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Sushi Takigawa, Fukuoka, Japan 


So I want to sell a digital piano that my dad bought for me when I was 13, inspired by my sister buying a guitar for herself.

I was not a particularly musical kid beyond mandatory recorder lessons in primary school (which I was okay at), but I never really had an interest in music aside from playing with my aunt’s piano when I visited her. At age 13, I was still trying to figure out who I was, and had never had a piano lesson before or since then. I learned one song and a few of the training/handbook songs, but I rarely touch it now that I’m more focused on my studies for ¾ of the year.

I’m trying to get a start on living my own life and making choices that are best for me, rather than choosing things that I would ~like to maybe do someday~. So, I think it’s pretty reasonable to sell the piano and use the money (plus some extra of my own) to buy a cheap treadmill for safe and easy exercise.

For some reason, dad thinks we need to debate this topic because he doesn’t feel like he got his money’s worth out of the piano.

His arguments, and my answers:

  • What if you fall off and get thrown into the wall?

I won’t, I’ll mostly be walking and I’ve had plenty of practice with that in my lifetime.

  • Why not just get a gym membership?

I don’t have the income for that, or reliable transport.

  • If you did more chores at home for pocket money, you could pay for a gym membership.

I’m pretty occupied with my studies and do plenty of unpaid housework as is. Besides, you and mum hate me going anywhere alone, and I rarely leave the house for social reasons let alone me trying to be independent.

  • You get enough exercise walking (5 mins uphill) to the bus stop (2 days a week) and mowing the lawn (two or three times a month), you’re healthy enough already.

No I’m not, I could definitely be better.

  • Do you think we’ve gotten a couple hundred dollars worth of piano music out of you?

No, but I’m sure I could more than make up for it in saved medical bills once my health starts to improve.

  • (response to the previous:) Not if you fall off and hurt yourself.

This is the guy who spent more on buying four cheap tablets - that broke/stopped working/stopped being used within a year - than this piano cost; the guy who will buy new mobile phones for us every three years or so; the guy who constantly buys new equipment to maintain fishtanks as his own hobby. Mr ‘Think-Outside-The-Box’ using cyclical arguments, because he thinks I shouldn’t be allowed to make financial decisions, using a gift he got me and my own money, regarding my physical health, because the gift was bought with his money and name and I’m still under his roof.

He constantly asks me if I’ve started doing other things to be an adult, like getting a summer job or learning to drive. Apparently he doesn’t think making healthy choices is an adult thing to do.

Never mind the fact that:

  • I’m genetically predisposed on both sides of the family to type 2 diabetes
  • I’ve had multiple cases of days-long heart palpitation events in response to stress as a teen
  • My dad has, on multiple occasions, commented on my weight and unhealthy diet choices across my childhood and adolescence
  • I wanted to get a free treadmill from a family member months ago, which is now unavailable, and frequently used the mechanical treadmill when we had one before it was thrown out
  • A treadmill could benefit ¾ of family members in this house
  • It wouldn’t cost much to run a treadmill anyway since we have solar panels

And that’s just off the top of my head.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here.


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