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Have a lovely weekend, thank you for all your continued support. Just a reminder that this is our updated “most wanted” list if you are out shopping this weekend!

Make your today and prepare for your meals now for the upcoming week. Being prepared is the best insurance against eating the wrong foods-and fostering .

Writing a & sticking to it, is a good weapon in the fight against . ✍️ However, you can also take a picture of the content of your fridge with your phone! 📸 This can help you know what you already have & what else you need to buy.

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🌸Spring Has Arrived 🌸 Let's see what's coming next in your grocery list?

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Targeted ads are like a shopping list for the stuff you sort of want but do not remotely need.

looking back at 2018

I know people always say time flies by, the last year has rushed past them, no idea how it was all over so fast etc. It is cliche, but when you have a baby and are a student, there really is no way to avoid living and embodying it. Yesterday was my last exam, now I just have to wait for all the results to come in, for essays to be graded. And another semester is over, on to the next one. 

So while I catch my breath (not really, I signed up to help out with some research) I want to reflect on the clothes I wore, wore out, bought, discarded and kept. Because I always remember what & where & how I wore, clothes really are a way to stop time ticking away so madly, to repeat good moments, to make them last. Actually it´s a bit weird to ruminate so much over clothes, but this is admittedly one of the few hobbies I have.

My favourite thing from 2018 was a navy shoulder bag from &Other Stories off eBay. I use it almost every day, it goes with everything I own, it´s casual enough, but doesn’t look out of place in a theatre or a nice restaurant. But there were other great finds too, sadly outweighed by a double amount of mistakes that have no place to return to (because eBay). But this was also the year I finally wore jeans again, mainly due to the fact that I lost weight and felt comfortable enough in them, plus at my Uni people tend to under-dress so much, that being elegant makes you stand out immediately. And not in a good way, I should add. So dressing down is a skill I need to re-learn for this coming year. Or not, but it has made me feel really unpleasantly self-conscious to be mistaken for a teacher a few times. 

As I start day-dreaming of the end to this grey wet winter, while staring at pale sky-blue summer dresses, here is the list of all the good clothes I got out of 2018:

  • &Other Stories navy bag
  • Acne Canada scarf in navy
  • COS navy summer dress
  • TOAST crinkle cotton maxi dress
  • H&M jeans (the first pair of jeans in 10 years!)
  • H&M  black ankle boots
  • white Converse Chucks
  • Sandro Ferrone navy + brown poplin dresses
  • brown cotton poplin midi skirt
  • Jill Sander+Uniqlo white shirt
  • Gossard Glossies bras (will be repurchasing these forever)

Medium spoons because it goes in the oven, but it is so easy to make really good chicken with a Dry packet of salad dressing that can be reheated without losing moisture.

1. Get salad dressing mix {powder!) I recommend Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix

2. Add to plastic bag with oil (follow instructions like you’re making salad dressing, usually adding more oil than you normally would. Can also substitute for sunflower oil which is super good)

3. Put chicken breasts/ thighs in freezer bag. And Marinate anywhere from 30 min to overnight. I usually put the baggie in a bowl so it stays upright. *Goal is to have them be covered by the dressing, and a little seasoning goes a long way. About one package of Good Seasons Italian works for like 8 chicken thighs

4. Cook them in the oven and throw out the freezer bag. You can put some of the dressing on them while they cook but it can require scrubbing to get off if you make a puddle of a lot of it.

Best part is that they keep really well and stay moist so you can keep reheating them without them getting all crumbly and dry. I’ve used left overs from this for four days and it still tasted great.

This would probably work with other salad dressing mixes (like hidden valley ranch) but I’m not 100% sure.

i need to restock my food drawer soo shopping list for me..

  • bag of spinach
  • whole grain bagels + sammich bread
  • berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries)
  • avocado spread
  • smoked salmon
  • walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds
  • dark chocolate (≥70%) if i feel like im hungry for something sweet
  • cherry tomatoes !!
  • another box of tea
  • almond protein shake

all these foods protect your heart and make your body feel less weak so you wont feel as shitty

Spring Cleaning 05

Things to buy while still on vacation

For him:

- Elder Scrolls Ouroborous Flask Set

- Skyrim Monopoly

- Tiny bottle to fill with sugar candy, “Moon Sugar”

- Tall dark bottle for “Mead”

For roommate:

- Necklace

- Eyebrow pencil

- Anklet

- Body lotion

- Aboriginal wine holder


- A toy for the cat

- A toy for the dog

- Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation

- Command Hooks

- Indoor Plant

- Tankini

- Thigh high socks

- Highlighter

- Edenvale Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rose

When I get payed, here’s what I take care of, prioritized in order of importance:
1. Bills
2. Meth(came to this small ass island to get clean and take a break.. Been 5months sober and I’m so ready to get back into my grind.. Once I’m in Spokane)
3. Avocados
4. Alcohol(dont usually drink wine but I’m living with sophisticated mother fuckers right now and bought with them in mind)
5. Thrifting(found this school girl skirt for $2 today)or art supplies

What’s your shopping list look like on payday??