right arm off to the unknown her eyes following “they disappear.” Eyes coming back to look at the now expressionless face of the professor before her as her arm fell back to the desk.

“Dismissed.” The cold words seeped from his teeth.

Shuffling of papers, laptops, and chatter filled the once quiet room cleaning it from the tense atmosphere. The late lecture had weaved into the late hours of the night, stars beginning to lace themselves through the night sky. Following the crowd, quickly not wanting to get lost, Iris found herself lost in a daydream, her feet moving on auto-pilot. Clutching her laptop close to her chest, huddling away from the unforgiving cold, her soft lips became a chapped pale colour. The flashing outline of a red body upon the traffic light took her focus as her fragile body leaned against the lamppost on the opposite side of the street. Warm breath fogged the air in front of her pale face; letting her head fall to face the ground as thoughts roamed her mind. Her head shot up the beeping of the traffic light singled that it was safe to cross, the isolated roads echoed with her footsteps as she crossed the street causing her hair to stand up upon her arms. 

It wasn’t usual for Colin to leave the back door open. Colin was a good owner who would always make sure that every door was locked as he left for work in the morning. The routine was all but guaranteed. Firstly, he would check on the front door and then make sure that the curtains were pulled across. He would then make his way across and place the bowl of water for Patch not far from the TV. It was left near the TV so he didn’t feel so alone when his owner went out. Patch had been abandoned as a young dog. He couldn’t remember much about his owner. He remembered her shrill voice that forever shouted at him. Sometimes it was because he’d been naughty. Yet sometimes he wasn’t sure what she was even shouting about. She’d taken him for a walk one evening and told him to give her 2 minutes. She’d tried him to a tree before she wondered off. At first Patch thought that she’d forgotten to come back. It was only as the days began to blur together did he realise that she’d left him behind and that she wasn’t coming back. Patch slowly stepped outside the back door onto the porch. He looked around suspiciously. He wondered whether this time was going to be the same as it had been before. He wondered whether Colin had decided that Patch was a bad dog and had gone on to live his life. When he replayed the mornings events over in his head. He wasn’t so sure that he had left him. He remembered Colin ironing his clothes before working before then eating his breakfast while he watched the television. He did the same thing every morning and there was nothing different about the routine this morning.  

“Hey. Who’s out there?” Patch barked.

Nobody replied back to his barks but there was a part of patch that couldn’t stop himself from moving. He took the steps slowly before he was at the bottom of the porch. He looked back to see that the door was wide open. The sun was blaring down on him now so Patch knew it wasn’t night time. He started to walk away from the side. His tongue lolling from his mouth in excitement. Patch wasn’t allowed onto walks without his lead but there wasn’t any sign of Colin to put him onto his lead. Once he was several yards away from the house. His pace picked up and what had begun as a walk had turned into a sprint. He was a free dog and there wasn’t anybody that was going to stop him. He wasn’t sure how long he ran for but he could feel the wind blowing back his fur as he picked up the pace. He sprinted like his life depended on it. Patch had never been left alone but today was a special day. He continued his run until he ended up in the market. It always took a while to get to the park so he wasn’t sure how long he had been running for. He noticed that there were plenty of other dogs around him. He bounded forward towards the others who were also playing off of their lead.  

“Hey! I’m free.” He barked.

“Hey! Where is your owner?” the other dogs barked back at him.  

“Don’t know!” he barked for the final time before sprinting off again.  

He heard the sound of the children’s laughter from a distance. He couldn’t be sure whether they were laughing at him or whether they were laughing at something else. Whatever the reason, it didn’t bother him. He was free and there was no sign of Colin anywhere. He darted back and forth for a good while. The park was a couple of miles long and was one of the largest in the region. People always let their dogs off of their leads while they played. Patch was never allowed such freedom in fear that he would run off. He did often run off and that was why Patch always had to have his lead on.  

“Hey! You’re off you lead!” one of the dogs barked at him as he came near the slides.  

Some parents squawked yet other parents complimented him on how handsome he was. Patch was sure that he was a handsome dog but hated that nobody ever paid him that compliment. When he’d seen himself in the mirrors at Colins house. He was complimentary of himself in a way that nobody else was towards him. Although he could run as freely as he wanted. After a while. The effect started to wear off. The other dogs that were out on their walks started to go home and Colin started to feel that familiar feeling of separation. He frantically started to look around for Colin. He wondered when he was going to save him. It must have been the last thing that he thought of because even without his knowledge. He’d fallen asleep near a bench. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been asleep but the warm sun had now become a dull sun. The night was beginning to fall and Patch began to panic. He stood up and started to pace around the park before having a small wee. He was thirsty, as well as hungry. Human voices were talking to him every time that he walked past. Yet he wasn’t able to work out exactly what it was that they were saying. Some who wore hooded jumpers reached down to try and grab him before he managed to escape them and run off in the other direction.  

“Patch!” He wasn’t sure whether he’d dreamt it but it sounded like Colin. “Patch! Get back here!”

Patch turned his head abruptly and saw that it was Colin. He was walking towards him hurriedly. They embraced in a hug when they finally got together with each other.

“I’m sorry that I left the door open.”

The fireworks exploded around us and your hair was dark and straight. You long pendent earrings swung and reflected the light as you leaned over. I kissed you back, not knowing how I felt about it. Smirking, you pulled away to look at the light show. I kept staring at you as looked away. Overcome with something I could not describe, I pushed you hard against the railing. Heat rose up inside me like a rising plume of smoke. You stared at me with shocked eyes. Usually, I am not the aggressor. I pulled you close until our noses touched. I felt the heart of your breath on my cheek. And then I waited.

The Blovel Season 4: Episode 4

“I doubt there was ever a moment where they weren’t thinking about them and only them. They are so self serving with how they offer these half-assed excuses about their actions that don’t come out of Love but come from a place of manipulation. They couldn’t have possibly been able to really understand what it’s like to be in my shoes. Understanding is selfless. One must remove their cool and set aside their ego to truly be in a place of understanding. I’m not sure if they’ll ever understand what it’s like to be me.

I’ve offered the most sincere parts of my existence to someone and they took that as weakness. They stepped all over me and degraded me because it made them feel better about themselves. I was hurt by this person and it kept me in a dark place for years. I didn’t trust anyone. Every smile felt fake. Every offer of a shoulder felt like an unofficial agreement to be bound to a place of negativity. I didn’t need that company; I wasn’t miserable, I was hurt. I wanted answers to why and how come and what about. I hung my heart on a hook in the back of my mind where my fears dwell and closed the door. I swore to myself I wouldn’t open it until the right person revealed themself to me.

No one ever knows the depths of a broken heart until theirs is smashed into a million, unrecognizable pieces. Not until the glue that pieces your heart back together is the same glue that cements your feet back to the ground you fell beneath after they dropped you. Friends and support groups are cool but there’s nothing that compares to the embrace from the one that knows you better than anyone else. Your friends don’t hold you the same way. Your support group won’t understand the way you feel because they aren’t you. It was a unique, one of a kind type Love that no matter their years of healing and advising can fully comprehend. That’s the shit that had me in my feelings. It was so good before it no longer was. Emotions run deep but that soul connection, once broken, can be a real bitch.

Despite surviving the hardest part about finding someone (losing them), I managed to pick myself back up and challenge my heart to be open to Love again. Once I did, it opened me up to parts of myself I hadn’t known I buried. I left parts of me below even where I was willing to look. To compromise for the hurt, I neglected the best aspects of me because they weren’t good enough before. I wasn’t being me; I was a version of myself I didn’t recognize anymore. I didn’t like who I had become. It showed me the necessity of appreciating who and what I am before expecting someone else to. It took a long while but I found peace in Loving me more than I used to.

The work it took for me to Love me more than I ever have forced me to be cautious with those I let become close to me. My friends changed as I grew to see the hearts of people rather than their words and smiles. My lovers were few and far between. I didn’t align myself to negative energy nor did I let cancerous spirits infect my newfound respect for myself. I thought nothing of the broken glass that fell upon the floor that day. A broken glass isn’t a sign; it’s just an accident waiting to be fixed. My attempt to fix what was broken led me to the man that replenishes my energy with Love in abundance. I never imagined the man of my dreams would walk into my life, out of it so quickly and back into it within a span of hours. I didn’t know before that he too was broken. I know what it takes to be pieced back together; I know full well I can’t be the one to do it for him.

He leaned on me when he was at his lowest but ran to another when he was vulnerable. He committed to me but left his heart with another woman. I didn’t know how much of him was was aligned with her; how deep the wounds and how far away from healing he truly was never sent a red flag. He ran to her because he didn’t know what else to do. I could have given up on him and shut him out forever. I chose to Love me more. I needed him to see what he was giving up on. So I made my vision my reality. It took him a while to find himself, but he did and he eventually found me again. Our happiness is because of the willingness to let healing happen outside of judgment. My absence was the balance he needed to understand what was missing from his life. We are each other’s and no one else’s; finally!

We are so quick to judge another’s journey without first looking at ourselves to dissect what we too need to heal from before we can be whole. No one should ever look for another to complete them; find your compliment, find your reflection. Love yourself first.”


“ People are overrated in general. All they ever do is leave you heartbroken and lonely. Even the good ones—their trick that they’re just better at disguising it.”

by Joshua Rodriguez

This is an excerpt from my debut novella entitled FAMINE or (GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE WHILE YOU STILL CAN. This is the second chapter I wrote of the damn thing. It’s out on August 30th via Alien Buddha Press. Please pick up a copy if you like this!

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Gary pushed open the gated doors before he headed towards the market stalls. He’d stayed up until early hours of the morning. Researching about climate change and he’d felt a call to action. He’d decided at 2 in the morning that he was going to make the effort to buy more locally. He’d never been concerned before but the documentary that he watched had scared him. He paced back and forth through the markets. He hated how crowded they were but found himself surprised at how quiet it was that morning. He’d expected there to be hundreds of people like there had been last time. The last time that he had visited the markets. He’d suffered a panic attack as he was buying eggs. He’d been toying with the decision most of that day whether to buy 6 eggs or a dozen eggs. His mind often worried and stressed over the small minute details such as that. In the end he’d decided to buy only 6 yet the woman hadn’t allowed him to buy anything less than a dozen. In a blind panic, he’d ran away from the woman and out of the market. It had been over a year now and he knew that he would need to overcome this irrational fear that he had of large crowd. He walked up and down the aisles to try and find something that interested him. He didn’t care much for his vegetables but did like fruit. Yet every piece of fruit that he saw had fruit flies hanging around it. He tried to reason with himself and explain that if they were fresh then that was a risk. It was a risk that he couldn’t afford to take.

“Get your lean cuts.” Bellowed one of the voices.

“Lovely fresh vegetables. Get them here.” another called.

Gary couldn’t decide on either and kept walking. They estimated that there were close to 1000 stalls in this market. He couldn’t ever remember attending a large market in his lifetime as he kept walking. The documentary had told him about meats and how much damage they were doing. He wondered if he should go for the meat. Yet when he approached the butchers. The meat didn’t look like it did in the supermarkets at all. It looked more dead then his meat from his local supermarket. Although he caught the women’s eye. He decided against it. He carried on walking until he reached the end of the stalls. There was a disappointment within him as he wondered why he hadn’t been able to simply make a purchase. His head dropped as he rang the change in his pocket.  

“Sounds like you’ve got some money to spend.” called a shady voice.

Gary shot around to try and see who the voice was and where it came from. Everybody seemed to be normal but that was when he spotted the hooded figure. He had the second from last stall. No lights were on at the stall which made Gary even more curious. He slowly walked forard until he was stood against the stall itself.

“What did you say?” he demanded.  

He still couldn’t see the face of the hooded man. The table was covered in playing cards and Gary could think of nothing worse.

Perhaps he wants to play me at poker and take my money.

“I said. It sounds like you’ve got some money to spend.”

It was true that he had. However, he’d wanted to spend the money on locally sourced food to try and help the planet. He didn’t picture that he would be spending his time haggling with a hooded man who was too afraid to show his face.

“What if I have? It looks here like you’ve got some cards ready for when the children come past. Are you hoping to play snap with them?” he laughed at his own joke.  

There was no response from the hooded figure. Instead he kept his head bowed which constantly annoyed Gary. If the man was trying to get his business. Then the least he should do is acknowledge that he was stood in front of him.  

“Then I want a chance to try and win the money from you.”

Gary had heard about conmen in the markets. They often appeared in disguise but the stories that he’d heard had been around men who would try and sell you something that didn’t exist. It was a curious thought but Gary tried to think of what to say next. He could do with the extra money and he was open about that with anybody who would bother to listen to him.  

“What did you have in mind?” he asked as his greed got the better of him.  

“Take a seat.”

Gary went to laugh. There were no chairs around him but that was when he saw it. A chair had appeared next to him. He shot a curious look towards the merchant but said nothing instead. He decded to sit on the chair and it was then that a dizziness came over him. He felt like his brain was shaking inside his skull before he regained his focus and was looking at the gentleman now. He was bald and his features seemed expired. Gary tried to guess that the man may have been in his 90’s but wasn’t sure if he was simply being extreme. The old man gazed back at him and Gary kept his focus on the man.  

“What do you want to play?”

“Poker. I’d like to wager higher stakes though.”  

Gary didn’t have much to lose. In fact, he didn’t have much to give either. He’d had a sale recently of half the possessions in his home to try and clear his debts. It was a pointless task as nobody had wanted them. Even for nothing.  

“Go on?”

“Why don’t we play for age? If I win, you get to be 90. If I win, then I get to be 30 again?”

The Relentless Man


“How did you get in here?”

“Through your window.”

“What? How? That’s impossible!! I closed it and locked it!”

I looked at my window and shit, it’s not closed.


The shadowy figure vanishes.

What the hell? I must be dreaming, this must be a dream.

I get up to turn my light on, but no one was there. I go over to my window, and sure enough its cracked ever so slightly. I close it again, lock it, and attempt to go back to sleep.

*alarm sound*

Ughhh, its 6:30 already? I feel like I’ve gotten no sleep at all. I’m still trying to figure out was last night a dream or not. I go over to my window and it’s still closed and locked. Okay, just breathe Julia, it was a dream.

“Hey Julia, you okay? You look a little rough today?”

“I do? Well thanks for being honest. Brad! But yeah, I’m okay.

"Well, if you need anything Julia, I’m here for you.”

“Thank you Brad.”

Brad was one of my coworkers. He is very sweet and caring. He’s also a very good friend. He likes me, but I don’t like him like that, but he still continues to try to charm me.

Yes, finally, its 5:00. I speed home, shower, walk towards my window to make sure its closed and locked, and get into bed. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until I woke up to use the bathroom. Goodness, it’s already 1:10am, wow! I get back into the bed and snuggle under the covers and then I see the shadowy figure again. I’m having this dream again? Just remember it’s just a dream, you’re not crazy Julia!

“This is just a dream!”

“No, its not, this is real, I can assure you it’s real.

"What? How? And how did you get in here?”

“Through the window.”

“No, no, no, no! I know for a fact I closed the window and locked it.” How are you getting through my window?“

"I have a fancy way of maneuvering through things.”

“Yeah, obviously! What do you want? Are you here to kill me, because if you are, just go ahead and do it. I really have nothing to lose.”


“Wait, how do you know my name? Who are you? And what do you want from me if it’s not to kill me?”

“I’m here to protect you.”

“From what? I don’t need protection.”

“Yeah Julia, you do.”

The shadowy figure dissapeared. Where did it go? I’m so confused. So if this isn’t a dream, what’s happening? What’s going on? And why do I need protection?

“Julia, hey!”

“Hey Brad.”

“Everything okay? You just seem like you’re all over the place today?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Do you want to talk about it? You know I’m all ears and you know you can always talk to me about anything, ANYTHING.”

“Yeah, I know, thank you.”

5:00 hits and I’m dreading going home. I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me or what. But, if the shadowy figure appears again today, I will demand answers and I will demand to know what’s going on. It said it’ll never hurt me or bring harm to me, so I want answers, and I want them now dammit!

I stayed up to try see how the shadowy figure gets into my room, but I finally passed out around 2am. But then, I felt something caress my skin and all of a sudden it was very cold. I wake up and I don’t see anything. I go over to my window and its wide open this time, not cracked like it usually is. I close my window and lock it, and I lay down. What is going on? Should I call the police? But yeah, okay, what do I tell them, someone keeps coming into my bedroom, okay ma'am, what do they look like? I’m not sure, they don’t really have a face, they’re a shadow. What? Yeah, I can see that whole conversation going down. They commit me to the looney hospital, no, absolutely not!!! Can’t go to the police, so what do I do? What do I…..

“Hello Julia.”

The shadowy figure had slipped into my room. And all of a sudden, it’s not as cold anymore.

“I know you have questions, and I’m here to answer them.”

“What do you want from me?”

“To protect to you from the Relentless Man.”

“The Relentless Man. Who is that?”

“He’s a demon. And when he has found a muse, someone he’s addicted to, someone he wants, he will be very persistent, consistent, and non-stop, hence the name Relentless Man. He will kill you Julia, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen you die, and I cannot let that happen.

"Wait, deamons are real?”

“Yes, very much so Julia.”

“And this demon wants to kill me?”

“Yes Julia. He’s been in and out if your room for 6 months now. And I’ve been tracking him for years. When he has his sights on a woman he will seduce them and then kills them. He’s a very dangerous deamon because he’s unpredictable.

"Wait, someone has been in and out of my room for 6 months and I’m just now realizing it? How is that? Why is that?

"Because he’s gotten bold, he wants you to be scared, he’s trying to get into your head, so he can attempt to seduce you. He’s getting ready to kill you Julia and I can sense it.”

“So wait, are you a demon?”

“Kind of, yes.”

“What do you mean kind of?”

I sit up and kind of scoot away from the figure. This is crazy. A deamon is after me? Why? And this shadowy figure is a deamon too? But why is it protecting me? And the other demon, why is it a man? As if I don’t already scream I’m gay as hell. I dress like a man, walk like a man, like come on, why would he try to seduce me, unless he feels like this is a challenge? I mean he is called the Relentless Man, so maybe he’s being relentless because he sees me as a challenge. But a challenge he eventually wins because the shadowy figure says it has seen my death and that’s why it is here, to protect me.

“Yes, he does see you as a challenge, but I don’t think he knows your gay, hell, I didn’t know you’re gay, well this is interesting. But anyways, I told you I never want to hurt you or bring hard to you Julia, and I meant that. I’m never going to hurt you, okay?”

Wait, shit, is it a mind reader too?

“Yes I am. Get some sleep Julia, we’ll talk more tomorrow.”

I reached out for the shadowy figure, but it was gone. My head is spinning. A deamon is after me and will eventually kill me. But another deamon is here to protect me? Why would this deamon protect me? What does it want from me?

I try to go back to sleep, but my head is just spinning with so many questions. I finally get up and WINDOW! Its cracked a little. I close it and lock it. DEAMONS!!! I walk around the house to see if anything is out of the ordinary, my door is locked and the latch is locked too. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. I fix some breakfast and then I clean up around the house to try to take my mind off of things, but that doesn’t help at all! I need something to take my mind off of all of this deamon stuff. I need a…..

*ring ring*


“Hey girl!”

“Clarity, hey! How are you?”

“Good how are you?”

“I’m okay I think, I don’t know, I just feel weird and just kind of uneasy I guess.”

“Oh, no, well I’m glad I called. Let’s fix that weirdness and uneasiness and let’s go out tonight. Me you, and a couple of people from work.”

“You know, I would really like that actually!”

“Yes perfect, the regular spot at 8?”


“Okay, see you then Julia. And don’t flake either.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

I need this more than Clarity knows it. I need this distraction. I need a good time and some alchohol. Now, I just need to figure out what I’m going to wear.

“Hey Julia, over here.”

“Hey guys!”

“So glad you came Julia, was starting to think you were flaking on us.”

“Me too Clarity!”

“Hey Julia. So good to see you.”

“Hey Brad. How are you?”

“Good now that you’re here. You look amazing girl, like goodness.”

“Thank you Brad.”

“You’re so welcome. Would you like to dance?”

“I’m not much of a dancer, but thank you though.”

“Well let me buy you a drink.”


A drink, turns into two drinks, then turns into four, then next thing I know I’m drunk as hell.

“Julia, are you okay?”

“Yeah, my head is spinning but, other than that….”


“Here’s some aspirin and some water sleeping beauty.”

“Brad, how did you get into my house? And why is it so cold in here?”

“You passed out at the bar silly. I took you home and got you in the bed and dropped the temperature down in here. You were burning up. Probably because all that alcohol you had. How do you feel?”

“Oh goodness. I feel like such an idiot. I promise I don’t drink this much, like ever, I just have a lot going on right now.”

“Like what? Talk to me, you know you can always talk to me. Also, please take the aspirin and drink this water. I know you have a headache.”

“I do, my head is pounding. And can you turn up the temperature up, I’m freezing!”

“Absolutely, let me do that now.”

Brad walks off to turn up the temperature. How does he know where I live? Maybe Clarity told him? I don’t know, everything just seems so fuzzy and hazy. Why did I drink that much? This whole deamon thing really has my head messed up. I just need to breathe and relax and just hope that the Relentless Man didn’t make an appearance last night. Oh shit, did the shadowy figure come by? Goodness gracious, did Brad see anything?

“Hey, how are you feeling?”

“My head hurts and its spinning, but I’m okay.”

“You need to eat, I could fix you something or grab you something.”

“Brad, I really appreciate all of this, I do, but I’m good, really. Thank you so much for everything, I truly appreciate it, but you can go now, I can take care of myself.”

Brad comes and sits on the bed next to me.

“Julia, are you sure, I don’t mind staying and taking care of such a cutie like you. You had a lot to drink last night, and I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m okay, really, thank you though.”

Brad gets closer to me in the bed.

“You know, I’ve liked you for quite sometime now, and you were super flirty with me last night and I don’t know if that was the alchohol, or just your hidden feelings, but I would really like to take you out sometime. I wanted to kiss you last night, but I thought that would be wrong, but I could kiss you now.”

Brad leans in and I jump up from my bed.

“Brad, what are you doing?”

“Trying to kiss you of course. You were super flirty.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember any of that, but Brad, we’re just friends and I don’t want to ruin that.”

Brad gets out of the bed and walks closer to me. He looks me into my eyes.

“Come on, I know you like me.”

“BRAD, I’M FUCKING GAY DUDE! I LIKE, NO I LOVE WOMEN! WOMEN, JUST WOMEN ONLY, OKAY? You’re my friend, that’s it, just my friend. Now can you please go. I’m fine, and I can take care of myself.”

Brad looks at me, he gives me a very angrily and dissatisfied look. He backs away, and leaves.

I go into the kitchen and try to make some breakfast, but I end up throwing up and getting back into the bed. I must have passed out because now it’s dark outside. Goodness, what time is it? 11:30pm, but it was just 11:17 am, where did the time go? I get up and wash my face a little and drink some water and climb back into the bed. But as I’m trying to get comfortable, I notice its suddenly cold in my room. Oh no, it’s the Relentless Man!

“Come out deamon, I’m not scared of you. I know you’re in here.”

I look around and I don’t see anything, but I hear a sneaky laugh.

“You’re not scared of me? Oh, Julia, you should be though.”

“You don’t scare me deamon, not one bit!”

“Hmm, does this scare you now?”

The deamon charges at me and scratches my arm. I punch what seems like the air, but I hear a thump on the ground, then I hear something escape out of my window. I get up to look outside my window and I see nothing. I close my window and lock it. Owww, that hurts. I go into the bathroom, cut my light on and look at my scratches. But I hear something at the window again. Oh no, it’s the deamon again. I grab the first thing I can reach and I head for my window, but instead I see a woman. A tall beautiful red headed woman. She has beautiful green eyes and her body is muscular. She is just perfect. But wait, who is she and how did she get in my room?

“Who are you? Stand back, I will hurt you!”

“With a disposal razor Julia, really?”

I look down and realize shit, who was I going to kill with a disposal razor.

“Yes, I can slice your beautiful and perfect face up with this razor. Now who are you and what do you want?”

“Scratch? Oh no, you’ve been hurt. Please, please let me help. I’m sorry I didn’t get here in time. I was trying to, but the Relentless Man knew I was on his trail and he sent three of his deamon dogs after me. They are the worst by the way. I tried to watch over you last night, but he was here all night, guarding you, and making sure no one entered, not even me. So I kept a close distance to make sure he didn’t harm you, but he’s harmed you. And I’ve failed, I never wanted any harm to come to you. And I told you I was here to protect you.”

How does she know about the Relentless man. And she knows he’s a deamon? Who is she? Wait, no, is she the shadowy figure? She can’t be because she doesn’t look all shadowy anymore, and she definitely doesn’t look like a deamon.

“Half deamon, remember. I didn’t tell you, the other part, but I’m half deamon, half angel. This is my angel’s true from, the shadowy figure is my deamon’s true form. My dad was a deamon, looking for mischief when he came across my mom, an angel. And they fell in love, even though their love was forbidden, and then they had me. So here am.”

She’s so beautiful, but she’s half angel, half deamon? That’s crazy! But she’s so freaking hot and owww. My arm is throbbing. I don’t, I don’t feel so…..


I wake up the next morning in my bed, still naked, but at least its not freezing cold this time. I sit up and look around, the half deamon, half angel is starting right at me, studying my every move. I look down at my arm and its healed. No scratches, no blood, no scar, no nothing. Miraculous, but how did that happen? Did she heal it?

“Yes I did. How are you feeling Julia?”

“Dammit, I keep forgetting you can read my mind. I’m doing okay, I think.”

She comes closer to me and sits on the bed.

“What’s your name?”


“That’s a very pretty name for a very pretty lady.”

“Well, thank you, Julie. I’ve cooked you some breakfast, come, you need to eat something.”

She grabs my hand and pulls me out of the bed. Shit, I’m naked!!!

“I’ve seen you naked plenty of times, this isn’t the first time, now come on please.”

Oh? I wonder does she like what she sees? Stop it!! We walk to the kitchen and she’s made my favorite, ham and cheese omelette with bacon, toast, and orange juice. Yeah, she’s definitely been watching me. I demolish the breakfast. It was so good. She’s an amazing cook! I stare at her. She’s so freaking pretty and goodness she’s so attractive. I want to kiss her, but I don’t know if she’d be into that.

Amelia stares at my lips and leans in for a kiss

It was so deep and passionate. Amelia clears everything off the table and picks me up and lays me on top of the table. She gets on top of me and starts to make out with me. She then makes her way down to my neck and starts to nibble and suck on it. Then she works her way down to my nipples, sucking on them. She’s so gentle for a deamon. But then she’s also an angel so thats probably where the gentle part comes in. Focus, she can read your thoughts fool. Amelia snickers and continues to suck on my nipples. And then she picks me up and carries me into the bedroom. She throws me on the bed, ties me up, and goes to work.

“I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been wanting to do all of this for a really long time now.”

“Oh, really now?”

“Yes Julia. I really like you, I really do. And after all of this is over, after I kill the Rentless Man, I would really like to take you out on a proper date.”

“Really? I mean, uh, yes, I would really, uh, like that, like, a lot!!”

Amelia giggles

“You’re so cute when you get all nervous. You’re just so cute period! Especially when you……”

Amelia jumps up, and turns into a the shadowy figure.

“Julia, put some clothes on, and get into the closet, NOW!”

I jump up and put some clothes on and hide in the closet. What happened? She must have sensed something, but what? I don’t close the closet door all the way, I peep and I see something tampering with my window. And then I see something climb through my window. I can’t really see what it is. Damn, it’s really freaking cold now. Oh wait, its him, it’s the Relentless Man. That’s what Amelia sensed.

I can see a figure with him, hes a tall man. He’s not a shadow like Amelia is. The Relentless Man walks around my bed and then looks under it. Then he sniffs the air and his eyes roll back. He starts walking towards me. Shit, did he see me? Shit, shit, shit, shit!!!! He keeps walking until I hear a get away from her Relentless Man. I start to peep again and I see the shadowy figure of Amelia totally manhandle this deamon. It’s kind of hot really. She throws him up against the wall and pulls out this curved knife. The Relentless Man then knocks the knife out of her hand and knocks her down. He picks up the curved knife and stabs Amelia.

“Noooo!!!!!” I screamed

Shit, well, now I’m dead. The Relentless Man walks towards the closet and open it. He reaches his hands in and pulls me out. I try to back away from him and try to look for a weapon, any weapon, but nothing, nothing is around me but darkness, and Amelia’s lifeless body.

“Where are you going Julia? There’s nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide.”

This must be it, this must be how Amelia saw me die. I keep backing up and I finally look up at the Relentless Man, if he was going to kill me, I needed to know what the man who was going to kill me looked like. I look into his eyes and I cannot believe what I’m seeing.


“Julia, hello my little scrumptious friend.”

“Brad what the hell? You’re the deamon? You’re the Relentless Man?”

“Yes, yes I am, and now I have to kill you. You’ve seen too much and you know too much. And you denied me! NO ONE DENIES THE RELENTLESS MAN AND LIVES!”

I try to get up and run but Brad grabs me by my ankles and pulls me closer to him. He turns me over and gets on top of me. I try kicking him and scratching him, but it doesn’t work. I’m about to die, let’s face it.

“Any last words Julia?”

“Yeah, get off my girlfriend!”

Amelia stabs Brad with the curved knife in the back and he disintegrates. There’s now ash and something else all over me. I should be in shock, but surprisingly, I’m okay. More than anything I’m happy, I’m very happy that Amelia is alive!

“Julia, are you okay?”

“Am I okay? Are you okay? I saw you get stabbed. I thought you were dead.

"No, I can heal myself, it just takes a minute or two. I’m okay, you don’t have to worry, okay? Let’s get you up and get you cleaned off.”

Amelia helps me up, then picks me up and puts me into the shower. We both shower off together and once our faces are cleaned, we have a hot and steamy make out session, among other things. We finally get out of the shower and she tells me to get into the bed. She cleans up the mess and disposes of Brad’s ashes properly so he doesn’t have any chance of coming back. Then she lays in the bed with me and pulls me closer to her. Amelia caresses my hair and skin and kisses me repeatedly. I fall asleep in her arms. The deamon who was after me is dead, no more cold spells, and I have a half deamon, half angel girlfriend, who is smoking hot, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Mr. Harrison closed his bag before making sure all the zips were closed. He hated having to live in his office. Even worse than that was that nobody in the school knew what he was doing. He’d been forced to move out from his girlfriend’s house. She told him that it was because she didn’t love him anymore but he felt that there was more to it. Mr. Harrison was sure that Sarah been having an affair. She would never admit to it of course. She worked as a lawyer and there wasn’t a chance in hell that such a thing was going to be found out. It would ruin her reputation completely. She was supposed to be a law-abiding citizen and such a revelation would ruin her reputation. Mr. Harrison tucked all his possessions into his bag before he hid them in the cupboard that was at the back of the room. He often kept his possessions there and had to place a padlock on the cupboard to stop his students from being able to access it.  

“Morning John.” Caroline announced.

Caroline had been working for the school than many more years that John Harrison had been doing. He loved attending the school as a student and he dreamed of teaching at the school. He may have been the only student that he ever felt which wanted to go into teaching at the same school. While everybody was more interested in sports and girls. He was the only one who displayed any desire to teach.  

“Morning Caroline. Should we go and get a coffee?” he asked.  

Caroline bobbed her head before he held the door open for him. They started to walk together side by side slowly down the corridor. The hallways had been his life since he was a young adult. He didn’t dream that one day he was going to be living in them. They reached the teachers offices and made a dash for the coffee machine. He preferred his coffee black but the machine didn’t provide the option. He could have a white coffee and that was as good as it got. the funding for the school had been slashed which is what had begun the financial problems for his family. They were cutting the pension contributions and then they were giving up on giving holiday. Teachers were expected to work through the summer.  

“What’s new with you then?” she asked.  

John went to speak before she paused him by placing her hand on his wrist. The touch sent a jolt of electricity through him. His ongoing divorce was providing him with the need to find somebody else soon. He had many questions and was desperately confused. He didn’t believe that Caroline was the one for him but it was nice to feel the contact of another woman again. He’d forgotten what it felt like completely.  

“Sorry John. Did you see Mr. James though?”  

“I didn’t.”

“Sorry, I lost my train of thought. How’s the office?”


That night:

I was having dinner with a friend and he went to bed but for some reason he didn’t wait for me to say goodnight… he just left the chat.

I couldn’t enjoy my dinner, pay attention to the conversation or look at my friend at all; I just wanted this whole ocean in between us to disappear so I can go to his house and silently slide within the bed sheets and feel the warm of his body, kiss him in the neck and wishoer him I the “I love you” he didn’t read.


i want to dance in the rain, but i worry about what it’ll show on my face. disappointment is a shame i’m already carrying, older eyes staring at me for not wishing to sit and be silent. i scowl at the whispers to smile, forcing my lips in the opposite direction with all my might. i just want to be out in the rain, not in this stuffy place where i don’t belong.

i think up an escape, hiding in the distant corner of my mind where no one else can see. i imagine myself as a warrior, an assassin, a hero as i climb ornate walls and swing from the chandeliers. my eyes follow the path, a smile blossoming over my lips as my imagination reaches the window, rainwater almost touching my fingers.

my dream is so close to reality, i wonder if—in another universe—it could all be true. because I don’t belong here, not in this frilly dress with hairpins in my scalp. my bum doesn’t belong on this stiff chair, with water in my glass. i belong outside, with rain falling around me and dirt on my hands.

i am meant to be free, not caged up in pink and tulle.

Violet moved across the room before she stopped at the bench. She needed to stretch out her calf’s a bit more before she continued with rehearsals. She usually stretched the night before. Yet coming directly from Marvin’s house. She hadn’t been able to do her usual morning routine.  

“What should we rehearse next?” Jack panted.

They’d spent the entire morning rehearsing the routine for Michael Jackson’s thriller. The school was going to be putting on a live performance soon enough and she wanted to be the lead dancer. Violet had rarely danced in her life and only showed the passion for it several years ago. She picked up the bottle of water before taking a large sip.  

“I’d say from the beginning. We have to get this right all the way through. There’s point in only getting half the routine correct.”

Jack shook his head before lifting his arms above his head and stretched. Jack would never dance without stretching first. Even if it meant that they started their rehearsals later than they usually cared for. All that mattered was that he didn’t stupidly pull any muscles. He pulled his arms in all different directions before he shook his arms afterwards and moved back to his starting position.  

“Are you going to put the music on?” he asked.

Violet leaned over and pressed play on her phone. She’d connected it to the wider stereo system which blared the song out as loud as it could possible go. She moved into position with Jack before they began the dance together. They watched themselves in the mirror the whole time as they practically danced the entire routine perfectly. Violet kept her eyes on Jack who missed one or two steps throughout the routine.  

“Wow.” Jack panted once again.  

Violet walked over before placing a hand on Jacks back. He was wet through and she couldn’t remember seeing him struggle so much with dancing. He usually was much fitter than he seemed to be at the moment. He was usually careful with his det and there wasn’t a chance in hell that you would ever find him drinking. He abstained from alcohol and Jack had even broken up with Harvey not too long ago to be able to focus on his dance career.  

“Are you OK?” she asked leaning over. “It’s just that you seem quite sweaty.”

It sounded much better in her head than it had come out sounding like. She knew that he was going to quickly dismiss her comment and that he would be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Jack took a lot of pride in his appearance and it was because of that pride it meant that nobody ever commented on his appearance.  

“Yes, I’m fine. I may have just had too much to eat last night.”

“Too much to eat?” she questioned.  

“And too much to drink.” he added.

Violet shook her head before she walked to the front again.  

“Let’s go again.”

“You call this decorated?”

Summary: It’s finally Christmas season. Stephen asked Tony over to hangout.

Warning: AU where Tony, Stephen and Pepper are together. Fluff.

Pairing: Stephen x Tony x Pepper feat Peter Parker

Word count: approx. 300+
Dialogue 5: “You call this decorated?”

I’m sorry that I couldn’t pass the word count.

The door slammed open entering the shining Stark with shades on, he lowered it down. His mouth hanged of disbelief of the sight before him.

“Oh hey Stark, come in.” Stephen rolled his eyes. Tony has always entered the way he does that Stephen got used to it.

“What in the world- Stephen, what the hell is this?” Tony pointed at the small tree that is set up at the corner of the room. 

“It’s a tree Stark, ‘A Christmas Tree’.” He pointed out knowing full well why his pair is acting in such a diva way.

“I know it’s a tree, but why is so so…puny.” Tony eyed the tree and with one eye he sized the tree with his fingers. 

“Stark, please, this tree is big enough. I have decorated enough.” Stephen sighed knowing what’s coming next.

“YOU CALL THIS DECORATED?” Tony’s mouth hanged down more. It was enough to look that he dislocated his jaw.

“Look, Tony, we can’t have this talk over and over again,” Stephen rubbed his eyes.

“This is NOT going to be one of your grand events. We both know how Halloween went down for everyone Tony, never again.” Stephen went back to decorating the tree.

Tony walked towards Stephen until he was facing his back. Tony slithered his arms around Stephen’s waist and pulled him into a hug.
“Come here babe, let’s not heat things up the wrong way.

“Where’s our Christmas spirit am I right?” He gave Stephen a kiss.
Stephen tried to keep his anger but soon with Tony’s sweet pursues he smiled and faced Tony and gave him a kiss. The kiss became more and more heated as their body touched closer.

Tony led Stephen to the bedroom and licked his lips.

“Merry Christmas Darling~” He smiled as he pushed Stephen down on the bed.

Stephen groaned and felt the fabric of the bed against his skin. He reached out to find that Tony’s side of the bed was empty. He decided to get up putting boxers on and opening the door of his bedroom. There Stephen stopped on his tracks to find Tony in the middle of the room dressed in red and white Santa Claus. The whole living room decorated in different lights. A big tree bending down due to the length of the floor to the ceiling. 

Tony grabbed Stephen’s hands and showed him every decoration he has made. The iron suits were there as well dressed as elves. Stephen couldn’t even utter a word and was even more devastated when he sees Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman in the room. Peter was the star of the whole room. Literally. 

“SURPRISE!” Tony popped some of the poppers while Stephen felt his soul escape his body.

“That is how Stephen and Tony Stark’s Christmas lasted last year,” Peter explained to Morgan about one of the stories of her dads. 

“Morgan, Peter! Dinner time.” Pepper called for her children to come in for dinner. 



Satu tahun sudah kita tidak berjumpa. Aku bersyukur hari ini tiba. Akhirnya, kita bisa bersua. Setelah sekian lama.

Ku tatap dirimu dengan penuh kerinduan. Matamu berbinar menahan air mata. Mataku sudah menumpahkannya. Kita pun berpelukan dalam diam.

“Kamu kemana saja? Aku lelah menanti. Tapi tak apa, akhirnya hari ini pun tiba. Sekarang, aku bisa menengokmu setiap hari. Tapi maaf, hanya saat senja ku bisa mampir, setelah aku pulang bekerja.”

“Hey, kamu kenapa diam saja?”

“Kamu tahu tidak? Akhirnya aku menggapai mimpimu. Mimpi yang kita berdua pun ragu bisa terwujud atau tidak. Tapi berkat doamu, iya aku yakin kamu pasti mendoakan aku, mimpi itu terwujud.”

“Oh iya, aku bawa bunga kegemaran mu. Ada toko bunga yang baru buka di dekat kantorku. Nanti, aku akan ajak kamu ke sana. Kamu pasti suka.”

“Ah, sudah azan. Aku harus pulang. Sampai ketemu besok lagi, ya. Kamu mau aku bawakan bunga apa? Mawar? Bukankah terlalu basi? Ah tapi apa sih yang tidak untuk kamu. Aku pulang ya.”

Aku pun mengusap wajah dinginmu. Teramat dingin bagai pualam. Ku taburkan melati di sepanjang tubuhmu. Ku tancapkan Daisy di kepalamu. Ku tinggalkan jejak-jejak sepatuku di taman pemakaman ini. Meninggalkan segala tangis di atas pusaramu.

Selamat beristirahat, untukmu.

“C-call me Striker.” 

This scrawny pale-faced boy dressed in ripped jeans looked up at me. I could barely make out the color of his eyes beneath the layer of smudged eyeliner he seemed to be wearing, but I could tell that his dyed black hair had blond roots showing through. His shoes looked designer, if a little worn out from the long walk here, and his t-shirt showed the emblem of one of those old heavy metal bands. I almost felt sorry for him. 


It was easy to see, by the way he looked around with wide, slightly terrified eyes, that he wasn’t used to this sort of scene. I couldn’t blame him though. Most people wouldn’t be. 

As I looked through the gates of Hell, I tried to force a bit of kindness into my voice. “Okay, Striker, right this way.”


I packed a bag last night in a fury of desperation. Nothing crazy, just essentials. I thought that maybe in the act of doing so I could inspire some sort of yearning to travel or get out of this boring room, in my boring town, in which I live my boring life, but I ended up falling back onto my mattress in a state of indifference. 

That’s the issue: my inability to become motivated outside of little bursts of energy. I could never try to change my situation in the long run because I keep going back to the same old habits and dull responsibilities of everyday life. Some people make the ordinary task of daily life look so exciting like they added a bunch of artificial filters to an otherwise bland photograph of someone’s shabby pool in the middle of a muggy day in March. In reality, the pool is still drab, too cold to enjoy, and could use a little bleach considering how much algae that has been allowed to grow. What would really be interesting is the addition of a large inflatable fire truck that spews water from a hose into the pool, a boombox positioned on top, and a bunch of firemen splashing around to make me wish I was there. But, of course, the pool is just a pool and the filter only a lie to make ourselves and others think our lives are not completely uneventful.

I keep looking at that suitcase, though, lying in the middle of my room, peering at it now and then. Normally I would have put it away by now, but leaving it there keeps giving me some sort of hopeful energy. I can feel it buzzing along in my stomach as I leave for work in the morning, the further I get from it, the more I feel my energy fade. I feel a sort of longing, an intriguing need for me to readdress that bag. I push it off till later as I embrace another full, monotonous day.

One day, we’ll find Jay

Have you seen Jay?

It’s been a week since Jay left and things have not been the same.
It’s like even the veranda, is lying repleted with sadness and regret.

But one day, we’ll find Jay, that’s for sure.

Jay used to walk through these hallways, gliding like a spirit, all night through Prahlada, brimming with vibe.

It’s just silence, now at the night; cold, rainy and silent.

Jay likes everybody, you see, and everybody likes him.

And Jay will return, soon.

The dim walls of Room 22 await.
The bunk bed of Room 22 lies waiting.
The hallways ache for his footsteps.


Because they know, that one day, we’ll find Jay.

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Alexander Bhaduri - Story #1

May 31, 1999; Portland, Wisconsin

           Alexander Bhaduri sprinted down the street, bobbing and weaving around trees and fire hydrants, occasionally jumping over parked cars. The last day of 5th Grade was going to end in a few minutes, and he wanted to greet James as soon as possible. He hadn’t seen him since his 11th birthday back in March.

Hopefully, James was still shorter than him.

Alexander rounded a corner to see a man on a bicycle racing right for him. Panicking, the man tried to skid out the way, but Alexander was ready. He jumped over the man’s head, kicked off a wall and hit the ground in a roll. In an instant, he was back on his feet running.

‘James is gonna go crazy when he sees all the stuff I’ve learned!’ he thought.

Indeed, despite James generally appearing aloof and above everything, Alexander’s skills never failed to impress him. Over the last two years, Alexander’s parents taught him a wide variety of subjects: hand-to-hand fighting, parkour, free-running, survival skills, world history and geography. Of those skills, James found parkour and free-running the most impressive. The thought of James’ mouth hanging open watching Alexander climb the school building barehanded made Alexander smirk in anticipation.

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