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La canción gris de todos los días.

(La Gavia, Vallecas - Madrid)

La vida condensada en una imagen… compra esta foto en @society6

theblogofmystupidlife  asked:

Hello! Could you tell me my chances of getting an internship for the upcoming year? Thank you for your help!

Em hotep my dear! I went ahead and reworded your question to “How can you increase your chances of getting an internship for the upcoming year?” in order to help you more. As with any reading, future readings are never set in stone. I could tell you that your chances are super high and then something happens in the next couple of days to change it to slim to none. If that makes sense? So, in order to help you grow more, I reworded your question.

And I pulled the Queen of Crystals

It’s great to have dreams and to strive for them. But, you must also maintain a sense of stability and balance. Plan things out, make sure you get your name and your work out there. Make a kick ass portfolio and resume that just makes you POP more than the rest of your competition. Build yourself a realistic and stable foundation first and then move forward. 

Find a good balance between working on your school work, your work, your personal life, and some self-care, too. It’s important to have a place to just relax and breathe. Don’t over work yourself so you don’t get burnt. Are you making sure you have all these things you want done balanced in a way that isn’t detrimental to your health? 

These things can take time so remember to have patience with yourself. Getting stressed or frustrated can hinder you so just breathe. It’ll work out in the end. Also, be cautious and make sure the place you internship for feels right to you and that it’s a place that can help you grow in your abilities and yourself, and for your highest good. 

I hope this helps you and that it resonates. I wish you the best in your journey and on your next internship! Thank you so much for popping in. 

Much love and nefer sedjmek! 

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