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IRI France : Le Scan de l'Info. Hausse du SRP : démarrage d’application de la loi indolore pour les shoppers au total des PGC

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Some sort of tender moment going on here at the Goldblatt’s store

(France Miller. 1951)


Jewelry OSA-P Bargain Hunters


This mob of bargain-hunting women of all ages turns Jewelry OSA-P into a madhouse during the store’s massive sale event. Most, if not all, of these women later have their energy drained and fall under the thrall of Morga, becoming her horde of zombie-like minions. When Sailor Moon defeats the servant, the spell is broken and the women all return to normal.


We’re getting real #jolly and #happy and #merry with all the #holiday #shoppers and #festivities here @kingrichardsantiques - stop by and have some fun with us this weekend.

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As a shipt shopper the ability to get in and out of the store quickly create better opportunity for you to make more money arriving early in the chosen delivery time makes customers happy that will result in a better tip for you the last time it takes youThe more orders you can do when it comes to time management the deli is the worst department in the store you never know when you’re going to be waiting behind somebody who doesn’t know what they want. This video is going to teach you how to make the deli line disappear

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