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are inevitable and treating them as another opportunity to provide with a positive will help to turn one-time into loyal .

RetailTouchPoints: “46% of prefer to make purchases in a physical store, compared to 35% on laptops and 18% through mobile devices.” -

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According to the , & sales have topped 5.5% through July 2018. credits wage growth & improved job prospects as giving American shoppers the confidence to spend.

A new study from reveals that a mere 10% of plan ahead to their next – proving that stock-up trips are becoming a thing of the past.

According to , the internet and app shoppers are increasingly spending on digital marketplaces rather than on retailers directly. Click to read more:

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Jobs I’d Like To Do.

1: Acting.

2: Sing.

3: Blogger.

4: Photographer.

5: Stylist.

6: Media manager.

7: Writer.

8: Nanny.

9: Teacher.

10: Doctor.

11: Police Woman.

12: Firefighters.

13: Radio Presenter.

14: Chef.

15: Pub Landlord.

16: Interior Desinger.

17: Youtuber.

18: Secret Shopper.

19: Therapist.

20: Musician.


My mom’s getting me some treats at Petsmart because I’m such a cutie 😉 ❤💙

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