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“I love helping people learn about the diversity that exists within the Hispanic community.” Geometry’s Kecia Paredes on keeping at the forefront.

Learn how you can make your a destination for on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

"A clean, modern can be effective for an . It prevents from being overwhelmed with excessive content, confusing menus, and aggressive promotions — allowing stores to create sales through a focus on ."

“I love helping people learn about the diversity that exists within the Hispanic community.” Geometry’s Kecia Paredes on keeping at the forefront.

Pivot Mall Is Launching Soon In India We are welcomed to come to register with us and sell your products online in India with an attractive Offer Percentage(Decided According to the Category).

Learn how you can make your a destination for on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Did you know that there are 57M who will wait until and 50M shoppers who wait for to make certain purchases this holiday season? Learn more about these and what they're looking for here

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Identify and understand your most valuable shoppers through IRI's Self-Care Segmentation. This helps marketers learn what personalized messages are going to have the largest impact on their different .

Many are not attracting generations with the greatest interests, particularly younger like .

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When you get something new without looking at the price 🤣
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Things that get me rattled at 7am

I was at shoppers the other day before work and I was going up and down aisles looking for a specific thing. As usual anytime I got to a woman in the way before I was even that close to her she moved right out of the way. Not once did I have to say excuse me and I realize I almost never have to say excuse me. Now, when I encountered a man in the aisle that’s a different story. I’d get close to them and even though they could clearly see me continued to take but more room than necessary and I couldn’t pass. I would say “excuse me” and some times they would move just slightly and other times not at all. EVERY SINGLE MAN. Now I’m here at 7 in the morning and I realize this is a normal thing. When I’m walking down the street I have stopped moving over for people. Every single woman moves out of the way. The only men that move regardless if they see me or not are milenial men. Every other man just runs the fuck into me dead on then is shook even though they saw me coming for the past five minutes.


Congratulations to @weallinclothingllc for their upgrade to better cater to the #shoppers shopping #experience @jamaicacolosseummall #itsyagirlqween #queens #nyc (at Jamaica Colosseum Mall)

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So I went to this high-end, rich person mall and normally that’s not the kind of mall I go to, but it my rich friends chose the mall so I went. The only store I want to go to is Hot Topic but I’ve never been to this mall and it’s ginormous so I go up to the help desk and ask the 30-something lady behind the desk if they have one. She said - and I quote - “No, we don’t. The closest thing we have to that is a Claire’s.”



Needless to say, I was very sad so my friends bought me starbucks.


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Walmart's clever plan to keep checkout lines moving during the holiday season

With Halloween about to wrap up this week, Walmart (WMT) is already looking forward to December and what its executives expect to be its “best holiday season yet.”

The world’s largest retailer is rolling out some new initiatives with the goal of getting customers in-and-out of the store faster during the holiday rush.

New in stores starting November 1 will be the “Check Out With Me” service, where associates will be positioned with handheld devices in some of the heaviest trafficked areas of the store, like the garden center or electronics department, allowing customers to purchase items in that department so they can bypass long lines at the register.

“The idea is we are not going to be checking out large baskets standing in the aisles doing it. It’s geared toward one or two items, said Steve Bratspies, the chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S. “It can be any items. There’s no level set on [the] price.”

Another new offering will be digital store maps for each of the 4,700 locations on the Walmart app to help customers quickly locate a product “down to the exact aisle location.”

“There’s no more searching through dozens of aisles to find out what’s on your list,” added Bratspies.

Starting Nov. 1, Walmart will offer a new ‘Check Out With Me’ service where associates will be positioned in the busiest areas of its stores so customers can bypass regular checkout lines.

Evolving to compete

Walmart has already announced plans to broaden its selection of holiday gifts, ranging from Bose to KitchenAid to Fornite and Ryan’s World toys.

Following the fall of Toys ‘R’ Us, Walmart doubled-down on its toy offering, adding 30% more toys in stores and increasing its online offering by 40%. The retailer recently shared its list of top 40 toys curated by “toy influencers” and “every-day kids.”

As free two-day shipping becomes the expectation in retail, Walmart will start offering shoppers free, two-day shipping on orders over $35 for “millions of items” from third-party marketplace sellers without a membership fee. Two years ago, Walmart began offering free two-day shipping for items it directly sells on its website. In addition to the free two-day shipping offering, Walmart is also offering customers the ability to make any returns on marketplace items at its 4,700 store locations.

All that said, this year’s holiday season is happening against a backdrop of 10% tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports with plans to hike to 25% in January.

“Our approach on how we price and how we go to market isn’t really changing, which is we are going to be the low price leader in the market. And we never want to take prices up, and will always work to avoid doing that wherever we can. And it’s a balance,” said Bratspies in response to a Yahoo Finance question.

Julia La Roche is a finance reporter at Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter. Send tips to

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