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Life Interview Session.

We both already lived for a quarter of century, time flies so fast. You think?

-          I don’t give a damn about time flies because I had meant to live it for good. Someday I’d leave this town so I was just enjoying this place as long as I can.

Did you really think just by living your life for good is it enough? Sometimes we are expecting something more that just “enjoy your life now” thing?

-          I’ve been expecting nothing towards human or even a life so it wouldn’t lead me into disappointment.


-          Well, my statement has been described clearly I guess. Nothing to explain.

Do you think your life would be boring?

-          If you already set up your goals, mean it also live with it, boring is such a temporary adjective.

Well said, mostly humans would change their goals depends with the situation they’ve encountered. How about you? Wouldn’t you change your goals too?

-          Of course, it would never bored me. I’m matured enough to know what I want. In case it was a relationship maybe you’d ended up with lot of hoes because of the “boring” lifestyle. Difference but pretty much as same like you were gambling.

Speaking about relationship. Have you ever been that before?

-          I’ve been there and I am also in relationship right now. Daily routines suck but as long as you are single or right before you are going to get married you’d better just enjoy your life because you could never turn back the time expecting everything would be the same anymore.

 Inspired from real conversation.

- Vivian Lin

Wind rustled through the golden field, sending waves from one end to another. A body lays still in the middle, arms spread out by it’s side, eyes staring up into the sky. A blanket lays on top of the body, a pillow under it’s head. Time passes, body unmoving, before a crow lands close.

Cawing, it makes the body rustle in shock. Shaking their head, they blink before laying an arm over their eyes, exhaling a sigh.

A throaty voice whispers, “A chicken.”

He rolls over and shuts his eyes.

The Midnight Metamorphosis

He awoke.

Disoriented, he felt his senses return input to his consciousness.

His mouth a gooey cavern. His lips a dry lake bed, cracked and scorched.

His breathe is soft. A gentle breeze aerating the desert in his nostrils.

“Is this what the Sahara feels?” He thought.

He gets up.

A glass of water. Liquid purity. A clear coat of armor to restore the lushness of his respiration.

As he drinks, he feels the rush of moisture fill the gaps behind his nose. A monsoon roars through the Sahara of his nostrils.

An expansion, a metamorphosis, a revitalizing of flesh, a burst of comfort.

He wonders if the great desert feels the same when it rains.

The monsoon roars and rages. He can hear the caves of his sinus crackle and pop, expanding and engorging themselves with moisture. The rivers of his nose are overflowing, bursting their banks, flooding the tactile fields of his nostrils.

It’s too much, too quick. The monsoon peaks in ferocity, drawing winds from deep within the caverns of his lungs.

A burst of wind and water. A reflection of the balance of nature. The yin and yang. The finale. A sneeze.

He uses a tissue.

The rivers of his nostrils feed a forest of humidity, only interrupted by a gentle breeze of crisp air. As the waters of his nostrils return to their banks, so too he must return to his. He lays down in bed. The soft feel of his sheets comfort his legs as he nestle down into a warm cocoon of fabric. His senses begin to recede from his consciousness, pulling back their cacophonous orchestra.

His consciousness too begins to slowly recede. As he begins to drift he thinks of the great desert and wonders if it too slumbers in peace. His consciousness resigns it’s thought.

He falls asleep.

Writing Prompt #1: Almost


A word I was all too familiar with.

You almost did it!’

‘You almost had it!’

A word that does not congratulate you on how close you were but diminishes you for failing at the last possible moment.

The word, ’almost’ will always leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

I was almost enough for him.

He almost noticed me.

I almost held on.

We almost made it.

I almost made it.

I’m a Good Boy.

It was in the middle of night, I got a phone call from my Dad at Ohio, US.

“Ben, your mom. She passed away. You need to be here as soon as possible, Son.” Dad told me through a short conversation.

I kept silence for a minute. I couldn’t react or even act like a normal person when I heard that news about my mom. It’s sadden me, all of me.

“I understand.” I told my Dad.

I put my cell phone on my desk and sit on my bed. The air feels so cold here. I put my hands on my face, try to holding back my tears.

Mom. I tried to call her name but the tears has come out on my cheek. I wasn’t there for the final moment with her. I should have been there if I knew this would happen that fast.

Mom. I recalled out between tears and sobbing.

Suddenly my dog named Bit, a blue nose pitbull with mixed grey and white coat, jumped on the bed, put his chin on my thigh and wanted to snuggle with me on bed.

“Hey Bit.”

He was stretching his body before he snuggled on my bed. He noticed something happened with my voice so he woke up from his deep sleep and come closer to me. His eyes was looking at me and wagging his tail many times.

What happened, Big bro?

“Bitso.” I rubbed his head. “Mom passed away. I need to go back to Ohio to attend her funeral.” I told him.

What? Mom passed away?

He was whining but I know he listened and blinked his eyes twice like he understands my situation.

“I can’t take you with me even if I want to, Bit. You should stay here until I come back. I know you would obey, right, Bitso?”

I petted his forehead, his ears and chin and kissed him on his head.

You’re going to leave me. I know. But I understand.

Bit changed his position closer to me and I rubbed his favorite spot, his back. “You’re a good boy. Be a good boy for me, okay? I need to pack my bag now. Go back to sleep.”

I’m a good boy and always will be.

I stood up from my bed, looking for my stuffs, my suits perhaps if I need to wear it at the funeral. I put it all in my backpack. I was ready to drive to Ohio with my car. I looked back and staring at Bit for a while. He didn’t sleep, not even closing his eyes. He put his chin on his paw. His eyes looked sad and sleepy at the same time.

“I’m sorry, Boy,” I told him again.

I’m a good boy. I’m a good boy.

Bit would being here all by himslef. I’ve been living with him for more than 6 years since Dad moved to Ohio. And when I leave town Bit would being alone so I need an extra help from a friend nearby to catch up on him.

Well, Bit was trained to pee and poop outside the house so he always need to go out 4 times a day to pee and poop. He couldn’t do it himself without a companion. So I texted Tom, my friend, because I trusted him and asked him a favor to take care of Bit while I was at Ohio at least for 3 days. He said he was agree with our deal.

Are you ready to go, Big Bro?

I patted Bit many times and told him that I’ll be back soon. I poured his dog food in his bowl and filled his water bowl too. Then I put a duplicate key on my coffee table, one of my old habit before I went outside. I turned off the power to keep him safe here and I was ready to drive to Ohio. Expecting that Tom would be there in the morning. But he didn’t. That man totally been lied to me.

I could hear Bit was whining and crying in my house when nobody come to check on him, not even Tom. He used to be there as he promised me before but he didn’t even come. I didn’t have any friends to call to get help over there.

Like Bit, I have no one though. Nobody wanted to be friend with me because of my height. I was taller than any other guys in my hometown. Plus since I was a kid I’ve been bullied physically and emotionally many times and nobody wanted to play with me. I remember when I was 5 I was hiding myself behind my dad’s garage, cried alone.

“Hey son, what happened? Why you cried?” Dad asked me when he found me all by myself, sobbing and my face turned red also like a tomato.

“I don’t understand, Dad. Why they don’t want to play with me? What did I do?” I told my Dad, expecting to get the right answer but Dad just wiped my tears and hugged me tightly.

“No, Son. Nothing’s wrong with you. They don’t want to play with you? I’ll play with you. Or I’ll get you a friend to play with.”

“Really, Dad? A friend?”

“Yeah. A friend, Son. This friend will never hurt you. Will never make you cry. This friend will always be there for you.”

“Can I see that friend?”

“You’ll see that friend tomorrow after school.”

I smiled to my Dad. It was a moment Dad gave me a dog. A blue nose pitbull named Bit. Bit was a newborn puppy when I first got him. Dad brought him home in his palm and gave it to Mom for her to see. Mom also a dog lovers like Dad.

“Oh my God, look at you! You are so small, tiny, little bit,” said Mom when she held Bit baby in her palm. She was happy and smiling at us. I still remember that moment in my memory. From that moment we got to name him Little Bit. We called him Bit until now.

I spent 4 days at Ohio after the funeral because I still have left things to do over there.

I sat near a river, Mom’s favorite place to go when she was depressed and wanted to be alone for a while. I had been thinking what would I do after all of this mournful feeling. Mom is gone. Dad insisted to stay at Ohio and didn’t want to come to live with me.

Suddenly I was thinking about Bit again. I tried to call Tom many times but he didn’t answer my call. I’m so mad, depressed and very anxious in the same time. I knew Bit very well. He would be very lonely if I wouldn’t be around. He would think I left him. He would be very sad right now because it was the first time I had left him alone. No lights or power, all by himself. So at early morning after visited the river to say my final goodbye to my mom, I decided to go home. Dad gave me mom’s stuff, her scarf, for me to keep it. It has her smells which I’d miss forever. I put it in my backpack and drove back home.

When I arrived at home, Bit ran and jumped into my lap. He was whining and licking my face many times. Giving me lot of kisses and love. I know he missed me so much. I could see he was so happy to see me again like I do too.

“Hey Bit, I miss you so much. I’m sorry it took me 4 days to come home. But like I promised you, now I’m here,” I told him.

I know, I know you will comeback here. I know! You never lied to me. I know. I believe you, Big Bro.

He smiled at me. Believe me he smiled. He was also  wagging his tail and giving me his back to rub and pat.

“Alright, I know.” I patted and rubbed his back until he was blowing at me. Then I smiled. How I miss this moment with him.

After got enough affection and attention Bit came into his food bowl and started to eat lot. I noticed Bit didn’t eat his food for days. He just drank his water. He also pooped and peed in my house, the fact that Tom never come to check on him. Since that day I won’t put my trust to human anymore.

So while he was eating I was doing chores and lot of cleaning with my house. After finished with chores and done eating my pizza roll that I also shared with Bit, I opened my backpack. I remember I put mom’s stuff in it. One picture in frame of her I put it on my desk and her scarf.

“Bit.” I called him while he was rolling on his own bed. “Come here.”

He got up and walked toward me. I gave him mom’s scarf for him to smell it. I know he was also missing Mom so much. He used to be so closed to her before she moved to Ohio with Dad few years ago. So let him smelling mom’s scarf was like, let him to know the truth and for him to say goodbye to her. I believe he would understand.

“Hey, this is mom’s scarf. Do you still remember her? She’s in heaven right now.”

Bit was wagging his tail and smelling the green scarf. After that his eyes staring back at me.

Mom? Mom? Mom?

“Yes. It has Mom’s smell. So we both could feel her presence will always stay with us too.” I put mom’s scarf at the corner of my bed.

Bit walked into his toy’s box under my bed, a box where I put all his toys in one place. He got his fish doll, his favorite toy, got up to my bed and put it at the corner of my bed near mom’s scarf. He laid down near it and waiting for me to get a nap together.

Let’s go to sleep together. Let’s go.

“Alright.” I rubbed his back and kissed his forehead. We snuggled together on bed. That was how we fell asleep that day.

Original story by. Vivian Lin and Christopher Connell.

We lay in a patch of green grass that stretches above us, incapsulating us in our own little world, Under a blanket of stars that twinkle through the light cloudiness of the night. Though it was a cool night I felt like I could fall asleep there next to him, the heat from him keeping me warm. It was every single cliche that I’ve ever seen in every movie and it was perfect. I want to give him every single star and the whole solar system plus more. For he makes me feel as though my soul has been lifted from my body and I am living in the life I’ve always dreamed, read or watched movies about. We fell even deeper into this world as he kissed me on the head, both of us comfortable in silence just happy to be together.

“ I wish I could stay , but the world is too big to stay in one place” he says reluctantly. Under the shed of the bus stop , they were in a rather blue atmosphere. Her petite fragile hands were feeling stiff in his grasp.

She would like to weep , but nothing was heard. She was on the verge of breaking down , but she would not. He was leaving her after all , for the whole world . The world full of fun , women , alcohol , places more beautiful than her own , he was leaving her for this world.

The loving warmth in his touch grew cold. She knew his words were fabricated . She knew he never loved her. She knew him enough not to judge his actions. Their love was one sided , she knew.

She looked up at the face of a man she once knew , her face was stiff , it was too much too look at. The yellow light on the street lamps were dimming. Time went by fast for them. One moment they were together , the next there was never a they.

“before I go , I would like to say that Im sorry for the fabrications I have put up in your presence. I pitied you much to let you go , but look dear , I’ve grown . I know what I want now, I was never one for love” he says monotonously. She lets out a hurting sound. She wanted to cry so bad. He didn’t have to hear anything from her to know.

A Yellow bus was put to a stop in front of the shed. She held his hand tighter. Before she let go she said “ I guess I was never one for love either , now was I Michael?”

He took her hand and offered a light peck on her fingertip. He stared at her with his charming hazel eyes “ I guess so , we were never meant for love ”


I would love to give back the kindness you have given me back then when I was so weak. I just don’t know how. Do you even remember me?

When I was little, I was left alone. The box beside the trashcan beside the streets has been my home for days. I was left alone then, I have always screamed for help to the people who pass by but no one has ever noticed me. I was starving, feeling the pain of my bruises and scars that I can’t remember where I got them. It was so tragic yet I’m still hoping someone will get me, someone will raise me up through this sorrow.

One day, a strange man has surprisingly given me a piece of food. I don’t know what food it is but it smells so good, I could even barely touch it. I just want to smell it through. I looked at the man, he looks hungry too. I don’t even know this man but his scent is familiar to me. Has he passed here before? Why does he give me food? He pets my head, I just let him do it. I can sense that I can trust him. Do I give in easily?

“My name is Hope.” The strange man talked. “I know you are suffering but let me tell you this. In painful times, there will be joy and fulfillment after. You just need to believe.” After that, the strange man gave me the most genuine smile. He does not look hungry anymore. All I could see is a strong man, full of hope.

If I could talk, I want to thank him. He left after our quick encounter. I ate the food he gave me. Do I even deserve this? Surprisingly, the food was good and I felt stronger. This day is so special. 

After eating, I left the box, the one that I considered my home for so many days. I think this is the time. All thanks to the man who gave me hope.


Lost in Thought.

I wouldn’t have recognized him. It was my wife who pointed him out to me, and she’d never met him, only seen photographs of him. But she knew it was him, she said, because of the way he…

…cocked his head to the right zoned out to the rest of the world. Always in his own little world. The boy with the brown hair. 

That’s what my mother always called him. He was the only friend I had growing up. The only person who took the time to talk to me and genuinely cared about what I was going through.

It wasn’t easy after my dad’s accident. Having someone ripped from your life in such a violent way, well, I wouldn’t have been able to come out to the other side without Uly.

I left the states halfway through high school. I tried to stay in contact, but life happened and we slowly drifted apart. 

Being there at that intersection. I sat and stared as my friend held a cardboard sign in one hand and a plastic cup in his other. Jingling his life away. Praying the for the kindness of a stranger to help feed his empty stomach and soothe his aching soul. Oblivious to the honking that was directed towards us. My mind reeling from a million different thoughts, but one thing became apparent.

I should have tried harder. 

I should have reached out to him. Made sure he was ok. Let him know that he could count on me just like I had counted on him all those years ago. Be the friend that I had so desperately needed once upon a time.

What happened to us? 

What happened to me?


Slowly Vikram opens his eyes, he could hardly see anything, it feels like he was sleeping for a long time, he tries to focus, wake himself up from the sleep and look around. He needs to find answers for many questions starting with ”where the hell I am?“ -he couldn’t see clearly because the room was poorly lit up by a single candle placed on a wooden stool, it’s on the way to the half finish. He tried to move his hand, it was tied by a piece of clothing on his back neither his ankles were spared from tying. He is now in a deep state of perplexity combined with fear. ”what did happened to me?, why I’m being tied?-who did this?”-his eyes filled with terror and start to pour down tears to his dusty cheek. Vikram is eighteen years old and yet is terrified with the idea of being alone in dark, but now not only he is alone in dark but tied all the way possible. He mourned, wriggled, crawled and dragged himself only to stand up on his feet. His terrified mind and hardly movable limbs are making difficult for him to stand up. Despite being failed repeatedly, one last time he tried to thrust himself with all the energy he could assimilate to the direction unknown to him-” come on Vikram…AAARHHH…..” this time he was successful and could stand with an extreme pain radiating from where the strange cloth tightly held his ankles together. ”what is this place…help..pls help…hello…anybody..!!!!” . He Stared at the candle and decided to burn the clothes in order to free his hands. He jerked towards the stool and he could see the candle was tightly held in a metallic faucet. He turned his back and placed his hands tied like a trussed up chicken in a campfire. Fire begins to catch the cloth burning his hands along the way ”Aaaaarrrhhh…ammaa……” He cried out with excruciating pain from the burning skin, he instantly retrieved his hand from the candle but the fire had fought its way to the cloth making no significant damage to cloth eventually lost his balance and thrashed his head to some hard object in the dark. He somehow managed to quench the burn crawling his back on the dusty floor, as a snake could crawl in a smooth shiny floor-panicking. Now it’s not the hand bothers him from which the smell of burned skin and fabric arise, but that object in which his head struck badly during the fall. He was quite sure that he felt human skin, at that moment he knew that he was not alone, he looked around lying on the ground, everything is dark because he is quite far from the reach of candlelight. He used his whole body in search of apparently that skin which he thinks is a PERSON, and finally, after all that hard work, his face again came in contact with IT, his cheeks felt a warm breath…..


Anchored down

I want to scream.

And when I do my voice will tear a hole in the sky, salt water flowing through the wound. It will flush everything away is one large wave. I will be carried out onto a sea while all else is washed away.

Then I’ll float there among the deaths of others pushed under the waves. Over the streets and cities where the cars and wars weigh are anchored against the floor. Over the debris of a world that never heard my scream in the first place.

I’ll float there and close my eyes. I’ll let that weight inside me float away, the strings that tied me into the ground snapping with the weight of the water underneath.

Until somebody underneath this sky screams again, and the water flows away.


“I don’t think you’re ready AL, this isn’t like the others I’ve shown you..” I set my can of Dr. Mountain whatever, down on the table.

“Come on, Billie it’s probably not that big of a d-dd-ddd-” 



Damn, that really hurt. “See, now I know for sure you’re not ready! You only stutter when you’re stressed!”

“Oh come on Billie, that’s so not fair! You know that vocal chip has been acting up lately”

“Mhm sure, sure…” He gives me those puppy dog eyes and I cave.

“Ughhh fine! If you’re really up for it, then let’s get it over with.” I’ve been dreading doing this one for a while but he’s been insisting I show him everything. So we both walk over to our cots and I go lay down in mine next to his.

 “Are you ready?”

“Are you?”

“Ready to get it over with” I hear him turn to look at me but my eyes are already closed. No going back now.

I open my eyes and it’s..different this time. I’m standing in water, just a couple inches deep. As I look around I see that the room is dimly lit from some organic source that I can’t seem to find. It feels I rub my hands on my arms to try and warm up but it’s useless. “AL?” My voice echoes through this room and it seems never-ending. I start to walk, each splash ricocheting its sound off the walls. It feels as if it’s chasing me, a pit in my stomach forms and all I can think is to run. I take a step forward and my foot is glued to the ground. I fall face first into the water, just as I’m about to scream some profanity I realize that I’m in a pool now.

I look down and my foot is freed from whatever held it in place before. I see the artificial light above and I swim towards it as fast as I can. With every movement, I feel further away from the surface. My lungs are burning at this point, I wasn’t prepared to hold my breath for this long. Black spots form in my vision, I feel my chest shake as my body is slowly forcing me to take a breath. I spin to see if there’s anything..anyone to help me. I close my eyes and let my body give in to the urge. I feel the cold water rush into my mouth, I taste the chlorine on my tongue. And just before it gets swept down my throat, I feel huge pull at my feet. I open my eyes and I’m in a chair.

I’m coughing up a fit as I try and puke out the pool water. I gasp for air as my eyes burn from the chlorine. After a while, I stop coughing and I can actually breathe. I choke out a couple words 

“Loss..of. breath.” I smile  “you.. clever bastard,” I say to myself.

 I look around, with blurry eyes. Yellow carpet, wood..everything. It’s a living room.. *drip..drip..drip* There’s a puddle forming under me from my surprise pool adventure. I get up, wring out my hair and take off my soaking wet shoes, no use for those now. I walk around and spot the front door. I’m drawn to it for the promise of warm sunlight, I open the door. It’s my street, my walkway, my sidewalk, and my dad. 

“DAD!” I yell but it’s nothing.

 There’s no sound so I yell again. But it’s the same, I try to run up to him and I smack into a wall. Well, not a wall but glass, or a force field or something! I can see him! I yell again and again and again and it’s nothing every single time. I feel my face get hot and tears swell in my eyes out of pure frustration. I pound against the barrier; to make some sound, to break it, to do something and it’s silent. I can feel it there and I feel the pain from hitting it and yet there is no sound. I crumple to the concrete like every muscle in my body just gave up. Even my crying is silent, I scream out of frustration and I can feel the pain in my throat. But my dad just keeps walking further and further and soon he’s in the middle of the road. With tears in my eyes, I can barely see him but he turns and I rush to the glass. I pound against it and scream, just as a car speeds right into him.

 I forced my eyes shut and I hear AL’s voice louder and louder “Billie!” “Billie! Billie! Billie, please!” I open my eyes and he’s shaking me. I’ve never seen such a frightened expression on such an expressionless face. “Billie! Are you okay?!”

“Y-yeah AL..” My voice stutters a bit as I realize I can talk again. 

“I’ll be fine,” I say as I wipe the tears out my face. 

“I’m so sorry Billie, I j-j-j-” 

I reach out and touch his hand “I know AL, it’s okay and now you know loss. A feeling of being out of control and losing things that you never thought that you would, things that you weren’t ready to lose..” 

I get up and walk towards the door, “I need some air, I’ll be back in a bit.” I can’t let him see me like this so as soon as I walk out the door, I run.

My body suddenly moved as if it has a mind of its own. My feet walked downstairs. As I glanced, I realized that I am the only one who is inside this place. My feet continued walking outside. I don’t know why but I felt a sense of urgency and went somewhere. I ended up in front of a massive gate, and as I can see, there is a lush garden beyond.

           “Who are you?” a monotone voice asked out of nowhere.

           “I am Jen. And I am looking for Brian.” What am I talking about? To my surprise, the gate suddenly got opened.

           My feet walked straight ahead and realized that the lush garden that I saw is a hedge maze. I shivered as I felt a strong sense of familiarity. It is as if I had walked right here a million times before. After some minutes of walking, tears suddenly flushed outside my eyes. My feet started to run and my hand opened a door.

           “BRIAN!” My voice screamed as I unexpectedly hugged him tight. I am so stunned of my actions but it seemed that my actions stunned him more.

           “I’m sorry but, who are you?” He looks so puzzled. But I swear to God, I am more confused about this epic situation.

           “I’m Jen, you dummy! How can you forget me?” I mumbled as I nervously gave out an unsure laughter. After saying that, he looked as if a cold water was poured out all over him. He pushed me hard and stared at me venomously.

           “The hell to what you are saying. My girlfriend died yesterday.” And my heart sank.

           “The hell to what you are saying. My girlfriend died yesterday.”




           And now it struck me.

*Eight days ago

           My graduation is supposed to be tomorrow when my calculus teacher told me—“I don’t care if you are running for a summa cum laude or anything. Your grade is F. And that is final.”

           My dreams, hopes, and desires, crashed down before me in an instant.

           A week has passed. I drowned myself in alcohol and locked myself out.

           403 unread messages, 215 missed calls

           Sanity is gradually leaving me as I thought of my prince, my best friend, and my love, Brian. I never got a call from him. What am I continually thinking this past few days are,

Just a call from him, I will face my family who never thought anything but perfection.

Just a call from him, I will risk my pride and beg my professor in order to acquire an A.

Just a call from him, I will run away and leave everything and grant myself serenity.

           But he never did. I called him.


“Yeah?” I was surprised. He always call me love.

“Did you know?” For sure he does.

“I’m busy. Gotta go.” And that’s it.

           I drove even though I am drunk. I went inside that massive gate, Ran around to that hedge maze until I ended up at the front of his room, and I opened his door.

           I saw nothing, but betrayal.

           I ran outside their house. Unluckily, there’s a heavy downpour of rain. For the first time, I was lost in that hedge maze.

           “AAAAAGH! I wish I am just a normal girl! Who commits mistakes! Who can go to parties! Who can drink her problems out! Who can laugh! Scream! Or cry! AAAAGH! I want to be a simple girl who never hides the fact that she has a boyfriend! I wish I am not a princess, nor a future queen, nor a girl whose future has already been written! AAAAAAGH!”

           I suddenly found myself already outside the hedge maze. I drove. My heart suddenly feels constricted. Cold sweats started to form on my temples. I find it too hard to breath. An excoriating pain is driving me outside my sanity altogether. My eyes can barely see. I am losing everything. And the last thing that I saw is a trailer truck that is facing my car. Then it hit me.

           I am Jen.

           I am already dead, and became a normal girl, who commits mistakes. I’m not a princess anymore, nor a future queen, and my future lies beneath my future decisions.

           I was reincarnated.


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The boy woke up before dawn. The horses were restless. Something wasn’t right. He rose and tiptoed quietly down the hall, careful not to wake his mother. She was exhausted after last night’s…

…unforeseen emergency. 

His uncle called in the middle of the night begging for her to rush over because his wife was having contractions. Being a semi-retired midwife Benito’s mom had promised to help with the delivery when the time came. 

He hadn’t felt his mom come home, but it couldn’t have been that long ago. Maybe that’s what startled the horses? He wouldn’t have thought about it twice, save for the fact that Krypto hadn’t made any noise. 

His grip tightened around the base of his bat as he crept down the stairs. 

“Krypto? Where are you? Cmere boy.”


He inched his way through the house. But nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Feeling content that nothing malicious was happening. He decided to put on some coffee. As he opened the cupboard a mug fell out and broke.

“great. Just great.”

Benito sighed as he bent down to pick up the pieces. He heard the creaking of the floorboards coming from his mom’s room. Now he felt bad. He had let his imagination get the best of him and now he had woken up his mom who would surely be in a cranky mood.

“She’s probably just using the bathroom and will go back to sleep.” 

But the door swung open and he knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Maybe a cup of hot coffee will soothe her spirits.” He thought.

He finished cleaning up as she made her way down the stairs. 

It wasn’t until he stood up and faced the sink that he saw his mom’s car pull into the driveway.

He stood frozen with fear as he realized that whoever was making their way down those stairs behind him wasn’t his mom. 





Over and over.

The house was silent except the sound of the stairs. The floorboards creaked with each step taken. Until they reached the last step.

The story ended abruptly, prematurely. Time stopped. It was no longer calm, it wasn’t storm or chaos. It just was. The sun and stars no longer wheeled over head in their time. The sunsets never came, and the wind never blew. My eyes, though opened, didn’t see, glazed over as of someone long passed from this world. It was me, surviving the absence of You.
—  An excerpt from A Letter to You by Me
Helping Quwreen

Today was a great day.

I felt touched to write about an experience that I had at work.

My usual last period class, came in second period. I had alot of energy for them. I did small group rotations so that I was able to confer with each student about the assignment they were working on…

One of my coteachers was running late. perfect. More time for me and my class. We had to spilt her students between the rest of our teams so I had 5 extra students from the class that I did the small groups.

So that was perfect. My last group, Quwreen was in it. We had about 30 minutes left.

She sat at my table with three of her peers. I guided all of them at the same time through their assignments at each of their own pace. Talk about differentiation. Well Quwreen and I ended up spending a total of about 90 minutes working on her assignment because I kept a Huge group in my room for extra tutorials while the other went to enrichment.

Quwreen worked diligently. We made a plot diagram. Analyzed the point of view, character traits, sensory details, figurative language, theme, and created a well thought out and written summary.

The story was Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street. EXCELLENT BOOK TO TEACH READING AND WRITING!

All in all the main character in the story Quwreen described as diligent because she did what. she needed to do to finish her writing assignment.

Once Quwreen and I finished, I said, “Do you know who else is diligent.”

She thought for a second and said,”me”

I said, Yes! and I wrote her a note on that assignment reminding her of her diligence. and gave her a 100.

She made me sooo proud. There was 5 minutes left in the class, I told her to write a positive affirmation in her journal.

She wrote EVERYBODY is diligent.

I asked her was her journal for EVERYBODY?

She said no, erased it, and rewrote it personally for herself.

I hope she holds on to that moment as much as I will.

The end of the year is here. Some students names I will forget and faces Ill remember. Or they will grow so much and change, I will not recognize them. Some I will forget all together. While others, I think have made a lasting impression in my heart for one reason or another.

Quwreen is one of those kids. I pray for her so much. A beautiful soul.

God bless, protect, and keep the children.

in Jesus almighty name, Amen <3

Yandere Akame x McLaren F1

   Akame wasn’t always a quiet girl. She would prank most people since she learned to walk. Her entire teen life was spent pranking other people; that was until the day she saw her future husband and forever love: The Shiny Black McLaren F1.

   She was walking in the sumner heat and singing in despair when she saw it for the first time.


i’m going to water the plants from my bedroom window.

And throw orange peel in,

To fertilize them.


   A mass of shining black streaked past her. Startled, she fell down.

   It was simply the most beautiful and exhilarating sight she had ever seen. Before she hit the ground, she knew she had found her true love. She got up and chased after the black McLaren F1 with shining eyes.

   As the car rounded a corner, she saw the car’s butt and blushed. “My F1, i simply must have you…” Akame chased after the car. It stopped in front of a house; her house. A bored female climbed out.

   Five minutes later, Akame sat inside her McLaren F1. Kurumu sat outside muching from a cookie bag; she didn’t know they had a paralyzing drug in them. Akame’s eyes went vacant, mouth hung loose, head leaned right, hands grabbed her cheeks as she fangirled.

   “My, my if it isn’t Akame-sama.”

   Akame rushed to her and grabbed her shoulders. “Is this your car?” She shook Kurumu maniacally. One of her Pocky sticks flew off.

   “It iss- and there’s no way… i’m giving it…to you..” Kurumu stared at the fallen Pocky stick. She pushed Akame away from her Black McLaren F1.

   Akame began to shake violently. Her breathing turned erratic, she gripped Kurumu’s shoulders again.

   “i,ll pay you 10 kilo Jam-cookies every week.”

   Panting in arousal, she rubbed all over the dashboard, the steering wheel, the comforting sports seats that wrapped around her and the gearshifter.

   Pressing her dishevelled body deeper into the driver’s seat, she caressed the gearshift with her thighs and cooed, “i’ll service you for the rest of my life, Love….”
One Bad Day (Joker Short Film)
One Bad Day is the origin of the insane villain we love so much. The Joker from Batman and after watching the Killing Joke when he says "All it takes is One ...

Made a fan film of the new Joker Movie. It’s just me and an interesting experiment but I think it turned out great. Hope you enjoy it! 


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