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A newly refurbished high street with a WC and return frontage from - 908 Sq Ft well served by several public car parks. Located at High Street, .

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Osaka Don Quijote megapost!

Don Quijote, or Don Ki, is a giant store full of cheap…stuff! There’s household goods, skincare, cosmetics, socks, furniture, sports goods, stationery, food, costumes, toys, watches, jewelry, etc. It’s like a cramped, colourful Walmart-department store hybrid!

I have a lot of fun looking at different things in there and letting the sensory overload take over. It’s maze-like and easy to get lost in. My facourite things to buy in Donki are character socks and snacks. Bear in mind however, it’s not necessarily the cheapest place for everything. (Souvenir shopping tips coming soon.) For example, you can get the bags of flavoured KitKats for cheaper in Daikoku Drug.

My top tip is to go to one that’s not on a major shopping street to avoid tourists. They are all over Japan so you’ll find one easily. Locals shop there as a discount supermarket.


This is what it looks like inside, for 2 - 3 floors (or were there Donkis with more floors in Tokyo?). It makes you feel crazy just being there. Some floors/areas blast ads and music which doesn’t help the feeling of impending insanity!


I’ve seen (and eaten) various kinds of dried whole fish before, but not shellfish.


I’ve been to the Lindor stores in NYC and London where they have all of the different flavours, yet I haven’t seen this matcha before.


When a noodle has to tell you it’s nice… コッテリー means rich broth, which baffled me because I don’t understand why it’s written in katakana?


Not sure why but the milk chocolate one looks like repulsive than the white one.


Me too.


I have never thought that I needed nose mints, but Donki thinks of everything we never thought we wouldn’t need.


The only thing I needed was a small strong cardboard box for postage, which they didn’t have, so I nicked one that was discarded on the floor! I had time to kill so I checked both floors twice before asking.
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